Can’t Stop Board Game Rules


Cant Stop is a classic board game that captures the excitement of exploration and risk-taking. The goal is to be the first person to successfully capture three out of four “summits”. Each side of the board features 4 colors, each corresponding to a mountain peak in varying levels of difficulty. The game starts by rolling two dice and the players must make their way up the highest summit possible on their turn, depending on how many dice they roll and how far they can go with each number rolled.

In order to successfully reach a summit, players have to earn points by landing on each color leading up to it in succession. For instance, if a player rolls 8 and lands on a yellow (which is one stop before the topmost orange), they must acquire 3 points from descending from that same color back down or from other paths in order for them to collect their reward at the summit. If another player beats them up there, then they have another chance – but only one more! If a player succeeds in reaching this third summit, they win the game!

The rules for Cant Stop are fairly straightforward and simple enough for children to understand. It adds an extra layer of challenge by forcing players to strategically plan ahead as they navigate their way around each center column on the board. Further increasing complexity is the fact that players don’t get any second chances if they fail; once they’ve made it up a mountain peak, if someone else beats them there first or fails when attempting same route again later on, then its game over for them! Plus there’s always an element of luck involved due to randomness of rolling dice which can cause some exciting last minute races for victory! Inviting friends or family over for an evening filled with “I can do this” moments makes Can’t Stop even more enjoyable; countless hours have already been spent playing and enjoying this fantastic game since it was introduced back in 1980s!


Can’t Stop is a fun and challenging dice game for two to four players. The goal is to get all four of your markers across the board before any of your opponents can. Plays take turns rolling six dice, trying to reach target numbers that correspond with each column on the board. If they don’t make it, they “Can’t Stop!” and must forfeit their turn. Once you’ve made it across in four columns, you win the game!

Gameplay – How To Play

To begin Can’t Stop, each player takes two colored markers and places them at the bottom of each of the columns on the board. Players then take turns rolling all six dice at once and then setting aside any combination of those six dice that add up to specific target numbers on the board between 4 and 10. Players can roll multiple times on each turn in order to try to reach targets. For instance, if a player rolls seven, five, three and one then they can make two sets; four-three for seven or five-two for seven as well as five-one for six.

When a player has reached their desired target number they move one marker along to that corresponding space on their own column which indicates they have achieved that number with their die roll. If they fail to achieve any targets with their roll before deciding “Can’t Stop” they forfeit their turn automatically at that point without moving any pieces. The game continues until one player successfully moves all four markers across the board and reaches the end first thereby winning the game!

Preparing to Play

Can’t Stop is a simple game of chance and strategy that consists of four dice, two color-coded sets of tubes, 21 markers, an instruction book, and a game board. Before you can begin playing the game, you need to assemble the components.

To assemble the pieces and set up the game:
1) Open the instruction book and determine which color-coded tubes belong together; these tubes form one set. Then place the unused set to one side.
2) Put all four dice inside one of the tubes then secure them with the lid. This tube contains all your dice for play.
3) Gather up all 21 markers in each players’ chosen colors, placing them near (but not on) their respective starting points on the gameboard–or plateaus–based on how many players there are (two to four).
4) Separate out eight markers according to color per belonging to each player. Each player will place this set of eight markers in front of him/her for use during play as needed (markers can be moved around freely).
5) Place remaining 13 markers into Free Point containers above each pre-established Finishing Point (Top or Bottom Plateau space). Now your setup is complete, which means it’s time to start playing Can’t Stop!

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Playing the Game

To win the Can’t Stop board game, players must choose the most advantageous combination of the dice outcomes that come out of their roll. When a player rolls a pair of dice, they look for possible opportunities to travel around the board and advance to higher spaces in order to lower their chances of being blocked by opponents. A successful player will quickly identify good opportunities as soon as they see a good roll and jump on it.

When playing Can’t Stop, it is important to understand that risk and reward must be managed wisely. Taking too many risks can leave your pieces stranded with no way to progress. On the other hand, not taking risks can mean missing out on rewards if you are conservative with your moves. As such, players should focus on taking strategic calculated risks that will increase their odds of success while avoiding overly aggressive strategies that could potentially cause problems further down the line.

Another important strategy to winning in Can’t Stop is to pay attention to the moves your opponents are making and how those moves might affect your chances for success. Anticipating what opponents will do helps you plan ahead for areas of potential conflict or advantage. Additionally, working together with other players when possible can provide benefits for all involved parties and increase your odds for collective success as you work together toward reaching finish lines sooner rather than later. Finally, managing resources well is critical because if all your die options are used up, then there is no chance at escaping from an entrenched spot or advancing forward in a timely manner.

