How To Host A Murder Board Game Australia

Introduction to Murder Board Games & Where to Buy Them in Australia

Murder Board Games are a popular form of lighthearted party game. The objective of the game is to have fun while attempting to solve a mysterious crime. Players assume the roles of suspects, sleuths, and accomplices. Together they work out who did it ” using deductive reasoning and seeing which combinations of evidence, motives and means lead to the most logical solutions. Australia has various retailers that offer Murder Board Games, including physical stores and online stockists. Examples include: Toy N Joys in Brisbane; Mastermind in Melbourne; Crimescene Australia in Sydney; and Deduction Mysteries in Perth. Online stockists like eBay also carry a wide range of these games from different suppliers around Australia.

Preparing for Your Murder Board Game Night

Invitations: You can create custom invitations to your Murder Board Game Night, perhaps using images or graphics inspired by the game itself. If you want to call attention to the murder theme, use colors such as red and black, and font based on a vintage look or handwriting style. If you’re feeling creative, you can even make paper inserts with detective themed puns!

Decorations: You don’t need to go all out in terms of decorations, but you can set a mysterious crime-solving mood with things like magnifying glasses, twine rope lights and chalk-written ‘evidence’ around the room. Include items that match the murder theme such as candles (for questioning suspects late into the night!), false mustaches, pocket watches and lab coats for your guests. With just a few strategically placed props and decorations, your guests will be ready for a thrilling night of murder mystery solving!

Supplies: Make sure you have enough supplies for your group – game sheets for each ‘detective’ (1-2 pages per person), pens/markers for completing game sheets, clue cards & notes (approx 20 per game) and scene cards (3-5 required). It’s also helpful to have extra writing materials in case the next partner wants to take detailed notes. Finally don’t forget any treats or snacks if it’s an adult gathering – crackers and cheese are always popular!

Tips for Hosting the Best Murder Board Game Ever

1. Have a theme ” It’s more fun when the game has a theme. Pick from classic themes such as Hollywood in the 30s, mob bosses of the 1920s, or astronauts exploring unknown galaxies. Be creative and make it as elaborate as you like.

2. Accommodate the suspects ” Create characters for each guest to play and add costumes for them to wear for the game to set the scene ” make sure that each suspect looks unique so that players can easily identify who they are playing as.

3. Add props ” To make your game even more realistic, use props such as real weapons (plastic if they’re real-looking) and forensic evidence that players have to consider as part of their investigation. This will add an additional level of depth to your mystery.

4. Recipes and refreshments – Serve food and drinks themed around your murder board game – like poison-laced cocktails and spooky desserts, or perhaps a creepy green soup! Determine whether you’d prefer alcoholic drinks or non-alcoholic ones depending on who is going to be playing.

5. Print out Wallpapers and music – Print out wallpapers related to your theme and download music that evokes a mysterious mood – this will help create an atmosphere suitable for detectives trying to solve a murder case!

6. Get creative with clues – Write up hints that link locations in order to create puzzles for your players to solve throughout their investigation; additionally create codes/ciphers which need decoding in order for players to find new clues or move onto the next phase of their enquiry, if there is one!

7. Audio Recordings – For added drama create audio recordings which feature key information about all characters involved in the mystery ” these recordings should be spread across various locations which players must search for in order find them: a great way of keeping players engaged!

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8. Host participation awards – Hand out awards at the end depending on how well everyone did during their investigations; prizes could include best dressed character, most observant sleuth ect..players will be motivated towards success knowing that rewards await them at the end!.

How to Make a Mysterious and Memorable Atmosphere

To create a mysterious and memorable atmosphere when playing Host A Murder board game in Australia, you can use a variety of descriptive details, sensory ideas, and atmosphere modifiers. For example, consider setting the scene with a dimly lit room with only sparklers mounted around the windows. Create soundscapes with spooky music such as eerie strings or chimes that give off an otherworldly feel. Provide guests with books of poetry or macabre short stories to read aloud in unison throughout the night while getting lost in the imagination. As they mingle, use flickering candles spread around the room which will create shadows across the walls adding an eerie ambiance. Have guests dressed in traditional costumes to further enhance the mystery of the Australian culture. Finally, set up finger foods alongside a selection of alcoholic beverages and snacks to get everyone loosened up and fully into character for a night of unforgettable fun!

Fun Games to Play Before and After the Murder Board Game

Before the Game:
To get everyone in the mood, here are some fun games to play beforehand.
• Charades ” Split players into two teams and take turns sending team members out of the room while each side tries to guess a word or phrase written on a piece of paper.
• Name that Tune ” Play some music clips and have players guess the title or artist associated with it.
• Pictionary ” Divide players into teams and draw clues on a whiteboard (or just paper) for others to guess.

