Board Game Sliders


Board game sliders (also known as meeples, maker’s men, or pawns) are used to represent players in board games. The earliest versions of board game sliders were wooden playing pieces that were removed from a wooden board and kept on the side for each player during their turn. They evolved into many different styles, shapes, sizes and material such as plastic, metal and ceramic.

Board game sliders are used today to identify which person is playing each turn and for counting player status in different types of games. In strategy board games, where a particular player might have greater resources than another one or need more control over a certain area of the board, sliders can be used to indicate these differences between each individual player. Also by acting as markers they are useful when tracking who has moved around the same space before or what state an object within the game is in.

As gaming culture has grown over time the production of special custom-made sliders have increased with a wide range of designs made by hobbyists who wish to give an added personalized touch to their favorite board games.

The Benefits of Board Game Sliders

Board game sliders provide numerous benefits for the board game enthusiast. Not only do they provide a portability option since they are lightweight and compact, they also make it easier to organize components while playing. The sliders can be labeled with pieces corresponding to the board layout, making it a cinch to set up and start having fun right away without wasting time looking for missing pieces. Furthermore, these types of organizers come with lids that create more stability when players move around the board and keep pieces from falling off. This feature adds another dimension of fun because everyone is able to enjoy an intense game without having to worry about those annoying loose pieces slipping off the board where they can’t be found again. Additionally, the neat and organized appearance created by the board game slider compartmentalizing your pieces makes clean-up easy at the conclusion of any family session.

Types of Board Game Sliders

Small board game sliders are typically used by younger children, or in games that do not require a lot of movement around the game board. These sliders are typically the size of a small token and can be simply moved from one space to another. They often don’t have many features beyond the basic ability to slide from one space to the next.

Large board game sliders are usually larger than small ones and come with more features such as levers, bells, buttons, or dials. These features allow for complicated movement and more elaborate playing strategies in board games like Monopoly or Risk. These generally help players think through their options and make better decisions about complex strategies and game play.

Collapsible game sliders regularly fold up into a smaller package so they can be stored easily without taking up too much room in between games or while travelling. They may also be lighter weight than other types examined here, making them especially suitable for transporting when traveling or when visiting friends or family who also play board games.

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Magnetic board game slider systems often consist of individual components placed on the board which attach magnetic pieces onto each location marked on the playing surface. The pieces can then move freely within their region following certain rules set out by the inventor. Magnetic pieces give an extra level of sophistication to traditional board games but can also make them much more difficult as there’s less trust involved in gameplay with magnets aloft!

Electronic board game sliders are usually battery-powered devices used to move pieces along boards with electronic circuits embedded within them, such as electronic versions of chessboards. As these require relatively complex technology compared to non-electronic sliders, they tend to cost more but offer a higher level of challenge in addition to highly advanced graphics and sound effects capabilities during gameplay – popular with tech savvy gamers!

DIY Board Game Sliders

Making your own board game sliders is a great way to add an extra gaming element to any game and can be built using materials that are easy to find.

For simple sliders, you’ll need a small piece of cardstock, glue, scissors, and colored markers for customization. Begin by cutting the cardstock into four equal-sized rectangles; each rectangle should measure roughly 3 inches long and 1 inch wide. On two rectangles of the four pieces of cardstock, draw two columns with arrows in each column to indicate which direction they should move in. Let these dry completely before continuing. After they have dried, lay the two drawings on top of the other two plain cardstocks, apply glue between them, and leave them out to dry overnight. Once your sliders are created, you can customize them by coloring or drawing designs on them with colored markers or other creative ideas that fit your gaming needs.

To create more advanced sliders for board games with a lot of pieces, you can use beads instead of plain cardstock. Cut eight pieces of wire that are six inches long from a craft store and thread two pieces together alternately with metal beads making sure they don’t move along the wire while doing this process. Finally twist each end of the threads together to form an ‘X’ shape which will be your slider handle but make sure not to twist it too tightly so that it doesn’t break when you start twisting it back and forth as a game piece moves in different directions on the board. Again this can be customized with markers or paint according to your gaming needs.

Choosing the Right Board Game Sliders

1. Determine how many players you plan to include in your game. Board game sliders with different sizes and levels of complexity may be better suited to games with more complex rules or larger numbers of participants.

2. Evaluate the types of board games you typically play, as well as any new games you are considering adding to your collection. Different sliders can enhance certain types of games more effectively than others, such as abstract strategy versus party-style games.

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3. Consider the amount of room available for a slider on the game board; for example, if a piece needs to slide across a 10-inch area without interfering with other pieces, then a large slider may not fit properly into the space provided.

4. Think about whether you need accessories or extra parts that complement the slider; take into account any additional costs depending on what is desired or needed for optimal gaming experience.

5. Make sure that all components have been tested for durability and quality; look for user reviews online which can help determine how reliable a particular product may be before making your purchase decision.

6. Compare prices and make sure that any warranties offered cover repair and replacement services in case something doesn’t work out after purchase (should come in handy).

Tips for Using Board Game Sliders

1. Assemble Correctly: Make sure to assemble the board game sliders correctly according to the instructions of the packaging.

2. Test Before Playing: Move each slider several times before playing to make sure it is secure and will not damage any pieces during play.

3. Avoid Overloading: Don’t overload the board game sliders with too many pieces or it could cause them to break or become unstable.

4. Use Them Sparingly: When playing, use only a few pieces on each slider at once, especially if your pieces are larger than normal sizes or heavier than usual weight. This will prevent excessive wear-and-tear on the parts of the sliders that are in motion.
25 Stay Away From Corrosive Substances: Keep your board game sliders away from anything that might corrode or rust them, such as liquids and humidity. If exposed to these elements, they can become stuck and fail to function properly.
6. Clean Regularly: To ensure optimal performance, clean and lubricate your board game sliders regularly using an appropriate lubricant – this will help avoid clogs and reduce friction while moving components across the board’s surface.


Board game sliders provide a unique way to experience tabletop gaming by introducing tactile movement as an element. With board game sliders, gamers are able to employ physical engagement that can result in more meaningful, enjoyable experiences. Board game sliders add an extra dimension of strategy and challenge to the process, creating a new level of gameplay that is both stimulating and interactive. Due to their versatility and ease of use, board game sliders are quickly becoming popular among gamers. Through these board gaming aids, players can increase their focus on strategy and tactics while enjoying an added layer of challenge and excitement. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why board game sliders can enhance the gaming experience and make it even more enjoyable than before!

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