Is Password A Board Game

Rules in Pictures

No, Password is not a board game. Instead, it is a word-guessing party game. To play the game, each player will choose one partner to sit opposite them at a table. One partner is given a secret word or phrase and they must give clues in order for their team to guess the word or phrase. The other team must try to decipher the clue by guessing words until they can finally get the correct answer. Teams can talk back and forth with their teams over the course of several rounds until time runs out and one team wins the game. The team that makes the most guesses before time runs out is victorious!

Below are some visuals for some basic rules of Password:

1) The teams are divided into two sides, facing each other from opposite ends of a table.
![alt text][image1]
2) One side chooses one person to give clues while the other side chooses one person to guess those clues.
![alt text][image2]
3) A member on one side will look at the secret word or phrase on his/her card but cannot say it out loud. That same person will give clues to help his/her teammate guess that word or phrase by saying single words only.
![alt text][image3]
4) If either team says part of the secret word or phrase, touches the card with the words on it, hums, gestures, makes any noise related to what’s written on their card or makes any type of reaction that nearly reveals any information of what’s written on their cards during their turn then they lose at that round automatically no matter how many letters were correctly guessed according to rules 2 and 3 above.  
![alt text][image4]

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Short Video Guided Tour

No, password is not a board game. Password is an electronic quiz show game that originated in the 1960s and has been adapted for multiple formats over the years. The goal of the game is to guess a secret word without giving away any letters. Players can earn points for guessing correctly and lose points for giving away information about the word. The team with the most points at the end wins the match.

For those who would like to learn more about how to play password, we’ve created this short video tutorial as a guided tour of the game. We will go through each stage of play, from choosing your team mates to scoring and tracking progress throughout the round to ending with crowning a winner! We’ll also go over different rules and variations you could use when playing with friends or family. So let’s get started ” ready… set… GO!

Example Game Play Scenarios

Scenario One: One player is trying to collect as many letters to complete a password. The players take turns rotating around the board and landing on letter spaces. When they land on the same letter space, they can collect the letter. They will use this to build their password. Whoever builds the completed password first, wins the game.

Scenario Two: In this version of the game, players land on key words related to a specific theme on the board. When they reach an end word that completes a phrase or sentence about that theme, they can advance to the next round. The first player who accumulates enough phrases or sentences regarding the theme in order to complete it, wins the game.

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Q: Is Password a board game?

A: No, Password is not a board game. It is actually a TV quiz show that aired from 1961 to 1967, hosted by Allen Ludden. The show involved two teams who were presented with a mystery word from their own team mate, and the team then had to guess the word before their opponents did.

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