After the Game:
Here are some more games for after the game has been concluded:
• Movie Trivia ” Test your knowledge about movies by having teams compete to answer movie-related trivia questions.
• True or False? Answer quiz questions about true or false factual statements related to Australian culture and history.
• Blindfolded Drawing ” Pick an object (like a chair) and have one player create an image while blindfolded while other team members try to guide them with verbal instructions only.

Types of Food & Drink for a Murder Board Game Night


1. Cheese and Crackers: Offer a variety of cheeses such as cheddar, Swiss and goat cheese to go with buttery crackers. For fun, include some olives, pickles or salamis as an accompaniment.

2. Deviled Eggs: These delicious bite-sized treats no one can ever say “No” to! Make them in bulk to keep everyone busy so they can pay attention to the game characters’ clues instead of being hungry.

3. Popcorn Balls: A great snack to make while playing the murder mystery game as it will keep your hands busy as you debate on who you think the killer is!

1. Vodka Red Bull Spritzer: Sure you could grab two six packs and call it a day, why not make the evening more interesting with this classic party drink? It’s perfect for keeping people energised for the entire evening since Red Bull contains caffeine and taurine which helps keep people alert.

2. Whiskey Sour: Among the most popular whiskey drinks around due to its strong yet light taste that tingles your taste buds before finishing off smoothly with a citrus punch that is just sweet enough not to be too much for non-whisky lovers. Serve it over ice with lemon slices for a touch of flare during the reveal of ‘whodunnit!’

3. Ginger Beer Margarita: This fruity margarita combines both worlds ” tartness and sweetness ” into one yummy refreshment! Mix tequila and ginger beer with lime juice, orange liqueur and some agave nectar; widely believed to be sweeter than honey or sugar due greatly in part because it has lower carbs than either of those two ingredients added!

Creative Rewarding Ideas for Solving the Murder

1. Offer the winning team a free dinner: Offer the winning team a dinner out on the town celebrating the victory of solving the mystery.

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2. Host an awards ceremony: Create awards and certificates for each member of the winning team to recognize their incredible detective work!

3. Give out small prizes or trophies: Recognize each individual’s success with fun trinkets and toys like personalized murder mystery buttons that they can keep forever.

4. Have a release of tension activity: To diffuse any tensions, break up the game by having players go around in a circle telling one silver lining that came out of playing the game and how it impacted them positively afterwards.

5. Celebrate with food: Have some snacks and drinks so everyone can celebrate formally winning together after dedicating their time and energy into deciphering all clues!

Alternative Versions to Host a Murder Board Game

Large Groups:
For a large group, you can consider adapting the How To Host A Murder Board Game to include different scenarios and teams so that everyone can be involved. Additionally, you could include additional challenges such as problem solving and physical activities or challenges in between rounds. For larger groups, it is beneficial to create teams ranging from 4-10 people in each that will work together to solve the crime. Whatever tasks or clues the group needs to complete should have clear instructions set out by a host or facilitator and an emphasis on collaboration and having fun!

Smaller Groups:
When hosting the game for a smaller group of 2-3 people, you cansharpen the focus of the game to provide more detail aboutthe intricacies ofthe criminal case and use more detailed investigation techniques. Instead of having numerous suspects competing forwitnesses, each team member is assigned one or two suspects so they can get into their characters’ roles easily. Collaborationis key here as each team membershares what they’ve discovered with others in order to further deduce who committed the murder.

Virtual Groups:
The How To Host A Murder Board Game can also be adapted for virtual groups by replacing the large table setup with something more suitable for online play. Digital “whiteboards” might be used to track clues and evidence on laptops or tablets which can then be shared with other players. In order for this to work smoothly, hosts should ensure prior preparation before gameplay begins – this may involve making props such as created murder weapons made from foam cutouts which will make for a more memorable virtual session (and allow team members to use their creativity). Alternatively participants could design their own character backgrounds digitally before playing to further spice up gameplay!


There are plenty of fun things to do after the game has ended; however, you should also think about ways to make sure that your guests have a great night out. Consider adding some snacks as your guests will likely be hungry after an evening of intense board gaming. You could also plan a themed party with your guests and offer them drinks or dishes related to the theme. For instance, if you choose a detective-style mystery, you can provide finger foods, cocktails and mocktails inspired by classic mysteries. Another option is to plan some lighter entertainment while people catch their breath, such as playing party games or even karaoke! Additionally, having a sketch artist come in to draw illustrations of each guest’s character could add an extra layer of fun. This can act as a memento for your guests that they can take home along with any other materials you might have provided for the game. Ultimately, by providing fun ideas for after the game and making sure everyone is comfortable and well fed throughout the evening; you will ensure that everyone has had an enjoyable time!

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