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The Board Game Geek Top 100 (BGG Top 100) is a list of the top board games in the world based on rankings from users at the popular website, BGG Top 100 began in 2005 and has served as a comprehensive overview of the most popular and beloved family, strategy, party, and children’s games available today. First developed as a “hotness list” of recently trending games, it was quickly reformatted to move (some say controversially) to a purely numeric ranking system that used complex algorithms to determine editorial rankings and user ratings. This changed over time as sites such as Metacritic added numerical scores to their analysis allowing for more complex calculations in determining the best board games. Each quarter the BGG Top 100 is updated by BoardGameGeek staff members manually reviewing hundreds of thousands of votes from users who are passionate about both general entertainment gaming categories like puzzle solving and role-playing franchises such as Dungeons & Dragons. BGG Top 100 continues to be one of the most watched lists each year along with lists from publications like Time Magazine and PC Gamer.

Overview of the Rankings

The Board Game Geek Top 100 is an up-to-date ranking of the world’s favorite board games. This list is determined by a combination of user votes, reviews, and ratings from the millions of users that visit the website every month. The five highest ranked games on the list are:

1. Gloomhaven ” Fantasy Adventure Board Game (2017)2. Terraforming Mars ” Strategy Board Game (2016)3. Twilight Struggle ” 2 Player Card Driven Strategy Game (2005)4. 7 Wonders Duel ” 2 Players Card Drafting & Civilization Building Game (2015)5. Pandemic Legacy Season 1 ” Story Driven Co-Op Board Game (2015).

Analysis of the Top Games in Different Categories:
There are many categories of tabletop games, including role-playing, family strategy, party game, wargame and co-operative gaming. Among these top five games, there are 3 co-operative games that involve multiple players working together to win collectively such as Gloomhaven, Pandemic Legacy Season 1 and Terraforming Mars. Moreover, There are also two card driven strategy games that focus heavily on card play for its core mechanic like Twilight Struggle and 7 Wonders Duel. This perfect mixture among different game types gives each type of gamer something to enjoy in various forms with different complexity levels from easy to intense difficulty level.

Deeper Discussion on Determining Rankings:
The ranking system behind Board Game Geek Top 100 takes into account several factors when determining ranks: User vote weightage; Overview score based upon a set of criteria like number of reviews/ratings; simplicity/complexity level; replayability score; varient versions available; graphic design elements; etc.. Moreover they will also take into consideration average user ratings given to each game which will hold more weight when comparing between games whose scores may be too close to differentiate between them after all other criteria are used in comparison as well. Additionally they will look at user community activity such as discussion boards plus how long a board game has been a part of their platform which will help determine if it is still popular or just going through a reenergized period among other factors affecting rank determination process.

What Makes These Games Popular?

The Board Game Geek Top 100 is a list of the 100 most popular board games worldwide at any given time. These games appeal to an incredibly wide variety of players and ages, from classic classics like Chess and Monopoly to modern faves like Pandemic and Exploding Kittens.

These games all have certain features that make them so appealing- they’re highly replayable, often with mechanics that require clever strategy combined with some luck. They let players explore themes like post-apocalyptic survival, city building, and fantasy adventure; their stories can be immersive, humorous or both. Many feature good-humored competition that can foster friendly rivalry without leaving sore losers in its wake. Highly social gaming strategies are often encouraged in these games as well. Most importantly (and what sets them apart from other board games) is their engaging but simplified ruleset – anyone can pick up the basics quickly enough for an enjoyable game session. That’s why these top 100 games are perennially popular: you don’t need decades worth of experience with strategy gaming to jump right into the fun!

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Other Popular Categories

The Board Game Geek Top 100 list encompasses board games from a variety of genres, many of which are ranked according to the user ratings given on the platform. Popular genres featuring on the list include strategy, family, party and card game categories. Strategic war games such as “Twilight Struggle”, society-building game “Terraforming Mars” and classic game “Catan” all feature in the top 20 rankings, while party games such as “Coup” and “Secret Hitler” also make up the top 100.

Roleplaying games have also been gaining popularity over recent years; titles such as “Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition” made it into the top 50, while stealthy fantasy thriller “Dead of Winter” appears in 84th place. Word-based card game classics such as “Apples to Apples” and “Codenames” also rank highly, with nods to modern-day expansion packs to add fresh content. Deduction game favourites such as “Sheriff of Nottingham” have regained some of their former glory in recent years, appearing at 91 on the Board Games Geek Top 100 List.

Benefits of Playing Board Games

Physical benefits of playing board games include increased hand-eye coordination, improved mental agility and enhanced problem-solving abilities. Through the physical act of putting pieces on the game board and making choices, like which piece to move or when to take a risk, board games can engage players in strategy and improvisation.

