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Board game storage is a way to store and organize board games. It can include many different types of containers and systems, including specialized cabinets, shelves, drawers, bags, and boxes that are designed specifically for storing board games at home or on the go. It’s an important part of maintaining a tidy game collection and keeping all the pieces to your favorite board games together in one place. Not only does board game storage provide a neat way to keep everything organized, it also serves as a great display piece for other gamers in your home.

Benefits of Board Game Storage

A well-organized board game storage system can reap many benefits. The most obvious is accessibility: Board games that are stored neatly and tidily in an organized way can be quickly retrieved, allowing for a smooth transition between activities. This also allows people to arrange games based on how often they are used or enjoy them – which will save time when attempting to locate a desired game as its exact location can be easily found. Additionally, when board games are stored properly, precious pieces and parts associated with the game are less likely to get misplaced or lost. Furthermore, if the games and associated pieces are properly stored out of sight, it can help clear up cluttered environments and make areas appear more aesthetically pleasing. Lastly, having an organized board game storage system will help protect them from damage due to overhandling. When the various components of each game have a specific place designated for them, everyone in the family will know where everything goes and this encourages better care of the items.

Types of Board Game Storage and Where to Find the Right One

When it comes to board game storage, there are many different types available. Whether you prefer decorative boxes and chests, tower units, or simple plastic bins and racks, there are a variety of solutions that can help make your board game collection look organized and easy to access.

Decorative boxes and chests: These board game storage solutions offer sleek style and contemporary design, allowing them to blend well within your home décor. Some even feature decorative details such as felt-lined drawers or distressed wood finishes. You can usually find these at furniture stores like IKEA or online retailers such as Wayfair or Amazon.

Tower units: If you want an elegant space-saving storage solution for all your board games, consider a tower unit. This style of storage system puts each shelf in plain sight for easy accessibility; each shelf is designed to fit the size and shape of popular board games on the market today. With the addition of sealable bags or containers, you’ll be able to keep all of your game pieces together without them getting mixed up while playing a game. Many large retailers have tower units available, but you can also purchase them online from specialty gaming retailers like BoardGameGeek Store.

Plastic bins and racks: These are great options if you’re looking for a less expensive way to store your board games without compromising on quality or convenience. Clear plastic bins make it easy to identify which game is which inside the bin without having to open every bin manually. Rack systems typically feature multiple levels which allow you to easily organize your collection by genre, age range, etc—ideal if you have multiple types of games under one roof. There are plenty of affordable models available in both physical retail stores and online shops like Target or Walmart.

Organizing Your Board Games Easily and Quickly

If you’re a board game fanatic, chances are your collection is quickly growing and outgrowing the space you have allocated for it. Board game storage solutions can be an easy way to maximize the limited space available and make it easy to find the games you want.

When looking for appropriate board game storage solutions, it’s important to consider different aspects of organization such as size; for example, if your collection includes larger road trip games like ‘Splendor’ or ‘Monopoly’, having shelves with large enough compartments for these boxes may be necessary. Additionally, finding containers that compartmentalize the smaller pieces like cards and dice can be helpful in keeping them from getting lost. There are also a variety of bookshelves and cabinets that can be used so its best to tailor any solution to suit individual needs.

Aside from shelving units specifically made or designated as board game organizers, there are other multifunctional methods that make great use of the same space. For instance, chest drawers are useful in storing character expansions, miniatures and extra components neatly while adding a decorative feature to any room. Alternatively, interesting racks with things like bar stools act as both practical seating options while effectively organizing several board games simultaneously.

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Regardless of what kind of gaming accessories you might have in your collection; bins, trays and baskets can be useful by sorting materials into categories such as social deduction or quiz box sets ensuring all components remain safe when not being played with; making it easier to locate things when needed again in the future. Moreover, labels are also an effective tool―be them simple text labels stuck on cabinets or digital labels linked via apps- which allow anyone searching through your arsenal of games effortlessly locating things faster than before.

Tips and Tricks for Ideal Board Game Storage

Organizing board games can seem like a daunting task, but the right storage solutions can make it a breeze! Here are a few tips and tricks to achieve optimal board game storage:

1. Use clear plastic containers with lids: Pick up some clear plastic containers with lids that are stackable and large enough to hold several sets of dice, cards, tokens and any other pieces. This way, you can keep all your components together in one container so they don’t get lost or mixed up.

2. Label everything: Labeling each container with the name of the game helps you quickly identify where everything should go back at the end of game night. You can also use labels to divide different types of pieces within the same container—so if you have multiple types of dice or wildly different sets of cards for different games, everything is easier to organize and find.

3. Make sure containers have handles: Containers that have carrying handles make it much easier when transporting your games from one place to another or if you play them out on the living room table instead of storing them away in a dedicated space.

4. Invest in shelving units: Having an organized system of shelves specifically designated for board games makes your collection look orderly and also makes it easy to find what you want. Consider investing in lipped shelving units so nothing slips off and becomes mixed with other components belonging to other games.

