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Ticket To Ride is a classic board game where two to five players attempt to build the longest railway network between different cities on a map. The game was first released in 2004 and has been released across the world in many different versions, including Europe (2005), Switzerland (2007), Europa 1912 (2009), India (2010), Nordic Countries (2010), Germany (2012), Netherlands (2014), United Kingdom & Pennsylvania (2015) and France & Old West USA (2018). The game’s immense popularity has also seen it released as several video games for computer and mobile devices with new board games such as Legendary Asia scheduled for release in 2021. All-in-all, there are currently fifteen official Ticket To Ride board games.

Not only have these board games been extremely successful, but the franchise has since expanded into an acclaimed series of card games including Wingspan and First Journey, as well as other merchandise like custom scoreboards and travel cases for game pieces. Worldwide tournaments have also been held for Ticket To Ride enthusiasts to compete against their peers around the globe!

Types of Ticket to Ride Board Games

Ticket to Ride is a family strategy board game that has been around since 2004. The original game is set in Europe with players collecting sets of cards representing train cars and attempting to claim destinations on the map by connecting cities with tracks.

The game has seen many expansions, re-themes, and completely different versions over the years. At last count, there were 11 distinct editions and 14 total varieties, from USA 1910 to India & Switzerland. Here’s an overview of the entire Ticket to Ride collection:

1) Ticket to Ride (original): A classic strategy-based game in which 2-6 players compete for the most valuable train routes connecting various European cities.

2) Ticket to Ride Europe 1912: An upgrade on the original Europe game with new rules, adding terminus stations and offering more strategies for destination tickets.

3) Ticket To Ride Nordic Countries: This version takes takes place across Norway, Sweden, Finland and Denmark in this beginner’s English language version of the classic Railways of the World experience.

4) Ticket To Ride Nederland: Ridetraders may have three Routes at their disposal, but they must be willing to forge new options before it’s time for final scoring! Negotiate your way through house trades or use busses when you can’t make directly connect your final destination cities!

5) Ticket To Ride UK & Pennsylvania: Players travel across American railways while competing against each other with tightly contested scoring – building railroad routes from east coast Philadelphia all the way out west towards Chicago and St Louis. Lay down track from Hartford To Gettysburg Or Pittsburgh to Cleveland etc… Build Rail Links In New England and establish regular services between Reading & Lancaster!

6) Ticket To Ride Germany 1920: The third installment of Alan R Moon’s series uses a revolutionary map based on post-WWI Germany set up like a clover leaf surrounded by seven distinct regions containing cities linked together as hubs for railway journeys during this historical era!

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7) Ticket To Ride Asia & Legendary Asia: Explore portions of 16th century Asia as a merchant seeking spice trading routes amidst mystic temples, majestic mountains, sacred rivers and legendary shrines! Choose wisely or risk being stranded without any hope of completing your journey Around Asia – enticing your fellow merchants into deals along route In Legendary Edition map variants include Maghreb configuration waterways allowing direct access throughout Algeria via Morocco or Tunisia And Other Epic Expansions As Well!

Different Gameplay Variations

At the time of writing, there are a total of six versions of the Ticket to Ride board game that have been released. This includes the original base game (initially released in 2004) and five expansions or alternate editions which introduce new rules, maps, and playing pieces. The editions are as follows:

1. Ticket to Ride ” USA (2004). That’s the original version of Ticket to Ride, featuring a map of North America with trains connecting major cities. It is a 2-5 player game with its own unique variants.

2. Europe (2005). This expansion adds 23 new countries from Europe to play on instead of North America. Games typically last no longer than an hour for each player in this version.

3. First Journey (2012). This version uses a simplified version of the rules from Ticket to Ride and Europe, designed especially for younger audiences or those who don’t want so much complexity when playing the game. The map covers some well-known cities in England and Scotland too.

4. Nordic Countries (2007). This is set in parts Sweden, Norway and Finland if you’d rather transport yourself somewhere out north eastward in Europe instead!
5. Marklin Edition (2008). Expanding on the European edition but with minor adjustments made to the clue cards which makes it far more flexible depending on your playing group size.
6. Official Board Game¬” You can now take your ticket journey online using this official version that doesn’t require you having printed cards or using actual tracks/train tokens either!


There are currently seven Ticket to Ride board game versions released by their publisher, Days of Wonder: Ticket to Ride Europe, Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries, Ticket to Ride Asia, Ticket to Ride Africa (which is a spin-off from Europe and Asia), Ticket to Ride Nederland, Ticket to Ride Marklin Edition, and Ticket to Ride Rails & Sails. All these games feature different rules and maps but follow the same core gameplay.

In addition to these core games, there are also several small expansion boxes that players can add on for more variety or advanced strategies. These expansions include 1910 Expansion (a pack for all existing editions of the base game); 1913 Expansion (only for Europe and Asia); Mystery Train Expansion; Original Map Collection – Volume 1; India Edition; United Kingdom Big Box (both based on the original European map, with modified rules); Pennsylvania Map Pack (based on the same design as other European editions with extra cards) Armored Train Expansion Pack; France & Old West double sided maps; Team Europe (up to 6 players play as teams); Alvin and Dexter Mini-Expansion Set; Germany Map Pack; And Now Nordic Countries 2018 Festival Tourist Edition; USA 1910 20th Anniversary Collector’s Edition and Europe 1912 100 Years Anniversary Collector’s Edition.

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Fun Facts

Ticket To Ride, a historical European train-travel themed board game, is an award-winning classic having been published in 2004 by Days of Wonder and is now available in 29 languages. A streamlined version called Ticket To Ride Express: First Journey was released in 2017. According to the Guinness World Records, Ticket To Ride has sold over 11 million copies as of July 2019; this makes it one of the best-selling board games in history. It has also won multiple awards including two Spiel des Jahres (Game of the Year) awards in Europe ” one for its original edition and another for its USA 1910 expansion pack ” as well as over two dozen other awards from various institutions throughout Europe and the United States.

There are currently numerous national and international competitions held for large monetary prizes including an annual world championship which has grown substantially since its inception in 2008. There are several expansions to the game that have been introduced over the years, each one adding unique content such as new map boards with different geographic locations or new gameplay mechanics in order to freshen up its experience while keeping within the game’s theme. As of October 2020, there are 20 official Ticket To Ride maps; 9 stand alone maps, 4 map collections (which include 3 maps each), 6 expansion packs (5 maps each), and 1 double map pack (2 maps).


There are currently nine different Ticket to Ride board game editions. Each of the editions vary in terms of size, length of play, and level of complexity. While the original USA version is often recommended as an entry point for new players, there are other viable options, including Europe (the first international version), Germany (featuring two types of metros which connect edge to edge), India (a map-based game with item cards instead of route cards) and Switzerland (an abbreviated map for shorter games). Other locations featured include Nordic Countries, Asia, Pennsylvania, Legendary Asia and Netherlands. All of these Ticket to Ride board games offer a great blend of strategy and luck that can be enjoyed by beginner and veteran players alike.

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