Mentally, board games have numerous benefits. By teaching players how to navigate various situations, strategize for success and respond to both positive and negative outcomes quickly, board games can potentially improve cognitive functions such as analytical thinking, game logic and strategic planning. Board Games are also great for teaching children important decision making skills that will help them not only in life but also throughout their schooling.

The social element of playing a board game is a large part of why people still love to play them. Games encourage conversations between players that contribute to their overall knowledge base as well as their ability to think critically about scenarios presented during the game. Additionally, talking through moves increases communication skills allowing players of all ages to learn more about each other. This leads to creating lasting friendships/connections between all members involved in the experience showing that even though we may not all be “winning” at the same time; we all have so much fun being united around the love of playing gaming!

Creative Uses of Board Games

Tournaments: Hosting tournaments is a great way to turn board games into friendly competitions. It’s a great way to get friends and family together while engaging in friendly competition. Participants can battle it out in teams, or even as individuals, depending on the type of game chosen. Hosts can also determine how individual games will affect the overall tournament outcome ” for example, who wins the tournament could be determined by which competitor wins each individual game or tallying up a total score across all the games played during the tournament.

Family Bonding: Board Games offer an ideal opportunity to bring families together and promote bonding. Instead of mindlessly vegging in front of television screens at night, setting aside time to play board games encourages communication and quality time spent together. Board Games provide communal experience so that everyone is involved in playing, talking and strategizing about their moves. This will enhance your relationship with family members and give you quality memories as well as feelings of connection that last long after the game is over.

Storytelling: A unique way to approach playing board games is by incorporating storytelling! Break away from traditional gameplay rules for a bit and create your own personal Narrative Adventures filled with interesting characters influenced by real life personalities or drawing inspiration from fiction books & movies etcetera You could help develop an existing story or choose something completely different either way its sure to make things more exciting when playing games – it also removes any repetition associated with standard gaming sessions.

Board Game Challenges

1. Managing resources: All board games rely on some kind of resource management to win the game, but some are more complex than others. Players must be aware of their resources and use them carefully in order to win. It is important for the players to have a strategy so they can understand how to utilize all the available resources in the most optimal way.

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2. Risk assessment: Risk assessment plays an integral role in playing any game, as it allows players to analyze and make decisions that lead to successful outcomes while still being mindful of potential risks involved. By knowing what risks exist in a game, players can plan strategies which minimize their losses while maximizing their chances of success.

3. Selecting moves: Although the rules of the game will usually dictate which moves are legal and feasible, selecting proper moves within those constraints is critical for winning. Strategies such as bluffing and intimidating your opponents can also be employed in order to gain an advantage and achieve victory.

4. Planning ahead: Knowing future possibilities can be very helpful when making a move or deciding upon a strategy as it allows players to plan for outcomes before they occur instead of reacting afterwards. Also, by thinking about other factors like timing or positioning, one can become more efficient with their time and available resources during the round.

Tips for Board Game Newbies

If you’re new to board gaming, it can be overwhelming to find the right game for you. Luckily, the Board Game Geek Top 100 is a great starting point! Here are a few tips for choosing the perfect game for your preference level:

1. Consider Your Playstyle: Do you prefer quick tactical games and light strategy? Or do longer strategic titles interest you more? The Board Game Geek Top 100 is divided into many different categories, so think about what style of game would work best for you and check out those genres on the list.

2. Read Reviews: Board Game Geek is full of reviews from players who have tried out various board games. Seeing how such experienced players review a certain game will give you an excellent insight into what to expect with that title, as well as descriptions of how the gameplay works and strategies employed by successful players.

3. Search For Difficulty Level: You may think greater difficulty equates to having more fun, but it’s generally easier to learn complicated games when one moves up gradually in complexity. With some titles available in multiple formats, beginners might want start off with a “simplified” version then move up from there. Many users on BoardGameGeek rate their experience levels with each game so use this information when deciding which version of a particular title would best suit your skills and preferences.

4. Play With Others: Finally, keep in mind that many popular board games are designed for two to four players so make sure to invite friends or family over if that’s what the game requires! Playing with people adds another interesting factor as it’s rare for everyone playing to have played that same game before ” but even sharing new experiences together can make for an enjoyable session no matter how well or bad anybody does at winning!


The Board Game Geek Top 100 is a comprehensive list of the top 100 board games currently available. It is constantly updated to ensure that it remains an accurate source of information for both novice and veteran players. The list is organized by rank, which can be adjusted according to categories like complexity, age range, audience, and board size. It also includes reviews, ratings, price points and availability of each game on the list. This list serves as a valuable resource for players who want to find new games or gain more insight into existing favorites. It encourages further exploration into the top 100 board games with up-to-date details on each title to help inform players’ decisions about what games are worth trying out. With this handy resource anyone can explore the best current titles in gaming and discover something new.

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