Kingdomino Board Game


Kingdomino is a popular board game that is relatively easy to learn and set up. It is a tile-matching and dominoes-type game where the goal is to build the most sought after kingdom. Players are represented by their own King and Queen figures, which they can move around the play area as they create their domains.

Players begin by drawing tiles one at a time from the pile in the middle of the board, strategically selecting tiles that will fit with those already placed in their kingdom or reach greater heights of glory. The winner is determined by various criteria such as claiming forest tiles, having bigger contiguous plots of land, and obtaining coins for further development. Adding crowns to certain aspects of your kingdom can also increase score points at the end.

The playtime for Kingdomino generally ranges between fifteen to thirty minutes depending on how many people are playing; it’s perfect for those looking for an enjoyable board game experience without having to spend hours studying how to play it! With bright colours, versatile options and its charming medieval backdrop, it can also be attractive enough this young audiences as well as adults alike.

Game Overview

Kingdomino is a tactical board game in which players build their own kingdoms. Each player has a separate domino board, and they add tiles to create a kingdom from the dominoes drawn from the central supply. Tiles contain various different terrain types such as pastures, swamps, fields, forests, lakes, and mountains. As players build their kingdoms, they must link them together by matching corresponding terrain types rather than matching numbers of pips. After all the tiles are added to their kingdom, each player will count up the number of different types of terrain on each tile to get points that will contribute towards their overall kingdom score. The game ends when none of the land tiles remain in the supply pile; the player with the highest total score wins!

The main objective of Kingdomino is to create your biggest and best possible kingdom while also trying to obtain special bonuses or extra points for either having special territories or completing specific-sized territories before anyone else does. Players can also gain additional points if they have placed certain buildings in their territory such as towers or castles. Additionally, at the end of each turn players can draw one crown token that can be used to crown any one previously placed domino tile on your board – thus allowing you to achieve higher scores for those tiles!

Strategy Tips

Kingdomino board game is a fun and interesting strategy game where players are tasked with forming colorful kingdoms from the tiles they have been dealt. Kingdomino utilizes an easy-to-learn rule set that makes it the perfect board game for anyone who has always been interested in strategy gaming. Here are some tips on how to effectively play the game of Kingdomino:

1. Always plan ahead: Before adding any tiles to a kingdom, plan out what the final outcome should be. This will help you make decisions about which tiles to include in order to optimize your territory’s resources.

2. Know Your Territory: As you place each tile, take a moment to consider how it affects your entire kingdom’s score. Try to look out for ways in which certain tiles could be linked up or arranged somewhat differently in order to maximize your personal points at each turn.

3. Fill Up Your Domains First: Don’t wait until late in the game to add tiles that may seem more important or valuable – fill up all available conditions first! It will increase your chance of getting higher scoring colonies, as well as give other players less of an opportunity to land those coveted bonuses later on.

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4. Make use of Color Diversity and Combining Elements: Take time to review different board configurations and try out different combinations of elements within a single turn ” one can never predict how combining elements may lead two big bonuses! Utilize color diversity as much as possible by giving preference towards filling domains primary colored tiles first ” this can help create a more stable base for further development afterwards.

5. Be Mindful of Others’ Scores: Always be aware of how far along other players are in completing their territories and adjust your strategy accordingly; remember, if you don’t keep an eye on their progress someone else might reach victory before you do!

Visual Appeal

Kingdomino is a two to four player game that combines the classic game of Dominoes with a lovingly-crafted kingdom-building mechanic. The core of the game is a colorful set of custom tiles topped with art depicting various terrains”from lush forests and bubbling brooks, to royal castles and other buildings. Players start by selecting their tiles from a randomly-mixed group, then strategically place them on their board, trying to score more points than everyone else. Placement choices must be made quickly since when all the tiles are claimed, it’s game over! Examples of how visual appeal come into play includes attention-grabbing images on each tile and elaborate details such as mini flames or decorative coats of arms. Additionally, the actual board itself has appealing visuals with its bright colours, grids and multiple icons scattered throughout. For further details on the immersive experience Kingdomino provides, players should browse an image gallery showcasing this engaging board game and read descriptions of the different components included in the box.

