Board Game Go To The Head Of The Class


Go To The Head Of The Class is a board game that combines educational and entertaining elements in an exciting package. It was created by the educational toy company Educational Insights, founded in 1962 by Dr. Matthew Gerber. This challenging game aims to inculcate knowledge of a variety of subjects, such as language arts, mathematics, science, current events and general knowledge.

The gameboard consists of six wedges that explore different categories. Players are required to answer quiz questions regarding each category. Each correct answer gives them a chance to move along on their tracks or steal the lead of their competitors by hopping over elements of their opponents’ pieces. The first player who succeeds in circling around the board wins the game!

Go To The Head Of The Class is played with 2-6 players (recommended for ages 8 and up). It includes more than 690 question cards featuring trivia questions from many areas like entertainment, history, geography, math, biology and world affairs. The questions are divided into three difficulties ” easy/medium/hard ” making it suitable for various levels of schooling or expertise and ensuring wide appeal among young minds from middle school all the way up to college level students!


The objective of the game “Go To The Head Of The Class” is to be the first player to reach a set level of knowledge. As the game progresses, players collect points by answering questions in six different categories (Spelling, Maths, General Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Music and Art).

In 2019 the game was given an update with a new game component – “Chance Cards”. These offer additional ways for players to gain or lose points. Additionally, some rules were changed from being outdated or confusing to make it more family-friendly. Also added was a timer which gives players a set amount of time to answer each question. This encourages players to think quickly and rewards those that can answer fastest.

The overall goal remains the same: Be the first player to score a certain amount of points and win the game!


For Go To The Head Of The Class, each player will need a game board, a seven-segment spinner, six plastic playing pieces in two colors, a die, twenty-four cards for the Answer Bank, four Discard Piles (with six “Wrong Answer” cards and two Safecracker cards), forty-eight Go To The Head Of The Class cards (twenty-four each of the “Quick Answer” and “Subject Question” cards) twelve Category Assignment Cards and one Teacher’s Clue card.

The game board is double sided with different worlds on each to add variety to gameplay. On one side are the 8 circles with color coded sections which represent the game categories: Math Facts, Literature & Language Arts, Science Facts, Geography & History, Art Appreciation & Music Theory. This can be used as a type of trivia game. On the other side is a track leading from the center to eight subject categories. Players can use this to play a learning team race or escape maze depending upon which side you play on.

The seven-segment spinner is used for both sides of the board. This helps players decide who will go first by spinning the segments around to pick a number, color or category that abilities for turn order advantage in your favor during play.

Players have 6 differently colored plastic pieces that are meant to move along either board type dependent upon what was determined from spinning of segment spinners discussed earlier.

A die allows players to determine their distance that they can move their piece across either of the boards mentioned prior. This allows movement control and exciting changes throughout various sections of gameplay due to chance outcomes determining placement after each throw/movement turns.

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Objective: The goal of the game is to answer questions correctly in order to successfully reach the “Head of the Class”.

Players: The game accommodates two to four players, who take turns being the teacher and answering questions.

Setup: All players should divide into teams, with two teams of one or two players. Each team picks a teacher and that teacher starts by reading a card from the deck on their turn.

How to Play: The teacher reads aloud a question from a card in the deck and then answers it first. All other players must provide an answer, with whoever answering correctly receiving the most points. Points can range from 1-4 depending on how difficult the question is asked and answered. Players gain extra moves for getting questions right; each team can move around the board in an attempt to become “Head of the Class”.

Gameplay Continues: Moving around the board is done by rolling dice and progressing forward or backward according to what happens with that roll, including being able to jump ahead when rolling doubles. A team wins once they reach the “Head” destination on their respective side of the board after answering all their questions correctly without making any mistakes throughout gameplay.

Quick Tips: This game has difficulty levels (Junior/Senior) which helps make it appropriate for various ages and learning stages! Watching your opponents gives you clues while each teammate’s coordination is key for success! Lastly, make sure everybody takes turns being both student and teacher during play!


Board Game Go To The Head Of The Class is an exciting and educational game for kids aged 6 and up. The game consists of questions about traditional school subjects such as history, science, spelling and math. Players roll a die to move around the board and answer questions. If the player answers correctly, they move ahead one space, if not, they have to wait for their next turn. Games take approximately 10 minutes to play so you can easily fit it into a busy schedule!

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Strategically speaking, ignore the tests that cost money ” try to choose questions with easy answers that you understand quickly. Additionally, try to anticipate what other players are thinking when they answer questions so you can block them from getting ahead of you on the board! Ultimately this game requires a combination of speed and knowledge in order to get ahead of your opponents.

Fun Factor

Board Game Go To The Head Of The Class offers an exciting and fun experience for all ages. Players compete for points by answering trivia questions correctly and filling their head stars. With a mix of categories including history, geography, spelling, math, and more, players get the opportunity to both hone their knowledge and bond with friends in an entertaining way. Special cards thrown in the mix introduce unexpected twists that keep the game fresh and unpredictable. For example, the ‘Take Two’ card allows players to steal two stars from any other player or skip a turn if they don’t want to answer a question. Alternatively, the ‘Lose A Turn’ card forbids you from spinning or moving your piece while still allowing other players to go ahead with their turns. It’s educational yet creative elements like these that make Board Game Go To The Head Of The Class so enjoyable!


Board Game Go To The Head Of The Class has been well-received in the board game community and has garnered mostly positive reviews. It has become a popular game among all ages, with adults praising its strategic approach while children (and their parents) applauding its tongue-in-cheek humor and fast pacing. Those who have played it say it’s an easy-to-learn trivia game that challenges players to prove their intelligence through an amusing competition. Players can also customize the questions and challenge each other to see who can answer the hardest questions correctly while playing in teams. Overall, Go To The Head Of The Class is seen as a fun, quick game that requires knowledge of a range of topics from geography to pop culture.


Go To The Head Of The Class is a classic board game first released in 1960. It was created by Chessex Manufacturing and currently published by Goliath Games. Players can find the game available on their website, as well as at many large retail stores. In addition to the original version, there are a couple of sequels and alternate versions available including Go To The Head Of The Class TV and Go To The Head Of The Class Junior, which might be better suited for younger players.

Final Thoughts

Go To The Head Of The Class is an exciting and educational board game that offers a unique and fun experience for players of all ages. In this family-friendly game, you must use your knowledge in a wide range of school subjects to try to reach the top of the class. As you answer questions correctly, you get to advance up the virtual ‘classroom’ ladder. The game also features bonus rounds which give players extra advantages if they are able to answer special questions correctly – making the game even more enjoyable.

If you’re in the market for a new board game that’s both entertaining and educational, Go To The Head Of The Class is one of the best options out there. It has something for everyone and can be played with friends or family alike for hours of good-natured competition. Additionally, it does not have a set time limit or an end point so it makes for a great choice for longer gaming sessions as well. This means that no matter your skill level or knowledge, you’ll always find yourself challenged and engaged while playing Go To The Head Of The Class – ensuring it will remain popular in your home games collection long after its initial purchase.

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