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Board Game Discover is offering amazing introductory rates and promotions for first-time users. With every purchase, you can get up to 50% off the list price of select games. All you have to do is use the promo code at checkout. Additionally, there are free shipping offers when you buy certain games over a certain amount. You can also join the Board Game Discover subscription program and get even more discounts on all orders in between your subscription cycles. Finally, keep an eye out for seasonal Sales & Events that offer incredible discounts on the most popular board games! So don’t miss out ” sign up now and start saving big with Board Game Discover.


Board Game Discover has received glowing reviews from both users and industry experts alike. Users swear by Board Game Discover’s user-friendly interface and wide array of board games, touting it as the best way to discover new titles they never would have known about otherwise. Industry experts have praised the platform’s ability to shed light on lesser known gaming titles that offer unique ideas and experiences. People are happy with its rating system feature which allows them to quickly find games that match their preferences, while still challenging them with something new and unexpected. Another key factor in its success is the extensive game info provided such as play time, number of players, game summary and more. Overall, Board Game Discover’s features make for a great way for gamers to quickly find games outside the mainstream.

Local Events

Board Game Discover organizes a variety of gaming events across the country. These events can range from one-day gaming tournaments to organized play nights and monthly leagues. At each event, you can expect to find a wide selection of board games, card games, miniatures games and dice games to enjoy.

The pricing for Board Game Discover’s local events will depend on the type of activity. For instance, one-day tournaments are usually priced by entry fee and have prizes awarded to the winners at the end of the day. Some play nights may require an entry fee or a membership fee if it‘s being hosted in a space that requires payment for rental. League Play also has an associated cost which includes purchasing a starter pack as well as any additional expansions you want to add to your collection.

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Board Game Discover typically hosts its events in public spaces such as community centres, game stores, library meeting spaces and other locations that are considered safe places for attendees. All locations are carefully screened prior to events taking place in order to maximize safety for all players.

Participants at these events can expect a fun atmosphere with plenty of opportunities to meet new people while engaging in epic tabletop battles!

Social Media

Board Game Discover utilizes a variety of social media platforms to communicate with its users and share fun, engaging content. This includes Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. On these platforms, Board Game Discover regularly posts about new product releases and exciting promotions, interviews with game designers and industry professionals, exclusive previews of upcoming titles, as well as entertaining videos from inside the gaming industry.

On Twitter in particular, Board Game Discover often takes part in useful conversations related to gaming culture and trending topics within the gaming community. Through these messages they engage directly with users to promote their games while also providing insight into their development or production process. In addition to that, they also use this medium to conduct polls or surveys on their games’ rules or designs, fostering an interactive experience for the brand’s followers.

For Instagram and Facebook users, Boardgame Discover supplements visuals with thoughtful captions and descriptions which effectively communicates a distinct understanding of the company’s product department. As a result of this presence on social media, players can directly interact and provide feedback on their favorite titles which further enriches customer confidence in the brand.

Educational Resources

Board Game Discover offers a variety of educational resources for players of all ages and skill levels. There are online tutorials explaining the basics of various board games, as well as detailed ‘How to Play’ guides which provide more in-depth directions on a variety of game types. Furthermore, Board Game Discover provides strategy guides suitable for advanced players looking to improve their gaming skills. These resources provide an overview of strategies, tactics, card combinations and other effective methods to win games. Every guide also includes recommended variations, so that players can customise their approach or adjust the level of difficulty for greater challenge. Additionally, Board Game Discover offers quick-start instructions for over 3000 different board games so that everyone can start playing quickly and with the confidence needed for proper competition. Finally, there is an extensive selection of printable playing aids available for added convenience- such as score sheets, player reference cards and gaming mats which can bring even more enjoyment from every game.

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Brand History

Board Game Discover is a company that strives to deliver the best board games and tabletop gaming experiences to its customers. It was founded in 2002 by two lifelong friends, David Johnson and Jack Able. Over the past two decades, they have carefully crafted an amazing selection of board games and continue to innovate in product design.

Through their commitment to creative excellence, Board Game Discover has managed to attract a vast range of partners in the global industry including leading independent game designers, distributors, retailers and big box stores, resulting in wide product recognition around the world. This allowed them to bring new ideas, different styles of play and innovative gameplay mechanisms, often created from scratch all on their own!

Today, Board Game Discover provides an incredibly diverse catalogue of board games for enthusiasts as well as traditional gamers alike. Whether you’re looking for a game for family night or strategic gamers seeking something more challenging; Their expansive library of sprawling epics and casual puzzles can provide everybody with an engaging experience. Additionally, their customer-first approach ensures complete satisfaction with every single game release -from stringent quality control measures that ensure highly polished rulesets to a deposit service that guarantees the highest level of customer protection when purchasing titles online.

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