Board Game What Do You Mean


Board Game What Do You Mean is the perfect family game night favorite! It’s a multi-player game for kids ages 8 and up that’s full of guessing, laughter, and surprises. Each player is dealt a card with a word or phrase written on it. The challenge is to then explain what the term actually means using definitions, examples, or by drawing pictures ” without saying the actual word! As other players guess the correct meaning, they get points ” but if they guess wrong they lose points. With 200+ cards in each set, no two games are the same! Fun fact: Board Game What Do You Mean was included in Time Magazine’s list of Top 10 Best Games of 2018.

The Rules

Board Game What Do You Mean is an interactive board game for two to six players. In this game players race around the board in order to be the first player to reach their home space.

Before gameplay begins, each player chooses a colored token and makes sure they are in their own home space. The main goal of this game is to have the other players guess what your word or phrase is based off of your one-word clues. The designated clue giver gives out their one-word clue while spinning their token around the path on the board and landing on another player’s home space. That player must come up with a correct answer using logic and deduction before any other player guesses it correctly. If no one can come up with an accurate answer then everybody loses and loses one life marker” leaving them vulnerable to being eliminated from the game altogether when all of life markers are gone.

The most important rules for Board Game What Do You Mean in order to secure win include picking words that are not overly obvious but still able to help narrow down the possible answers for guessing players, and having quick thinking skills so you can identify correct answers and give one-word clues as fast as possible. Also eliminating other players quickly will reduce competition and increase your chances of being declared as winner by reaching home first. Finally, it is important to remember that if a clue giver gets a word with more than one guess then they go back to where they started; this means giving too easy of a word can hinder instead of helping!


Board Game What Do You Mean is a party game where players must guess what a particular phrase or phrase fragment means by outguessing their opponents. The goal of the game is to gain the most victory points (VPs) at the end of the game, after all questions have been answered.

To play the game, one player is designated as the judge and draws a card with a phrase printed on it. This phrase can be anything from “Dog Days” to “Half Empty Glass” or an expression that requires interpretation such as “It’s not rocket science”. The judge reads this out loud and all other players must write down their own interpretation of what this phrase could mean on pieces of paper. Once everyone has written their guess, the guesses are kept anonymous before being read aloud and discussed by all players. Through determining who submitted which guess, players are awarded points for correctly guessing or correctly identifying other guesses. To complicate matters, each answer can earn more points depending on how specific it is and how many people made similar guesses. At then end of a round, additional bonus points may be awarded as determined by the judge card picked earlier.

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To be successful in Board Game What Do You Mean, players should take advantage of clues presented during discussion but try not to forget that sometimes less generic answers will score them more points. Additionally they should keep the other player’s mindsets in mind when interpreting phrases and attempt to guess an answer that others may not come up with instead aiming for broad popular answers which everyone else tends to think of first.

The Rewards

Players of the board game What Do You Mean? can earn a variety of rewards, achievements, and bonuses as they progress through the game.

The first type of reward is Points which are awarded depending on how well a player performs in a round. Points allow the player to see their current standing in comparison to other players throughout the game and also acts as an incentive for them to keep progressing.

On top of Point rewards, players can also unlock new pieces for their team. By working together as a team and completing certain tasks correctly and efficiently, players can add more members to their party. This not only gives them access to more characters but also allows them to mix up gameplay strategies depending on how they wish to use each character’s abilities.

Achievements are another way players can become rewarded while playing What Do You Mean? Achievements come in various forms such as completing task objectives quickly or even getting a certain number points within one round. These awards act as bragging rights amongst players and offer recognition for those that were successful during the course of gameplay.

Finally, Bonuses are special forms of rewards that helps incentivize gameplay further. Bonuses could include additional time or even bonus points at the end of each round which can give players that extra edge needed for victory.

Altogether these rewards help make playing What Do You Mean? an exciting experience full of fun and matchless competition!

Special Features

What Do You Mean stands out from other board games with its unique features. For starters, the game has over 500 questions that have been carefully designed and curated to ensure an exciting and engaging experience. These questions cover a range of topics from current events to history, popular culture, and science, meaning that the game will often take unexpected turns to keep things fun and unpredictable. Players must also think outside the box in order to answer each question correctly; they will be asked to find links between seemingly unrelated words or critically assess ideas in order to successfully move their piece forward.

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Another main feature of What Do You Mean is team play; up to six teams can compete against one another in order to try and reach the end space first. The game also includes of two levels of difficulty, offering simple and challenging questions according to each team’s skill level. With so many options for strategizing and competing against one another, this game is sure to offer hours of exciting entertainment. In addition, What Do You Mean incorporates vibrant colors, music, and sound effects for an immersive experience that appeals even more strongly to players’ senses. Altogether, these features create a dynamic and entertaining atmosphere perfect for family night or a couple’s date night for hours of fun!

Final Thoughts

What Do You Mean is a fun, fast-paced board game that not only provides hours of entertainment and laughs but also an opportunity for family and friends to bond in the spirit of competition. Players move around the board collecting points while trying to guess what the other players are thinking – literally! One player will have a card with a phrase or saying displayed, while all other players race to accurately guess what it means. The game of What Do You Mean perfectly encompasses depth and strategy as players need to be quick thinkers and sometimes even more strategic than their opponents in order to come out on top.

Players who have experienced What Do You Mean have nothing but life for this game, rating it highly for its simplicity and levels of enjoyment with many even calling it “the perfect game for parties”. The fact that there is no limit on how many people can play makes it the ideal icebreaker when you have large groups and everyone loves that no two games are ever the same. Fans of What Do You Mean enjoy not just its addictiveness but also the wholesome laughter it brings as players compete against each other in an entertaining and competitive way.

It is clear that What Do You Mean? commands respect among board gamers seeking comfort, challenge, innovation, fun, competition and good clean family entertainment. For these reasons and more, What Do You Mean? is definitely a must-play game!

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