Sorry Sliders Board Game

Introducing Sorry Sliders Board Game

Sorry Sliders Board Game is a fun and interactive game that has been around since the 1960s. The name of the game comes from its central mechanic which uses a sliding disk to move pieces around the board.

Players take turns sliding their disk across a triangle shaped board in an attempt to capture all four of their opponent’s pieces, while protecting their own pieces. Each piece requires three successful captures before it can be removed from play. Every time a piece makes it safely across the board, it will cause an ‘explosive slide’ that can knock off multiple pieces at once, adding to the excitement and complexity of the game!

There are several variations of Sorry Sliders Board Game, with some being simpler than others; including two-player versions and variants where there are no opponents involved whatsoever (in this case players simply compete against themselves or against the clock). The classic version remains one of the most popular variants. It can be played by 2-4 players at any age level, with each player receiving four discs, similarly coloured for easy identification. The oldest/most experienced player goes first and players then take turns according to set rules such as if another player’s piece is hit by your disc then it is returned home; however, you can leave your own piece out in front for protection if applicable.

Irrespective of which variant you choose to play, Sorry Sliders Board Game promises hours of fun for all ages!

Step-by-Step Breakdown of Gameplay


The objective of Sorry Sliders Board Game is to be the first player to get each of their 4 pieces from the start grid to their home row. Players will take turns sliding pieces, drawing cards, and sending opponents’ pieces back to start.

2-4 players take turns in order, ending with the starting player going again. Players must move one of their own pieces on each turn, and draw a card after their move. The card symbol dictates what further actions the player can take, such as choose any piece on board to move or switch places with another person’s piece. If a piece lands on an opponent’s piece they are sent back to start and player can continue moving theirs.

Card Symbols:
The symbols on each card represent different potential moves for players to make. The symbols include pawns, arrows pointing up/down/left/right/and all directions, circles around pawn images, 1’s and 2’s indicating how many spaces a player can move, and two special Wild Cards which allow more powerful moves like hopping over other pieces or switching places with another piece.

Difficulty Levels:
There are two different difficulty levels for Sorry Sliders Board Game ” Classic rules (standard game play), and Expert rules (difficult game play). The difference between them is mainly based on how regular slides in diagonal directions can be done during gameplay ” while they are allowed in Classic mode, they cannot be performed in Expert mode. This makes Expert mode much harder as players must find alternate routes rather than direct diagonal ones.

Game Actions:
On each turn, players have several potential actions open to them depending on their cards drawn – these could include switching pieces with another or sending an opponent back to start if a sliding piece lands there. Special “Wild Card” tiles allow advanced moves like switching places with another person’s piece or hopping over an opponent’s token right before landing anywhere else instead of following the standard slide mechanics for regular tiles. Otherwise normal rules apply – playing as many moves as your card allows and making sure your final landing stops at either your home row or an empty space without landing on someone else’s token before reaching it.

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Reactions From Those Who Have Played the Game

Deborah: “My family absolutely loved playing Sorry Sliders! The pieces move so smoothly and quickly that it made for an exciting game. I recommend this to anyone wanting the perfect family game night!”

Alfred: “I recently bought the game for myself, but I enjoyed it so much that I brought it over to a family friend’s house. Everyone really had a blast playing together- especially my kids. 10/10 would recommend .”

Paula: “My son is huge fan of the traditional Sorry board game, but I’m glad his birthday party got an upgrade with Sorry Sliders. It was easy enough for my 5-year-old daughter to join in, and engaging enough to keep the adults entertained too.”

Kelly: “What an innovative twist on a classic game! We set up our own tournament at home and had a blast competing against each other. This game makes strategizing even more fun!”

Strategies for Winning the Game

Sorry Sliders is a popular board game that has been enjoyed by both children and adults for many years. In essence, the goal of the game is to slide your four pieces from your start position around the board, through a winding path of twists and turns, and onto their home spaces. To win, you need to be able to think ahead – you have to plan out which way your pieces will jump, and when it’s best to use those special cards that grant bonus moves!

Below are some strategies for winning the game:

1. Remember the Turn Type Cards: Each player is dealt with seven cards at random at the beginning of each round. It’s important to remember these cards as they give you different options throughout the game. You can play one card per turn if it helps you or hinders an opponents movement in some way. As such, it pays off to keep track of which cards you have used throughout the round in order to maximize their value!

2. Block Your Opponents When Possible: Blocking an opponent’s piece prevents them from getting closer to home. Use your pieces wisely and strategically position them in front of those belonging to your opponents if possible; blocking them from advancing any further on their turn. It can be quite difficult for your opponents to recover from this disadvantageous situation!

3. Pay Attention To All Available Spaces On The Board: While racing towards hopscotch boards “Home Space”, remember all available squares ” including those located around corners or crossroads where more than one piece could land on ” as these can make all the difference when aligned correctly or incorrectly in terms of who gets closest Home first!

4. Knowing When To Switch Pieces: Make sure you switch between playing with different pieces as much as possible so that they don’t all get stuck in a seemingly unavoidable cul-de-sac location… Furthermore, switching between playing offensive and defensive tactics is also beneficial ” this way you remain unpredictable yet tactically sound for any unexpected situations mid-game!

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Reasons to Buy the Game

The Sorry Sliders board game is a great choice for families. First of all, the cost of the game is very affordable, making it accessible to those on any budget. The gameplay of the game is fairly easy to understand and follow, so there isn’t too much time needed for learning how to play. This makes the game family-friendly and suitable for younger players who may not have as much experience with board games.

Additionally, the rules and objectives can be adjusted depending on how many people are playing and what ages they are. There are different variations of the game, making it possible to switch things up depending on who’s playing that day. This flexibility creates enjoyable experiences no matter how quickly you complete or lose the game.

Overall, families can find plenty of entertainment value in this classic board game. Its affordability, easy instructions and flexibility make it a great option for groups of any size or age range looking for an exciting new activity everyone can enjoy together.

Additional Educational Opportunities the Game Provides

Sorry Sliders is a game that can be used to help develop problem solving, critical thinking and cooperation skills as well as promote basic math concepts. Players must carefully analyze their options, strategize their moves and take into account the decision-making process of others in order to score points and win. Additionally, players will need to use basic counting skills to calculate the distance each slider needs to travel in order to land on a particular spot. This game also encourages turn taking which promotes cooperation within the group. Ultimately, learning objectives while playing Sorry Sliders include logical reasoning, communication, patience, recognition of patterns/ sequence development of individual strategies and assessing outcomes incrementally.


The Sorry Sliders board game is an entertaining and versatile family game that is suitable for players of all ages. It combines aspects of traditional board games and adds a twist of its own to create an experience that can be enjoyed by both adults and children alike. The objective of the game is to be the first player to either reach the finish line, or capture all four opponent sliders. To do so, you must use strategy, luck, and slick sliding skills to outmaneuver your opponents. With high stakes and risk-and-reward incentives, Sorry Sliders provides great opportunities for players to up their game. Its portable size also allows it to be easily stored or taken on trips, making it the perfect family activity wherever you are! Overall, Sorry Sliders is an engaging and exciting experience that offers a great way for everyone in the family to have fun together.

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