Can You Leave A Board Game In Ahot Car


It is true that board games can be left in hot cars, but there are certain things to consider first. Board games that contain paper or other delicate components are more likely to deteriorate when exposed to extreme temperatures for long periods of time. Heat can cause pieces to warp or even melt. Also, some board game boards may fade or lose its texture when exposed to too much sunshine.

Higher grade materials tend to be more resistant and less likely to suffer from damage due to heat and sunlight. Though this may cost a bit more money up front, it ensures the longevity of the game if you plan on traveling with it often. You should also check the instructions manual for any special care instructions since some games require special storage conditions. If a game is sealed in plastic wrap, it may offer some protection from heat and moisture. Doing this also keeps out dust and debris which could contaminate the game’s components.

Temperature Hazards

Board games generally contain a variety of materials, from plastic and cardboard to metal pieces, magnets and even batteries. As such, leaving a board game in a hot car has various temperature hazards that can have an adverse effect on the materials over time. Plastic will become brittle if left in temperatures above 160°F, while paper components such as cardstock may become warped or discolored. Metal pieces may also be vulnerable and subject to oxidation due to the high temperatures inside hot cars. Furthermore, exposure to temperatures above 200°F can cause lithium-ion batteries to vent, causing corrosion and potential personal injury. Therefore, it is generally not recommended to leave a board game in a hot car for any extended period of time.

Parts at Risk

It is not advisable to leave a board game in a hot car, or any other vehicle or area with temperatures that may exceed 80°F – 85°F. This can cause damage to the components of the game.

The cardboard pieces such as the game board, tokens and cards can warp due to excessive heat exposure and will ultimately be unusable. The shrink wrap plastic and other packaging materials, if not removed prior to exposure, could also melt. Additionally, some board games have electronic components such as screens, movement elements, and sound systems that will malfunction if subjected to these extreme temperatures. All these parts may become irreparable after being exposed to the high temperature for an extended amount of time.

Additionally, certain glues used for manufacturing the game pieces and boxes can start dissolving if left in a hot car for too long leading them to detach from their respective places thus rendering the game useless. Wooden components within a board game can swell, distort or even separate from each other due to prolonged heat exposure, whereas metal materials typically rust more easily when kept in such conditions. If a board game contains magnets made from iron those too may lose integrity due to heat causing them to break apart or even stick permanently together thereby becoming unusable.

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Finally many board games contain invisible ink markers or paper money which will fade over time should it sit for too long in extreme temperatures like those found inside a hot car. Furthermore should there be any liquids involved within the gameplay they could evaporate completely or even potentially spill if left out in direct sunlight with intense heat making them unsuitable for use as well.

Damages to Watch For

High temperature exposure can cause a variety of damages to a board game, depending on the materials and components that make up the game. Warping may occur in boards made of plastic or other bendable materials, causing them to curve or bow out of shape. Paint may start to fade or crack when exposed to excessive heat. Cardboard cutouts printed with illustrations and instructions may become brittle over time due to high temperatures, leading to easily torn pages or sections. Magnets used in some games will become softened and lose their strength when heated, making pieces unsecured and prone to shifting during gameplay. Excessive heat exposure can also affect dice being used as gaming pieces; they may soften or even melt from the extreme temperatures. Plaster models, figurines, and painted pieces used for miniatures are most vulnerable to warping or cracking when exposed for extended amounts of time. Finally, any digital components such as batteries will not be able to handle longterm exposure to high temperatures, adding unnecessary strain that could ultimately lead to permanent damage.

Computer Games vs Board Games

When it comes to leaving board games in hot cars, the best advice is to not do it. Heat and humidity can be very damaging to game pieces and could lead to damage or discoloration of cards, warped boards, and cracked plastic game pieces. Heat can also reduce the longevity of foam or cork components used in modern board games.

On the other hand, computer and video games usually handle higher temperatures better than physical board games. Electronic components are often present in most consoles and computers, meaning they are designed to withstand a range of temperatures without any major problems. However, caution should still be taken when leaving any electronics exposed to extreme temperatures for a prolonged period as screen burning or graphics distortion may occur if heated up too much over time.

Prevention and Solutions

Prevention: It is not recommended to leave board games in a hot car. Heat and humidity can cause irreparable damage or warp the game components, such as pieces and boards. To avoid this, store your board games in air conditioned rooms or places where temperature and humidity are controlled. If that is not possible, you can purchase sealable plastic storage bags to keep your board games from being exposed to humidity or extreme temperatures. It is also important to refrain from using direct sunlight when storing your board games as this can cause them to deteriorate quickly.

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Solutions: If your board game has already been damaged due to extreme heat, there are certain steps you can take in order to attempt repairs. For example, if the game pieces have warped, try placing heavy books on top of them overnight ” this may help them flatten out again. You can also use wooden blocks placed between any warped boards that connect the game pieces together ” the blocks will help hold the boards up straight while they cool off so they won’t move around too much while they’re being cooled off. Additionally, you can use a soft cloth with some rubbing alcohol on it to wipe down any surfaces that have become sticky due to excessive heat in order for them to be usable again.


Most people don’t realize how damaging the heat of a hot car can be to a board game. Many families may unknowingly put their favorite board game at risk when they store it in a scorching-hot car on a summer day. It’s important to raise awareness about this hidden danger by educating others on the potential harm that extreme temperatures can cause. By talking with friends and family members about the risks, we can all spread the word to make sure no one unintentionally damages their board games due to extreme temperatures. It’s also important for everyone to consider the location of where their board games are stored, taking into account the weather conditions before storing them within the vehicle. When possible, try to keep your games out of direct sunlight and limit exposure from vehicles during hotter times of day or year. Taking these precautions will help ensure your board games are protected and last for many years!


It is not recommended to leave a board game in a hot car for extended periods of time as this could cause damage to the pieces and game boards. Heat, humidity and sun exposure can warp or melt the plastic pieces, making them impossible to use. Hot temperatures also encourage mold growth which can ruin cards and other intricate parts of a board game. To avoid these damages, always store board games in an air-conditioned space and consider purchasing a heat-resistant carrying case if you plan on storing it in your car during trips. Taking the necessary precautions will ensure the longevity of your favorite board game and keep it playable for years of enjoyment.

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