Creative DIY Storage Solutions

When it comes to storing your family’s various board games, finding creative and effective storage solutions can be a challenge. But with a little bit of creativity, some simple DIY storage solutions can help you store your board games without taking up too much space. One popular storage solution is to invest in stackable plastic containers that come with good lids to keep all those smaller pieces from spilling out. Another idea is to make inexpensive organizational shelves from cardboard boxes and attach the game boards and pieces on their own shelf so you can easily switch them out when needed. Mason jars are also great for keeping small parts organized and accessible for quick game setup. Finally, don’t forget about baskets and bins — they are perfect for larger board games or multiple games of the same size that don’t quite fit into other containers. Put labels on each one so everyone know what’s inside before opening them up! With these creative solutions, you’ll be able to quickly set up your family’s favorite board game night each time.

Space-Saving Ready-Made Solutions

If you love board games and play them often, proper storage and organization of your collection is essential. Lucky for those of us who don’t have the time to make our own storage systems, there are many ready-made solutions available on the market. These can be space saving and efficient, providing a great way of keeping all your favorite titles together in one place.

Many ready-made board game storage solutions are designed to fit onto shelving units or even inside your furniture pieces like an entertainment unit. Some come with sliding trays or expandable pockets that make it easy to access individual titles without having to remove the entire collection from shelf. Others may feature clearly labeled sections or colors, perfect for breaking down each game type so you can quickly find what you’re looking for. You might also want to look into methods for storing vital components such as extra cards or markers that don’t take up too much space or get easily lost. If practicality and organization is your priority then there’s likely a ready-made solution that will fit both your budget and needs!

Traveling with Board Games

When it comes to board game storage, traveling with board games can be a bit tricky. Storing them on the go requires some useful tips and tricks to prevent your games from warping or becoming damaged in transit. Here are some of the best methods for traveling with and storing your board games:

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1) Utilize Protective Cases: If you plan to bring larger, bulkier board games such as Chess or Monopoly, invest in some sturdy protection cases that will offer extra protection against bumps, scratches, and spills during transport.

2) Pick Up Some Small Storage Boxes: For smaller card-based and dice-based board games such as UNO or Settlers of Catan, pick up a set of small plastic storage boxes with secure lids. Not only does this help keep your pieces neatly organized, it also prevents dust build-up which can make pieces harder to clean over time.

3) Consider 3D Printed Parts: If you want to go above and beyond when protecting your valuable gaming assets for travel, consider investing in 3D printed parts for cards and dice that are specifically designed to fit snugly into preexisting gaming boxes. Whether you opt for colored cardboard inserts or plasticized trays that ensure wherever you’re going they stay protected until they reach their gaming destination.

4) Use Vacuum Sealing Bags: Another great option is vacuum sealing bags which provide an airtight seal when combined with an at-home vacuum cleaner. This is great choice if you’re heading off on longer trips that require packing multiple sets of multiple board games at once; the more efficiently packed all the pieces are, the less damage they experience while in transit.

5) Reusable Dry Sand Paper Sleeves: Lastly, reusable sandpaper sleeves offer superior protection without impeding game performance by providing extra friction needed when shuffling cards or rolling dice on any surface of varying texture. These specially crafted sleeves are also heavily resistant to humidity changes so no matter where you take them they’ll remain secure during your travels and long after!

Final Thoughts

When it comes to keeping your board game collection organized and making playing easier, there are a few pieces of advice that can help. First, maximize your storage space by creating an easily accessible library for all of your games. This could be a designated shelf or cabinet, where each game is stored in its own box or bin with a label noting its name and edition. Doing so not only makes it easier for you and your players to find the exact game they’re looking for but can also help protect the game from wear and tear from being transported each time it’s played. Additionally, proactively decluttering is a great way to keep your collection organized long-term; this means going through once a year and getting rid of any games you no longer play – that way you won’t be overwhelmed each April when tax season rolls around! You can donate old games or even swap them with friends who want what you don’t need anymore. Finally, make sure to care for the materials comprising your board games: sleeves are an inexpensive way to protect cards while slide boxes are helpful for keeping boards in order. When done responsibly, these practices can extend the life of your games and make playing even more enjoyable.


Board game storage can be a daunting task. With hundreds of pieces and pieces of paper, cards, and board parts to sort through, it can quickly become overwhelming. This is especially true if you are just starting out with board games. But even for experienced gamers, it’s important to keep the games organized and clean so you can play them quickly and easily. That’s why having a good board game storage system is essential.

The perfect board game storage solution should strike a balance between organizing your collection neatly, keeping everything contained in one place, and making sure the collection is visually appealing. Bins or baskets are great for storing multiple components for each game so that you can move around single games without having to reassemble them and dig through mixed piles of cards from different games. With a careful combination of shelving units and storage containers, you’ll have an aesthetically pleasing system that makes playing any game a breeze.

Making board game storage both manageable and fun doesn’t have to be a challenge with the right organizing tools. No matter how much space you have available or how many games you’re looking to store away, there will always be options available to fit your needs at any time budget—helping bring order to the chaos of playing varied board games!

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