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Wingspan is an increasingly popular and award-winning board game from designer Elizabeth Hargrave and publisher Stonemaier Games. It has been on the market since March 2019, and it continues to be a favored game for players of all ages. This strategy-based game for 1-5 players usually takes about an hour to play.

This mesmerizing game focuses on birds migrations with subtle yet beautiful illustrations and fun life lessons woven in. Wingspan has several unique components that make it stand out among other games. First, each bird card contains a variety of stats, such as its number in the wild and wingspan length, plus special abilities like increasing ones food storage or some other penalty-induced action. Additionally, the cards score the player points in three different methods: by playing birds into habitats; by collecting bonus cards; or through end-of-the round goals that can reward players for having multiple birds with matching conditions or a single bird with greater stats than its peers.

What’s more, Wingspan also includes realistic birdfeed tokens that are divided into four different categories (seed insect mice and fish) which are collected when certain bonus cards are earned by playing birds into habitats. This makes the strategy element of the game even more exciting because it adds another layer of competition – collect all type of resources to maximize your scoring possibilities before your opponents do!

Product Overview

Wingspan is a highly-acclaimed board game designed by Elizabeth Hargrave. It focuses on the natural world and adoption of birds in creating a strategic engine-building game. The game was first released in 2019 and has won several prestigious awards, including the prestigious Kennerspiel des Jahres (2020) award, Spiel des Jahres (2020) award, Golden Geek Award for Best Theme (2019), and many more.

The game is played with a set of five core mechanics: Gaining food resources, laying eggs, drawing cards, playing birds/actions and gaining points. Players must use these elements to build their own unique “engine” – pairing strategies with specific birds and cards so as to achieve their personal objectives in the most efficient manner. The rules also place a focus on conserving bird habitat and contributing to the exploration of an existing natural ecosystem in pursuit of their goals.

Unique themes throughout the game provide an enjoyable experience for players. Some examples include migratory events that let the player move birds from one location to another, end-of-round events that put certain birds on cooldown or temporarily restrict a certain type of action players can take on cards; or special habitat types that add bonuses such as giving food when other actions are taken. There are even special time events that let players manage risk while trying to plan ahead at the same time. All these elements combine to make Wingspan an interesting strategy game.

There are various ways to play Wingspan depending on how much time you have available or who is playing with you. The main way of playing is a free-for-all competitive mode where all players compete over points at the end of each round; winners will be determined after each round based on highest score achieved during that round. For those open to alternative methods, one can play cooperatively as two teams working together against a common goal; it changes gameplay since now everyone has access to same resources but encouraging coordination between team members gives rise for new strategies during playtime thus making it competitive yet cooperative.. Solo mode allows individuals to challenge themselves against AI opponents though there isn’t any physical AI opponent yet but it still presents its own challenges within itself depending upon different levels set; whether it be easy, medium or hard difficulty

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Expansion Packs

Wingspan is a wildly popular board game in which players take on the role of a bird enthusiast, architect, and collector. Players must build their avian preserve by utilizing the resources available to them such as food, habitat and breeding grounds in order to attract and house different types of birds from different parts of the world.

Since its launch, Wingspan has expanded with different packs featuring fantasy elements like dragons or space ships, as well as multiple-player flight variants including Wingfortress. All these expansion packs offer more exciting themes for players to explore, more engaging strategies for success in their game play and new mechanics adding additional layers of complexity. Moreover, replaying the game can be greatly enhanced with strategically acquiring cards that either shift or expand what’s possible with regards to building one’s own ecosystem. Basically, Wingspan has nearly endless possibilities with all its expansions so you will always have something new to try.

Gameplay Walkthrough

Setting Up the Board and Pieces: Before playing the game, the players will need two decks of cards (bird, food, and other cards) that they shuffle before dealing out three to five birds per player. Then each person draws an egg card which replaces one of their bird cards. Lastly, the players need to place their bird and egg cards into their respective habitats on the board along with tokens for eggs, food, or feathers as specified on a player’s bird card.

