Boom Again Board Game Review

Introduction to Boom Again Board Game

Boom Again Board Game is a strategy board game designed for two to four players. This game was created by renowned Russian designer, Alexey Nigochev, who has worked on multiple award-winning games throughout his career.

The objective of Boom Again Board Game is to achieve the highest score within 7 rounds, where each round consists of three steps: draw cards and place them on certain areas of the board; use action cards to find additional value from the set-up; and evaluate points at the end of each round. Players can also employ tactics and strategies in boosting their scores during playtime.

This game is suitable for teenagers, adults and families alike, appealing to different levels of skill as well as different strategies. Thus, it’s a great way for families and friends to spend time together through gaming. Its attractive visual style and relatively short playing time also make it ideal for casual gamers who want something more in depth than party games or casual card games but not so complex that it would put them off trying out a new type of game.

Boom Again Board Game was released in 2016 and since then has been widely praised by critics with multiple awards such as “Most Innovative Strategy Board Game” or “Game Of The Year.”


The Boom Again Board Game is a strategic card-based game with a challenging range of objectives and strategies. Players must assess their own position, the amount of resources they have, and the moves available on the board in order to advance in the game. During gameplay, players often develop unique strategies for gaining various points. These include adapting rules such as allowing players to move more than one piece per turn or placing multiple pieces at once to gain an edge over opponents. The game also offers many alternative rulesets if basic gameplay feels repetitious, such as team mode where each side must cooperate and share resources or timed duels where players race against each other to reach specific goals. Online versions allow player-created variants tailored to fit any vision. Ultimately, the potential for user customization has made Boom Again Board Game a fan favorite as it allows gamers to make every playthrough uniquely personal.

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What Makes This Game Unique

Boom Again is a unique board game that is sure to spark joy for the whole family. The game features vibrant artwork, creative characters, and an interesting theme that will draw players in. The materials used are all eco-friendly and designed to last, making Boom Again perfect for long family game nights or multiple play sessions.

One of the things that makes Boom Again stand out from other similar games are its additional special features. These include special cards that can be used strategically throughout the game, along with colored die which adds another element of fun. The special cards create surprising twists and turns that can keep families entertained as they work together to accomplish their mission!

It’s also worth noting how Boom Again compares to other popular board games like Monopoly or Catan. While it does not have any properties or resources to keep track of and collect, it offers creative problem-solving opportunities through the variety of challenges posed by random cards drawn during gameplay. Because it is tailored to families, Boom Again also offers simpler rules than more complex strategy games, creating less stress and enjoyment for all players.

All in all, Boom Again is an exciting board game for people of all ages that offers plenty of entertainment without being overwhelming. With its unique features, stimulating artwork and eco-friendly materials, this game is sure to make your next family night a breezy success.

Pros and Cons of the Game


1. Boom Again is a board game that is easy to learn and quick to play, making it perfect for players with varying skill levels and preferences.

2. The game uses a combination of luck and strategy, allowing players to use their own tactics in order to win.

3. The components are of high quality, ensuring that the game can withstand years of use without any damages.

4. There are multiple ways to score points throughout the course of the game, so each player can have their own unique strategy when playing Boom Again.


1. Although the rules are straightforward, they can become confusing if you are a beginner at playing board games due to its complexity.

2. Some elements of luck may be challenging or disappointing for gamers who prefer more strategic play without any chance involved.

Alternative Game Suggestions Based on Player Preferences:
For those who enjoy strategy-based games but do not like elements of chance involved in some games, there is a range of alternative ideas to explore depending on preferences such as Backgammon, Chess, Go, Pandemic or Splendor just to name a few! For fans of tile-matching board games with an element of luck involved there is also Qwirkle and Carcassonne available for those looking for something different from Boom Again!

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User Reviews and Ratings

The Boom Again board game has been generally positively received by users, with most giving it a 4 or 5 star rating out of 5. Many reviewers have praised the game’s fast-paced action and easy-to-learn mechanics. They also appreciate the fact that no reading is necessary to play, making it accessible to all ages. Other users have noted that the game pieces are made of high quality materials, and that the game itself is aesthetically pleasing with vibrant colors.

In terms of customer service, many customers have described it as excellent. They found customer support helpful and responsive, with queries generally being answered quickly and courteously. Some customers have also noted that Boom Again makes sure to address any issues promptly and seeks to provide a satisfying experience for all players.


The Boom Again Board Game is a great way to have some family fun while driving home the message of recycling. With engaging gameplay and educational components, this game helps children learn the importance of reducing waste without making it feel like a boring lesson. The eco-friendly theme will appeal to adults who appreciate sustainability efforts and help create a better future for all. For those looking for a unique twist on classic board games, Boom Again is an ideal choice! Its combination of creative design, thoughtful mechanics, and enjoyable atmosphere make it an invaluable addition to any family’s collection. Give Boom Again a try today and enjoy the rewards that come from being more mindful about taking care of Mother Earth!

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