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Board Game Store Germany has two physical locations in the country.

The first is located in Berlin, at Alt Moabit 98, 10559 Berlin. The store can be contacted on +49 (0) 30 53820207 and its opening hours are from Monday to Thursday from 11am to 8pm, Friday from 11am to 9pm and Saturday from 10am to 8pm.

The other location is located in Cologne, at Frankenwerft 32-34, 506 Schedembeker Weg, 50678 Cologne. This can be contacted on +49 (0) 221 619519060 and its opening hours are Monday to Friday from 12pm to 8pm and Saturday from 11am to 7pm.


Board Game Store Germany has been in business since the late 1990s and it started out as an online retail store for board games. Its original goal was to be a meeting space for board game fans, providing them with easy access to a wide variety of games from around the world. The company quickly gained notoriety due to its excellent customer service, fast shipping times, and competitive prices.

As the internet grew and e-commerce became more popular, the company took full advantage. They launched a website that allowed customers to shop their products online, which drastically increased their reach. Over time they added more products to their selection and expanded beyond just selling board games. They now offer thousands of items, including puzzles, card games, tabletop gaming accessories, and electronics.

The store also puts out a monthly newsletter featuring exclusive promotions, sales events such as “Bargain Tuesday” or “Mega Monday” (which offers discounts on select items), new arrivals and releases from various game publishers. Additionally, Board Game Store Germany hosts in-store events such as game nights and tournaments. These different efforts have allowed the store to form close relationships with customers who have come to trust them as a reliable source for all things gaming related.

Today Board Game Store Germany is one of Europe’s largest board game stores known for offering quality products at great prices from its retail locations in Berlin and Hamburg as well as its online storefront. It also provides custom printing services using top quality materials so customers can create their own unique business cards or personalized photo plaques for special occasions like birthdays or weddings. With all these efforts combined, it is no surprise why this beloved retailer has grown into such an esteemed destination for gamers all over the world!

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Board Game Store Germany can provide customers with an enjoyable and rewarding shopping experience by offering personalized advice and tips. Customers should be encouraged to explore the wide selection of products available, whether they are buying a new board game or building up their collection. When shoppers have narrowed down the choices, it is worthwhile to discuss the different options with knowledgeable staff members who can help decide on the best option for them. Additionally, Board Game Store Germany can offer demonstration games hosted by experienced players so that customers can try out various games before making a purchase decision. Many stores also host gaming events for special occasions so you might get to meet fellow gamers as well! Finally, to ensure customers leave satisfied every time, staff should guide them through the key elements of each game including strategies, rules, expansions and much more. Board Game Store Germany is sure to be an excellent source of entertainment for all kinds of gamers!


Board Game Store Germany offers discounts and promotions, such as 20% off your entire purchase when you spend over ,50. They have a loyalty program where customers can earn points for every euro spent in the store ” they can then redeem these points for rewards, such as 10% discount vouchers. Board Game Store Germany also runs monthly sales and promotions on certain games. Shopping through the website offers better deals with an additional 5% discount applied to every order. Furthermore, all orders placed before 1pm are delivered free-of-charge the next day!


Board Game Store Germany is more than just a shop ” it is an integral part of the local gaming community. Customers can get involved by attending regular meetups and events. Any customer who joins, will have immediate access to a tight-knit group of friendly gamers who are always eager to share their experiences, tips, and advice with each other. As soon as every customer enters the store, they receive a warm greeting from the staff along with offers to join different game circles, take part in tournaments or try out new titles for free.

The store also hosts special promotional nights where customers can come play late into the night and enjoy discounted prices on products. On these occasions, there will often be guest speakers from within or outside of the gaming industry giving lively presentations about various aspects of the hobby. There’s something for everyone at Board Game Store Germany!


Board Game Store Germany recognizes that customers need expert advice and support when selecting the right board game for their unique interests. Our friendly, passionate and knowledgeable team of board game experts is here to help you search through our extensive selection of various games and find the one that best fits your individual requirements. We have been helping individuals from all walks of life find the perfect gaming experience since 1998.

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Our team will take the time to listen to what you want out of a board game and provide personalized recommendations tailored just for you. Our staff members are experienced in playing a wide range of family, strategy, card, party, cooperative and roleplaying games, allowing them to offer you helpful hints about which games may suit your preferences. We also carry expansions for certain hit titles that allow each player to add their own flavor to existing games.

At Board Game Store Germany, we pride ourselves on providing an unforgettable gaming experience for everyone who comes through our doors. Come visit us today and discover a world full of engaging pastimes!

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• Ticket to Ride ” A fast-paced strategy game that involves completing train routes around the world
• Clue ” Identify the murderer before the end of time in this classic mystery game
• Catan ” Build settlements and roads in a race for victory points
• Carcassonne ” Build a medieval landscape by placing city, road and landscape tiles as you go along

For Experienced Players:
• Pandemic Legacy ” An immersive experience where events from one session affect the story of future games
• Arkham Horror ” Join forces to battle monsters from beyond the grave in this cooperative card and dice game
• Star Wars Rebellion ” Experience an intergalactic struggle for control between Empire and Rebel Alliance, across numerous star systems.
• Great Western Trail – Strategic eurogame”manage cattle, visit cities and build railroads as you travel westward.

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