Metal Gear Solid Board Game


Metal Gear Solid is an officially licensed board game experience based on the beloved stealth action video game series of the same name. Players take on the role of one of four iconic characters from the franchise – Solid Snake, Raiden, Big Boss, and Liquid Ocelot – as they work together to defeat their arch-nemesis, Revolver Ocelot.

In this cooperative strategy game, players must use their wits, cards, and dice to race across a detailed map of Shadow Moses Island finding items, weapons and allies while avoiding detection levels that grow ever higher. As you traverse each location within the island you will encounter a variety of campers and soldiers who can both help or harm your progress. Events may occur as you explore which follow faithfully alongside the original storyline while introducing new plots along your travels. At each success level attained will net rewards that will help strengthen your endeavor until eventually Revolver Ocelot is defeated in a cataclysmic showdown.

This exciting twist off of the world most recognized stealth espionage action title has been designed with fans and newcomers alike in mind. Enjoy fighting for freedom as Metal Gear’s legendary figures like never before as this tactical coopchallenge pushes you to defy impossible odds!

An explanation of the Gameplay Mechanics

Metal Gear Solid Board Game is an exciting strategy game for 2 or more players. Players control hero avatars and battle cunning enemy forces. The goal is to complete objectives, eliminate villains, and make use of equipment, weapons, and tactics similar to those seen in the Metal Gear Solid series. Gameplay mechanics include a resource system which governs tactical options available to each player as they engage enemies on a modular game board, choose their tech to use during conflicts and manage their base.

Players can customize the game board layout by combining modular board tiles to create unique scenarios that impact ongoing gameplay. This allows for a vast variety of strategies tailored to the flow of individual games. In addition, all players have access to technology cards, booster pack items, and leader skills that grant additional advantages while in play. These tools vary from turn-to-turn and allow customized tactical options best suited for particular playstyles or boards.

Players are rewarded with points across multiple phases of the game for successfully completing objectives and defeating enemies. As points accumulate through successful operations, rewards such as weapon upgrades, status upgrades, cybernetic enhancements, clone armors, transport vehicles and more can be acquired for greater tactical freedom and stronger avatars throughout the game experience. All these resources can be taken advantage of in order to craft effective strategies with purposeful actions that help meet their final objective – victory!

The Visuals

The Metal Gear Solid board game turns the beloved video game franchise into a unique strategic tabletop experience. Highly detailed miniatures and cards inspired by the characters, environments, and weapons from the original game provide a stunning visual backdrop for this game. Each miniature is painstakingly crafted with unique sculpted design influenced by designer Yoji Shinkawa’s incredible character designs from Metal Gear Solid. The various terrain pieces, gadgets, and traps add an extra layer of realism to each mission. The card artwork also pays homage to the original games digital counterparts with cover art drawn in its iconic 3D-style while other cards depict beautiful illustrations of Meryl moving through underground bunkers.

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Overall, this tabletop expression of the Metal Gear Solid franchise stands out amongst other premium board games in terms of its artwork quality. The detailed character models are highly realistic and offer players a wonderful range of tactical options that only look more immersive once you consider their small scale size. Furthermore, several elements such as the mission setup cards with 3D-inspired artwork enable fans to immerse themselves on a deeper level in the experience by recollecting familiar visuals from the original video game series. With plenty of variety thrown into its components, there is no doubt that Metal Gear Solid Board Game is one visually appealing item that you can keep in your collection.

The Narrative

The Metal Gear Solid board game is an immersive board game experience that captures the essence of the original Metal Gear Solid video game. Players take control of iconic characters from the series, such as Snake and Raiden, to recreate tactical espionage and infiltration missions set in a near-future world. During the game, players have access to a variety of weapons, gadgets, and vehicles which can be used to complete each mission. In addition to traditional tabletop strategy elements like hidden movements and soldiers, the board game also introduces innovative narrative elements through its companion app. This app creates physical “events” based on key moments from the video games which directly influence gameplay. For example, enemy bosses may drop items that must be obtained before they are destroyed by an airstrike or other surprise event. As the players progress throughout their mission, they will come across unique elements like these which add excitement and suspense to their gameplay experience. Through this combination of classic table-top gaming mechanics with innovative narrative elements based on the story of Metal Gear Solid, players are sure to have a truly unique and authentic experience while playing this board game.

Customization Options

The Metal Gear Solid Board Game allows players to customize their experience in a variety of ways. Each character can be customized with a unique set of skills and abilities, giving them different approaches to take on objectives. Players will also have the ability to personalize decks, build custom maps, and assign specific roles to each player on their team. These customizations will provide a greater degree of control over the specific roles that each character takes on during gameplay. With the customizable scenery and event cards, players can create a unique narrative within the game itself. Moreover, these same customization options make it possible for fans to encounter scenarios that are reminiscent of popular moments from the Metal Gear Solid video game franchise. Ultimately, these exciting possibilities reward players for investing time into developing strategies based on their own skill sets and creative vision for how they want to play the game.

Strategies and Tips

Having a good understanding of the basic rules and mechanics of the Metal Gear Solid board game is essential to success. Familiarize yourself with the board and all of its elements, as well as how to use different types of cards, such as Charge and Aim cards. Knowing how each character’s special abilities work in relation to enemy waves can help you gain an edge during the game.

When constructing your team for a mission, focus on having strong defense as well as offensive capabilities. Pay attention to team compositions that could benefit from certain items or character abilities in order to maximize their effectiveness. Additionally, considering deploying characters with different flight styles and ways of approach so that you can quickly deal with threats from all directions.

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To get through tough missions more smoothly, prioritize using defensive measures first, such as taking cover behind structures or driving vehicles in order to become stronger defensively until you are forced out. Once you gain tactical superiority over your enemies however, it is time to start focusing on offense; carefully identify weaknesses among the enemies formations and then attack accordingly. Developing a strategy that takes these points into consideration can give you a major advantage when playing Metal Gear Solid board game!


The Metal Gear Solid board game stands out from other tabletop titles in many ways. One is the unique world and characters it embraces. The iconic stealth agent Solid Snake enters the board game scene, along with the notorious Cobra Unit and the agents of FOXHOUND. This brings life to a classic video game story, giving players a chance to interact with this world in an entirely new way.

Another stand-out feature from this board game is its highly strategic elements. Players must develop their own strategies as they lead their team across various battlefields and face off against enemies that can change with each encounter. Leveraging knowledge of each character’s special abilities, like camouflage or weapons skills, can give you an advantage over your opponents and help your team succeed.

In addition to its story and strategy, Metal Gear Solid also features cooperative play. Two or more players can work together using the same pieces to complete objectives on the board, while competing teams may have different objectives they are trying to accomplish. This adds an extra layer of depth and surprises as friends battle against each other under rule sets determined by everyone playing together.

Final Thoughts

The Metal Gear Solid board game offers a unique experience to fans of the iconic video game franchise. It definitely has its strengths; it captures the spirit of the Metal Gear games, with clever rules and mechanics that help players feel part of a spy mission full of sneaking and deception. Players can also customize the rules and gameplay to better fit their preferred playing style or experience level. However, it does have some minor weaknesses; for instance, one has to already be familiar with the characters for this game to make sense, as well as understanding how certain pieces/rules/mechanics interact together.

Overall though, this board game is a smartly designed experience and is sure to please long-time fans of the franchise. It takes many of the complex systems from the video games and translates them into a board game format in order to create an engaging yet accessible tabletop experience for all levels of players. If you’re looking for something fresh in the modern tabletop scene, then Metal Gear Solid should definitely be on your list!

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