Board Games Under 25 Dollars


The current COVID-19 pandemic has led to a surge in the popularity of board games. With many of us stuck at home during quarantine, family bonding time is now more important than ever before. Board games provide the perfect opportunity to engage in some quality time with friends and family, as they are easy to access while remaining safe and socially distanced. Furthermore, there are now numerous board games that come in under 25 dollars, providing entertainment on a budget! From classic favorites like miniature chess and checkers to more modern choices like playing card bingo and bubblegum trivia, there are plenty of options available for everyone to play together. Not only do these games provide an enjoyable way to build relationships with loved ones but they can also improve mental wellbeing by stimulating problem solving skills, reducing boredom and even helping with stress relief. So why not take advantage of this moment in history by picking up a new board game today?

Popular Board Games

1.Exploding Kittens: $20
2.Thank You, Come Again!: $17
3.Small World 2: $22
4.Ticket to Ride: $25

1.Thank You, Come Again!: $17
2.Exploding Kittens: $20
3.Small World 2: $22
4.Ticket to Ride: $25

Educational Value

Playing board games not only provide great entertainment cost them less than 25 dollars, but also offer an unparalleled educational value. Board games are one of the best ways for children as well as adults to learn and develop a broad range of skills including analysis, focus, problem-solving, creativity, communication, and collaboration. Through crafting strategies during the game time, players have to think critically on their feet and work with other players in order to be successful.

When playing board games together with family or friends it’s a great way to create memories and foster closer relationships while allowing the players to totally immerse themselves interactively into each game. Also since there are so many types of board games that encompass a variety genres, they can help break up a boring evening on the television or computer monitor by providing an engaging recreational activity suitable for all ages.

Best Board Games For 14 Year Olds

Games With Unique Components

Board games with unique components are typically ones where the components influence game play. One example is Chalkboard Chalenge, a game that comes with a chalk worksheet and special markers. Players must solve puzzles that test logic and creativity by filling in their answers on their personal chalkboard. The unique component of the game not only adds a fun visual element, but also gives players an opportunity to practice problem-solving skills while they play. Another example is Stone Age: The Board Game which comes with colorful four-piece totem pieces and tokens in the shape of animals, people, and tools – all made out of wood. This highly-rated game has players build civilizations in different epochs through strategic trading and resource management as they acquire additional pieces throughout the game. These unique components create an immersive playing experience for players who are looking for something truly special to enjoy.

Suggestions for Board Game Enthusiasts

For Beginners:

Catan – Catan is a strategy game that teaches players to settle and build on a new island. Players compete to establish their settlements the fastest and earn points by delivering resources to the capital city. ($19.99)

Ticket To Ride – Ticket To Ride is a railroad building game where players collect cards, plan routes, and build routes with their train car pieces to connect cities on the map. ($24.99)

For Experience Players:

Azul – Azul is a tile-drafting game where each player strives to take over the center of the wall and collect as many tiles as possible. A great game for those who like careful planning for maximum score accumulation. ($19.99)

The Castles of Burgundy – This intricate and challenging base-building game requires high levels of strategic thinking for experienced players. Players must carefully manage resources and prioritize goals in order to build up their empires in this highly strategic board game. ($24.99)

All American Trivia Board Game

For Families:

Kingdomino – Kingdomino combines elements from both Mahjong and Dominoes requiring some good luck but also clever decision making techniques, making it fun and accessible for families of all ages! ($19.99)

Pandemic – Pandemic is an easy-to-learn cooperative board game set in a post-apocalyptic world where players work together to battle the spread of lethal diseases before it’s too late! Perfect for families seeking out a challenge as they learn to collaborate against ever-increasing odds! ($24.99)


Board games are a great way to bring friends and family together while also getting some much needed entertainment. Plus, they’re affordable with boards games under $25 readily available. Not only do board games offer fun and engaging play, but they also come with some health benefits. Studies have found that playing board games can help reduce stress and improve cognitive health for people of all ages. They encourage socializing which is important for both physical and mental wellbeing. Board games can also aid in memory improvement as players remember rules or strategies from previous plays which keep them coming back for more! Ultimately playing board games has been found to improve communication skills, creativity and intellectual growth for players who find themselves intrigued by this form of play. So don’t hesitate to pick up a board game today as you will benefit in many ways!

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