How To Play: Once everything is set up, it’s time to start playing! On a player’s turn they can take four different actions: gain resources, lay eggs, draw cards, or activate their bird powers. When a player has taken their actions for the turn they collect points for things like having the most bird types in a habitat or having the most eggs laid in total. At any time during a turn players can play bonus cards from their hands that give special abilities and effects.

Winning The Game: At the end of every round (four rounds total) points are tallied up and whoever has the highest score at that point wins! However some strategies and traits are better than others – so here are some tips on how to go about constructing your own winning strategy.

Tips & Strategies: Try to focus your strategy around one type of resource – eggs, food or feathers all have different bonuses so concentrating your efforts around one specific resource can pay off more in bonus points in the long run. Also try to pick birds with complementary abilities – if you have two birds that together will boost each other’s scores it can help you get more bang from your buck when exploring alternate paths to victory. Finally try experimenting with bonus cards – sometimes just by playing them off a certain species of bird or item can be an easy way to maximize points and power-up certain combos quickly!

Personal Experiences

Playing Wingspan has been an incredible experience. With the five player boards, the components, and the scoring system it has presented multiple enjoyable experiences and achievements. Achieving a perfect score after hours of play is one of the most rewarding moments in this game. There are also several other goals to pursue such as collecting specific cards, earning bonus points by using combinations of species or food types, or completing challenges that can yield an even greater reward depending on how well-planned they are executed. Even if one doesn’t reach any of those goals, simply playing with friends can introduce unexpected turns of events that no game ever will reproduce exactly. My most enjoyable moment I had playing Wingspan was when I managed to come from behind a group of players and overtake them in terms of points at the end. It proved that it doesn’t matter who’s leading for a majority of the game; any strategy one uses could be their saving grace if used properly and take them from last place to first!

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Comparison to Other Board Games

Wingspan is a board game that recently gained popularity. The aim of this game is to acquire the most points by growing your population of birds. The game accommodates 1 to 5 players and is designed for ages 10 and up. It has been described as being enjoyable, interactive, and simple yet deep at the same time; making it popular with gamers of all kinds.

In comparison to other board games, Wingspan stands out for its unique concept and strong replay value. It provides high levels of strategy, meaning that players have to think carefully about the decisions they make in order to ensure success. This game allows you to consider how your moves might affect both short-term and long-term objectives which enhances its strategic appeal. Additionally, Wingspan features beautiful illustrations of 190 different bird species; ensuring each playthrough feels fresh and exciting while providing an educational element as well.

Despite its many strengths, Wingspan does have some weaknesses compared to some other popular board games. Many players have reported that the rulebook can be dauntingly complex for first time players; requiring multiple playthroughs before everyone feels comfortable with the rules. As opposed to some other board games, playing time per session can run on for quite a while (upward of two hours). In addition, despite being marketed as a family friendly game the bird artwork can be too intricate at times for younger children — making it better suited for adult audiences rather than families with young children .


Wingspan, a board game by Stonemaier Games, is quickly becoming one of the most popular games available. Designed as a strategy-based game requiring birds to collect resources, Wingspan combines many elements of luck and skill that makes it both challenging and enjoyable. With vibrant illustrations and various options for gameplay (cooperative multiplayer, solo challenges, or even a spectator mode!), this award-winning game appeals to gamers of all ages.

The popularity of Wingspan comes from its unique combination of skill and luck required in order to create an engaging gameplay experience. The goal is simple—to build stables filled with birds that can earn more food than your opponents—but how you reach these goals requires strategic decisions at each turn. Players use dice rolls, cards with food tokens and special abilities, expanding habitats and bird cards in order to maximize their resources. There are also multiple ways for players to score which creates an opportunity for individual strategies amidst fierce competition.

Due to its high replayability and accolades from critics, Wingspan has established itself as one popular game among tabletop enthusiasts! Not only does the game offer different ways to play such as playing cooperatively against AI opponents or solo challenges – there’s even a spectator mode which provides an extra layer of excitement! Whether you’re playing with family or attending a large gaming tournament or convention – Wingspan offers hours of unique fun while pushing your strategic skills to the limit!

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