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1. Strategies for Choosing Board Games for 8 and Older – A helpful guide from The Spruce Crafts that offers key tips to consider when choosing board games for children 8 and older.

2. 5 Top Rated Board Games for 8 Year Olds – An article from Family Education that explores the top five board games for children ages 8 and up.

3. 11 Best Board Games for Age 8 ” Advice from toy expert and mom, reviewed by doctors: A comprehensive resource from WeHaveKids that provides information about the best board games for children aged 8 and above, as well as reviews from both experts and parents.

4. Overlooked Classics: Board Games All Ages Can Love – An article written by Fatherly that talks about different classic board games that are great for children over the age of 8, including titles like Hungry Hippos, Operation, Stratego and more!

5. Fun Board Games That Both Kids And Adults Enjoy Playing Together – A fun blog post created by Good House Keeping which outlines several games perfect for families with players of all ages, including those over eight years old ” such as Battleship, Connect Four, Trouble and more!

Add a Safety Section

Safety is paramount when it comes to board games for children 8 and up. Parents need to pay close attention to the age recommendations of the game they are purchasing as well as making sure the components of the game are appropriate in size and language. Beyond that, here are some key tips:

• Make sure children understand how to play according to the rules. Play a practice version of the game with your child first before involving other players.

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• Always display good sportsmanship at all times during game play and set realistic expectations as well as fair consequences for not following these expectations (e.g., time-out).

• Monitor your child’s level of excitement or frustration during playing a game and always provide them with strategies for regulating their emotions in a respectful way.

• Some games can increase aggression or competitiveness; be mindful about selecting those games for young players or opt for cooperative and strategic games instead.

• Finally, have fun! Board games offer a lot of learning and social opportunities, so try not to take them too seriously!

Incorporate Technology

One way to incorporate technology with board games is by utilizing apps. For example, the game Monopoly has an app version where players can join a game room and play together online, or they can just watch each other’s turns instead of playing a full game together. Additionally, some digital versions have added extra features such as trading stocks or participating in auctions right within the game. Another popular way to use technology with a classic board game is to create digital scoreboards. This can be done through an app such as Scoreboard guru on your smartphone or tablet, allowing you to keep track of everyone’s score effortlessly. You can also search for virtual adaptations of classic board games online – these are often free and you can even invite friends and family from around the world to join in the fun! Finally, if you’re feeling creative, why not try making your own technological tweaks to classic games? That could involve building DIY remote control robots for a racing game for example.

Introduce Variety

One great way to introduce a bit of variety into classic board games for 8 and up is by experimenting with themed variations. For example, an educational version of Candy Land might involve answering questions about the countries in which each “location” is based on, or creating a different type of playing field each time, such as one that looks like a mountain range or a flower garden. Additionally, adding competitive elements can also create new experiences while playing classic board games. A player could be awarded ‘points’ or rewards for completing certain tasks or objectives, race to collect pieces to compete against an opponent’s progress, etc. Having different versions of the same game can give kids something new to look forward to each time they play.

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