Clue Board Game Characters Costumes


If you and your friends are looking for a fun group costume idea, consider the classic board game characters of Clue. This game is all about solving a mystery, so why not dress up as the characters whose job it is to find out whodunit? With this creative idea, you can make each costume unique while coordinating with the other Clue characters in your group.

For your costumes to be instantly recognizable, look for bright clothes in bold colours that match the iconic look of these board game figures. Think tuxedos and velvet dresses for Colonel Mustard and Miss Scarlet, long tweed coats for Professor Plum and Mrs. White, as well as hunting attire for Mr. Green. Accessorize with hats, wigs, fake cigars or pipes to capture a more detailed version of each character’s identity. Use exaggerated gestures and mannerisms to complete these looks. With these pieces put together, your friends will be able easily spot the four main players from Clue – Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Professor Plum and Mrs White! You might even opt to go fancy and share one large top hat amongst all members ” now that’s being creative with a touch of mystery!


The Notorious six, the most popular characters from the beloved Clue Board Game, have become iconic figures of mystery and deduction. They bring with them their own unique sense of style and fashion that is inspired by the Victorian and Edwardian eras. Each character comes with a costume that perfectly reflects their traits: Mrs. Peacock wears an elegant purple gown; Miss Scarlett sports a racy red dress; Mr. Green dons a green hunting coat; Mrs. White rocks a white bonnet; Professor Plum sports pink tweed suit, while Colonel Mustard takes to the streets in his classic yellow uniform. Fans of Clue can now dress up as their favorite characters with costumes that accurately reflect each one’s characteristics. With detailed costumes including vintage-style hats, parasols, and masks, you can be sure to make your party really come alive! So put on your disguises and join in the fun at Clue’s next big gathering!

Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlet is one of the original characters in the classic board game Clue. Her costume is simple but chic: a red dress and matching red accessories. She wears her hair in an updo, complete with large pearl earrings. The finishing touch to her ensemble is a set of long white opera gloves, creating a truly stunning look with a flair for sophistication. To truly replicate the look of Miss Scarlet, consider accessorizing with a vintage handbag and completing the look with some crystal jewelry or other elegant details. For added drama, top off the whole outfit with an ornate antique hat or bejeweled hair clip. With this Miss Scarlet costume, you’ll be sure to draw plenty of admiration!

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Professor Plum

Professor Plum is an iconic character from the classic Clue board game. With his signature glasses, tweed jacket and signature tie, he is a perfect representation of a bygone era of sophisticated creativity. He is often seen wearing bright colors with bold patterns that are sure to make him stand out when playing the game with friends or family. Professor Plum costumes can be found for adults, teens, and children so everyone can dress up as this beloved character for a night of mystery. Whether you are attending a costume party or just looking to have some fun at home during your next game night, Professor Plum style will help you bring the excitement to life!

Colonel Mustard

Colonel Mustard is an iconic character in the Clue Board Game. He is confidently dressed, wearing a classic yellow mustard-colored costume that is complemented with a top hat and bow tie. His shoulder pads and overcoat add a touch of sophistication to his look, indicating that he is someone who takes charge and demands respect. He strides into the room with a swaggering energy, ready to take on any challenge that comes his way. With his unwavering confidence and sharp intellect, he will use any means necessary to find out the killer’s identity before anyone else does. He may even be willing to go as far as putting himself in danger just for the chance at solving this puzzling case and claiming victory for himself.

Mrs. White

Mrs. White from the classic board game Clue is always known for her elegance and spiritual nature. With her costume, it’s easy to bring this mysterious character to life for Halloween or cosplay. The classic look for Mrs. White usually includes a white blouse with black trim and a long skirt, preferably full-length”a nod to the true nature of Mrs. White’s sartorial style. Complete the outfit with plenty of pearls or diamonds and a signature cardigan in either light blue or muted pink”the perfect accessory for solving any crime! Add some pumps and an oversized purse, and you’re set! Don’t forget that Mrs. White is known for her unique strength amidst chaos”so make sure you show off your secret strength with all your accessories! Showcase your beauty, grace, and resilience wherever you go as Mrs. White this season!

Mr. Green

Mr. Green is a classic character from the iconic Clue board game. Often depicted as a well-dressed British gentleman, Mr. Green typically wears an immaculate suit complete with a waistcoat, sometimes accompanied with a top hat and cape to add an extra touch of class. Described as ‘clever and charming’, he exudes style, charisma and confidence ” as any respectable English gentleman should. Adding some subtle yet elegant accessories for a finishing touch is also advised; think pocket watch or eye glasses. If you can nail this look down correctly then you will no doubt be commanding any room you enter!

Mrs. Peacock

Mrs. Peacock is a colorful character in the classic board game, Clue. She’s known for having a spunky sass to her, and she likes to make a statement with her fashion choices. She often wears an extravagant ensemble consisting of bright colors and exaggerated patterns paired with flashy jewelry. Her fanciful costumes usually contain touches of feathers, lace or velvet which add to her dramatic look. From feathered headpieces to flamboyant gowns, Mrs. Peacock isn’t afraid to step outside of the traditional fashion box. She might even show up at your next game night wearing her signature all-white suit that features a cape and wide-brimmed hat! Mrs. Peacock knows how to have fun while capturing everyone’s attention with her funky style!

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Designing a Custom Look with a Blend of Clue Character Costumes

Designing your own costume inspired by classic Clue boardgame characters can be a fun way to get creative and make an unforgettable impression at a Halloween or costume party. Start with the basics: find a well-fitting dress shirt, trousers, and blazer in muted colors such as grey, burgundy, or forest green. Top these off with some fun accessories such as plaid suspenders, bow ties, scarves, or neckerchiefs for additional style points. Alternatively you could go for a flashy flamboyant look and opt for sequins, velour jackets and patterned shirts! Be sure to pick up a coordinating wig or hat to complete the ensemble. Now that you have the base of your look sorted out it’s time to accessorize! Adding in items that help create one of the iconic clue boardgame characters is easy; consider adding some faux weapons like axes and knives as props for Professor Plum or Colonel Mustard or add pearls and pocket squares for Miss Scarlet. With just a little bit of effort you will have created an eye catching custom costume that pays homage to one (or more) of your favorite characters!


Engaging in roleplay can be a great way to have fun and provide entertainment at any costumed event. By drawing inspiration from popular characters in the Clue board game, guests can engage in a unique dress-up experience that is sure to leave lasting impressions. To ensure that all participants make the most memorable entrance, provide favors such as wigs and props inspired by the iconic Clue characters. Whether you choose to mimic Miss Scarlet’s red gown or Professor Plum’s tweed suit coat, there is no wrong way to authentically embody these beloved characters. Give your next costumed event a clue-worthy performance that everyone will remember!

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