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Ticket To Ride is a board game published by Days of Wonder in 2004. The original version has sold over 8 million copies worldwide, making it one of the most popular and consistent sellers for the company. In Ticket To Ride, players compete to build rail roads across a map and collect points for connecting cities. The rules are simple and accessible, making it an easy game to learn yet difficult to master. Similar board games exist that replicate the mechanics or core gameplay of Ticket To Ride in various forms. Examples include Colt Express, Steam Time, London Market, Age of Steam, New York 1901, Eurasia Express and more. These games all share aspects in common with Ticket To Ride but take their own unique spin on how they handle adventure/exploration, set collection/player interaction or how they approach building routes. While some (such as Colt Express) attempt to replicate the mechanics and visuals of Ticket To Ride in a three-dimensional setting, others (such as Steam Time) place collaboration at its forefront with teams going against each other instead of individual players racing for control on a map. Collectively these board games keep true to the core concept that has made Ticket To Ride so beloved while exploring new ways to experience it.

Board Games with Similar Mechanics

There are several board games that have similar mechanics to Ticket to Ride. Catan, for example, uses the same basic concept of markers to signify which spaces on the board are taken. Carcassonne also has players place resources onto a map-based game board like in Ticket to Ride, though instead of playing cards and selecting rail segments between cities, players place tiles themselves onto the map to craft their own roads and cities. Stone Age is another example of a game with overlapping concepts. Players use cubes as markers on the board and collect resources represented as tiles which can be used to build up points by constructing villages and monuments.

Onitama borrows elements from Ticket To Ride with it’s card system and movement across the gameboard. The unique feature here is that it involves two players who move pieces in a chess-like fashion on a 5×5 grid. Coloretto follows similar concepts such as point scoring while taking turns drawing cards from a deck and filling carts with colors before playing them off accordingly; however, Curve Out takes these mechanics to an extreme level as it involves creating curved lines by placing colored pegs on an interactive pegboard in order to score faster than your opponent. Lastly, Road Rally USA uses decks of destination cards for connections through 18 US cities where each player races against each other for points by connecting routes between cities. All of these games demonstrate varying mechanics but draw inspiration from Ticket To Ride’s marker style play without being identical clones in gameplay or style.

Roll-and-Write Board Games

Roll-and-write board games have become increasingly popular in recent years, providing players a unique and exciting twist on the classic table top gaming experience. Unlike traditional board games like Ticket To Ride, these creative new titles require you to use your own judgement and make decisions based on the dice you roll each turn.

When playing these types of games, not only do you need strategize and plan out your moves, but you also need to be able to adapt quickly as the game progresses. This type of interactive play is great for people who want something more mentally stimulating than their average board game. Some popular roll-and-write titles include Qwixx, Welcome To…, Railroad Ink, Venture Dice and Near & Far. In these formats, players will often pick a color or symbol represented by the die that they can then draw onto their personal game sheet which helps them to reach a common goal. Due to the simplicity of rules and quick setup time, these games are often more accessible than some more complicated tabletop options. Many of these titles come with multiple variations providing hours upon hours of replay value while at the same time introducing gamers to different play styles keeping things fresh and entertaining round after round.

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Cooperative Board Games

Cooperative board games offer a great opportunity for families and friends to enjoy an intense game simulation experience that everyone can share in. Comparable to the competitive enticement of traditional strategy-focused gameplay, cooperative board games bring a sense of camaraderie and provide players with different ways to problem solve together in order to make successful outcomes.

Examples of cooperative board games that are similar to Ticket To Ride include Pandemic, Betrayal at House on the Hill, Forbidden Island, Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King, Rising Sun and Flashpoint Fire Rescue. These titles feature the same detailed game design of Ticket To Ride, where players race against time in order to complete objectives. The main difference is that each player has their own personal goals and when completed by working together as a team then all parties win or lose as one collective unit. This serves as an inclusive gaming experience for those who like more collaborative style multiplayer gameplay.

Moreover, participating with others enables players to actively strategize, construct clever plans and collaborate on decisions that can significantly lead towards a successful outcome. Utilizing this method greatly adds social enrichment, improved teamwork skills and friendship building opportunities while all participants enjoy themselves through their gaming experience.

Train-Themed Board Games

Board games that are similar to Ticket to Ride can provide additional entertainment if you’ve already worn out your session of Ticket to Ride or want a change from the similar mechanics. Many train-themed board games come with different elements and win conditions that can add extra layers of challenge and enjoyment during game play. Popular options in this genre include Railroad Tycoon, Trans Europa, Russian Railroads, and Empire Builder.

Railroad Tycoon is based on the same premise of growing a railway network as Ticket to Ride but with added elements of stock market participation and currency collection. Also unlike Ticket to Ride, participants can build on other players’ routes. This makes it a great pick for avid gamers who want more complexity out of their game play.

Trans Europa is another popular choice in the train-themed genre due to its decks’ card structure. Different types contain different goals that encourage quick-thinking decisions on track placement; money transactions; and bridge building over rivers. Players must balance all three components quickly in order for maximum points.

Russian Railroads was devised by legendary board game designer Andreas Seyfarth and provides players with about two hour’s worth of entertainment – which includes attempting tasks such as increasing profits, acquiring prestige tokens and maintaining efficiency along the entire route so that you will gain victory points at each turn end.

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Empire Builder is an older yet classic choice among experienced gamers interested in attempting challenging logistics while building rail networks across the United States or Canada”including primary routes through larger cities while hoping not to run short on funds in order to keep the network running efficiently enough so that you stay ahead of your opponents’ progress! While these are all rewarding experiences they require a steeper learning curve than Ticket To Ride due having several rulesets which require frequent referencing throughout gameplay.

Strategy Board Games

If you are looking for board games similar to Ticket To Ride, then look no further! Whether you love the strategy and fast-paced gameplay of Ticket To Ride, or simply want to find something new that scratches that same itch – there are plenty of titles out there for fans. Popular options in this genre include Catan ” a game about boosting an empire by collecting resources and developing settlements; Carcassonne ” wherein players use their tiles to build roads, cities and castles in medieval France; 7 Wonders ” which sees players vying for control of one of the greatest world wonders through establishing trade routes and creating strong military support; and finally, Puerto Rico ” where your knowledge of economics will be put to the test through growing resources while managing the colonial society. All these titles feature interactive elements, fun yet strategic dice mechanics as well as unique rulesets. Whether it’s acquiring resources, manipulating dice rolls or negotiating with other players – they are definitely worth checking out if you love Ticket To Ride!


Ticket To Ride is a fantastic board game that has entertained millions of people around the world. But it isn’t the only Dune-style adventure game out there. There are numerous other board games similar to Ticket To Ride that you might also enjoy.

When it comes to deciding which of these board games similar to Ticket To Ride is best for you, bear in mind a few elements: age range of the players, level of complexity, and any thematic elements you might prefer. It would be beneficial to read up on different reviews, look at sample videos or photos, and ask friends who’ve played similar titles for advice before committing to a purchase. One more factor in your selection process may be whether the game you choose requires an investment into additional expansions or reskins later on down the line to ensure greater longevity during playing sessions. Regardless of what type of game you select, so long as everyone involved enjoys themselves while playing then any such decisions can be considered a success!

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