Cloud Age Board Game Review

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Cloud Age is a captivating board game designed by Indie Boards & Cards, developed by designers Glenn Drover and Sonja Lohse. It was first created in 2016, two years after his wildly popular series of deck-building games. The creators behind the game, Glen Drover and Sonja Lohse, wanted to create a unique board game that would provide players with an engaging gaming experience just like their classic deck-building games had done. Cloud Age revolves around a fantasy world full of adventure and conflict between four powerful elemental clans: fire, water, earth, and air. Players make strategic decisions as they collect resources to help build their village or castle in order to gain enough victory points for them to be crowned the victor!

Include Interactive Scenarios

Interactive scenarios that can occur while playing Cloud Age Board Game include:

1. Building Towers ” Players must strategically place their colored blocks in the towers to make them as high as possible. With each player doing this at the same time, a competition begins to build the most impressive tower of all.

2. Gathering Opponent’s Colors” As certain colors are placed, it is possible for another player to collect those colors from your tower and use them for themselves. This adds an extra level of strategy that increases the competition between players in order to accumulate the most colors for their own advantage.

3. Breaching Clouds ” When clouds are revealed, players must quickly move across them and attempt to breach them in order to gain rewards or confront dangers. It is important that players move carefully because breaching too many could lead to unexpected twists or losses.

4. Wind Effects ” Depending on how much wind is indicated by dice rolls, some sections of towers may be harder or easier to move up due to the effects of unpredictable wind speeds. Players must assess and balance out how winds will affect their actions as they play in real-time against others opponents for success.


Cloud Age is a unique exploration game set in an enchanting world. Compared to other similar titles on the market, it stands out because of its focus on innovative puzzle mechanics and beautiful art style. Players take turns playing as an energy spirit, manipulating the elements of wind and water to solve puzzles, create paths, and gain a powerful advantage against their opponents. The board is incredibly detailed with a large variety of tiles, each adding different levels of strategy to the game.

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The entire experience has a calming feeling that will leave players feeling relaxed and content when they’re finished gaming for the night. The card play element is also enjoyable as cards are used for special abilities and can be played strategically to help during tricky sections or halt your opponent’s progress. Additionally, Cloud Age provides multiple playstyles, allowing gamers to choose whether they want to compete in tournaments or simply enjoy the tranquil atmosphere alone. With its unique strategies, captivating visuals, and beautiful soundtrack, Cloud Age definitely deserves recognition from both casual and competitive gamers alike.

Images and Videos

Cloud Age Board Game is a turn-based game by the Horizon designers. Players must build forces and command warriors to battle against each other and earn victory points. In the game, resources are represented by a series of colored clouds. Player choices include various in-game events that take place between turns like weather effects or dragon attacks. All units in Cloud Age have special abilities, making for creative deployments and successful strategies.

Players must carefully scrutinize the board to identify which sources will provide them with resources most efficiently. Each player’s pieces can move around each turn and shift any linked clusters of clouds from one spot to another, allowing players to guard specific areas or trade resources that they have access to. The end goal is for players to gain maximum victory points through their controlled territories and strategic maneuvering of their resources across the board.

Images and Videos: Adding images and videos of gameplay of Cloud Age can help illustrate the exciting features available in this game, as described above. Visuals can demonstrate how to create clever combinations of pieces on board like building forces of characters with different movesets, as well as showcasing how weather effects or dragon attacks affect game dynamics. Other visuals could show examples of how moving units around strategically alongside your cloud clusters grant advantages in terms of resource accrual and how that relates back to gaining victory points at the endgame stage!

Reviews by Other Players

One player of Cloud Age Board Game commented:

“I had a delightful time playing the game! It was fun, challenging, and educational. The illustrations were well done and the mechanics of the game were quite intuitive. Every round, I learned something new about the world of clouds! It’s definitely a great way to spend an afternoon with friends or family.”

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Another reviewer said:
“This game is simply a blast! I found it had a surprising amount of substance. It has educational elements that my children enjoyed learning from but was also challenging enough for adults to enjoy too! The artwork was beautiful adding another wonderful layer to this amazing game. Highly recommend!”

A third player remarked:
“Cloud Age Board Game is a great way to bring people together for some friendly competition and exciting fun. We were laughing throughout the entire experience and enjoying the puzzles within them. Not only did it require skills like logic, it also inspired creativity and imagination which gave us different ideas on how to beat each level.”

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The Cloud Age Board Game is a highly rated game that can be enjoyed by all ages. Players must utilize their strategical skills in order to outsmart the other players. It provides an enjoyable playing experience with different levels of difficulty that make the game accessible to players of all skill levels. With vivid, colorful visuals, it creates a unique and engaging environment.

Players can purchase the game on Amazon, Target, Barnes and Noble, Walmart, Best Buy and GameStop. More information about the Cloud Age board game can also be found online through various sites such as BoardGameGeek or TabletopGamingNews. Additionally, you can also find videos about the game on YouTube featuring reviews from independent reviewers and tutorials from experienced players.

Relevant Quotes

“Cloud Age is the definition of excellence in board game design. The complexity of strategy, coupled with elegant gameplay mechanics, creates an immersive experience that will stand the test of time.” – Board Game Enthusiast

“This game is incredible! It’s so addicting and each playthrough brings something new to learn. Every decision you make matters and a single wrong move can drastically change your strategy.” – Cloud Age Player

“The artwork by artist Noel Vermillion has really brought the game to life. From the character cards to the level boards, everything looks so vibrant and evokes a great sense of fantasy.” – Cloud Age Reviewer

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