Features and Benefits

1. Easy to learn rules: Kingdomino has simple and straightforward rules that make it easy for players of all ages and skill levels to learn the game quickly. Players are never overwhelmed by the instructions, allowing them to jump right into the action with minimal setup time.

2. Variety of strategies: While there’s undoubtedly a luck element in Kingdomino, there’s plenty of room for strategy as well. Depending on which tiles each player acquires, they could aim for larger points with bigger kingdom pieces or focus on small bonuses for more options in the late game.

3. Playtime: At only 20-45 minutes per game, it’s just enough time to have lots of fun but won’t tire a group out after an hour or more. This short playtime makes it perfect as a light family game or even as an opener at your next gaming night when you want a quick warmup before diving into heavier material later on.

4. Components and artwork: The domino-style pieces are colorful and well made while still being light enough that even younger kids can easily pick up each piece during their turn. There’s also plenty of unique artwork on the board spaces which sets the kingdom building theme in motion right away when you begin playing with friends and family.

Fun Fact

Kingdomino is the very first game ever to win both the Spiel des Jahres, in 2017, and a Japan Board Game Prize, in 2018.

Other Versions

Kingdomino is a popular board game developed by Blue Orange Games, released in 2016. It has since become one of the most popular games among strategy lovers around the world. There have been several versions of Kingdomino available since its release that offer different styles and play experiences.

The standard version of Kingdomino features 2-4 players who attempt to build the most efficient kingdoms using tiles of landscapes. Players must think strategically to create efficient routes from their start to end pieces and score points accordingly. A few expansions like ‘Age of Giants’, ‘Queendomino’ or ‘Bruno Cathala Draft Pack’ have also been released for enhanced gameplay experiences by adding additional elements like monster battles and extra tiles to challenge players further.

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Other unique versions include ‘Kingdomino Duel’, a 2-player version where players pursue dominance over each other’s kingdoms with magical weapons such as dragons, phoenixes and earthquakes. Another stand-alone game called ‘ Royal Bonus’ creates an even more challenging tactical experience by introducing events cards that aid or harm players through surprising choosable actions to obtain even higher rewards while trying to complete their kingdom before others do!

As a result, there are now many options available for players who want to explore the world of Kingdomino and discover the perfect fit for them!

Making Your Own

Kingdomino Board Game is an incredibly popular game. As a result, there are always new players looking to get involved. At the same time, there’s something special about it: customizing and designing your own version of this classic game. Here are a few creative ideas for customizing Kingdomino Board Game:

1. Design Your Own Tiles ” Make your game truly unique by designing individual tiles with pictures or themes that are important to you. You can also choose different sizes and shapes based on the situation you want to create.

2. Customize the Rules ” If you want to spice up your game, try changing the existing rules or invent new ones! Adjusting the goals for each player and the victory conditions can keep things interesting.

3. Create Special Boards ” Get creative with board designs! Find some graphics or photos that fit your theme and turn them into a board that represents your favorite characters or scenery from literature, movies, or TV shows.

4. Come Up With Creative Tokens ” The tokens used in Kingdomino are usually small pieces like coins and gems but you can have fun coming up with creative tokens like miniature figurines, puzzle pieces, personalized notes, or other objects related to your theme .

5. Introduce New Components ” Introducing certain components like dice, cards, spinners, timers can add a new level of excitement while making the game more unpredictable!


Kingdomino is a board game that has won multiple awards for its innovative take on classic strategy and fun. The goal of the game is to build a kingdom by strategically gathering cards in order to make the largest land with the most points. As players gain more points from their card combinations, they will also gain new pieces to build and extend their territory. This deceptively simple game encourages critical thinking, strategic planning and deep engagement from every player. With great replay-ability and a balanced set of rules, Kingdomino is sure to be a game night staple for many years to come. It provides both adults and children with an immersive gaming experience that helps stimulate problem solving skills, builds mental sharpness, develops strategic skills and teaches the values of collaboration. Kingdomino encourages friendly competition and is guaranteed to bring partygoers closer while they laugh over turn outcomes or attempt to outwit each other on their next moves!

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