Interactive Experience

Can’t Stop is an exciting board game that encourages players to try their luck and become world-renowned as a master of strategy. The game itself is quite simple and easy to learn, but can still provide an intense challenge for those players who wish to prove their skills in the realm of board gaming.

To play Can’t Stop, each player chooses two out of four colored dice; the red, blue, yellow and green. The goal of the game is to be the first player to move all three pieces along the “Can’t Stop” track before everyone else. To begin each turn, a player must roll both dice they have chosen. The value counted from each pair will correspond with its place on the track. The numbers can be added together across dice rolls or split between different tracks, but must always add up to the same total numbers given originally on both dice pairs rolled.

If a player chooses higher than nine on either die then they have landed their piece on one of four satellites at the end of their track – this where they will remain until their next roll as no more progress can be made at this point. However, it should also be noted that landing on any of these satellite points allows for bonus moves if another number is rolled corresponding with a feasible rest point that hasn’t already been conquered by a fellow player! If your piece has already traveled around the entire track (reaching sixty) without ever passing up any station it guarantees you victory – so long as you don’t land upon any satellites and pick up bonus points!

In addition to regular turns and maneuvering around each track there are also two additional rules which vary depending on how many rounds have been played. In short: after six rounds have been completed every turn taken is given double points while if an eighth round is reached then exactly three points must always be used per turn thereafter – regardless of what other strategic decisions may be desired by participating parties!

Overall Can’t Stop provides hours of engaging tactical entertainment for families and friends alike – allowing them to have friendly competition (or serious battle!) against one another while counting angles and building strategies in order to claim glorious victory over the well-crafted battlefield. From testing wit against fate when rolling dice all relying down destiny path chosen through alternating turns towards final end point – Can’t Stop remains a classic among many pastime circle favorites… even today!

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Advanced Strategies

If you’re playing CantStop, it pays to have a strategic mindset and be prepared for some tough competition. There are several basic tips to help improve your chances of winning:

* Pay Attention towards the Dice: When trying to decide which dice combinations to work with, pay close attention to what is available. It is beneficial to think ahead and strategize in order to maximize the points associated with any given roll. Doing so can help increase your score significantly.

* Decide Your Plan of Attack: If a certain combination of numbers can net you lots of points, be sure to try and go for it. Knowing how many dice you need in order to reach a certain total number is key here – make sure you’re aiming high enough without overshooting it on each turn!

* Aim For Controlled Expansion: While being able to move quickly can be beneficial, it can also lead to disaster if everything gets cut off at once. Therefore, learn from pro gamers by gradually advancing your claim area instead of making risky advances that could easily get blocked off by an opponent.

* Make Use of Restarts: Dumping all your turn’s scores after their entirety has been revealed or assigning all your dice as restarts gives you one more step towards victory. Doing this allows for easier access into double-sixes territory which increases your odds significantly as long as you save up a few restarts for when things get tough.

Game Variations

Once you have a basic understanding of the Can’t Stop board game rules, there are different ways you can vary and spice up your game play.

One variation is to assign each opponent numbers, or other symbols that represent their rolls based on dice colors. The objective in this version is for the opponent with the highest total dice points at the end of the game to win.

Another variation is to include bonuses where if a player obtains double sixes from two separate dice rolls, they earn an extra point or bonus. This reward can apply throughout the entirety of by taking turns until all players have used their allotted turns and the round has ended.

A third variation includes removing one pair of fours and fives from each die for increased difficulty in rolling those specific sums throughout the entirety of game play. This can make it more difficult for players to roll certain combos as blanks are also removed so that physically cannot be rolled by opponents.

Players may also combine all three listed variations into one intense game while still adhering to traditional Can’t Stop board game rules – making it more competitive and challenging than ever before!


Cant Stop is a classic game that is easy to learn and creates an enjoyable experience for people of all ages. It emphasizes strategy, risk management, and counting ” making it an excellent activity to do with friends or family. Additionally, there are countless versions of the game that can be downloaded as apps for even more enjoyment. Overall, Cant Stop board game rules are simple yet effective, creating a fun blend of strategy and chance”surely one of its main appeals!

As you continue playing Cant Stop board game, you may find additional strategies that can further refine your skills. Improve your chances by using a variety of tactics such as manipulating the odds by rolling only certain dice combinations or teaming up with another player to secure desired destinations first. Also strategize about when it’s best to stop advancing and when not to because one last roll could bring great success or major failure. Whatever route you choose to go with this classic game; fun is guaranteed!

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