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The Capone Board Game is a fast-paced strategy game designed to recreate the spectacular era of prohibition Chicago. Players can become organized crime bosses and compete for dominance by managing cartels, poaching turf from competing mobs, hiring goons and racketeers and attempting big heists. By using diplomacy and power players can gain wealth, prestige and ultimately victory.

The game offers intense round-based competition that mixes card play with board movement attention. Players choose a mob family and place their Gangsters on the board in order to further their own agendas. As the game progresses, players must make choices on how they will allocate their money, create illegal business fronts, advance social standing and fend off rivals while trying to achieve their own personal goals. In addition to intense strategy components, there are also lighthearted elements including the ability to bribe officials or even hire hitmen in order to further your own schemes! The game offers heavy replayability due to its ever changing scenarios and random events. With fun backstories for each mob family (including references to famous crime figures like Al Capone), it’s not only a challenging experience but also full of charming characterizations that bring life into this Prohibition setting.

Rules and Objectives

Objective: Be the first player to build a portfolio of 3 companies


• Each player takes four cards, two tiles and $20 start money
• Shuffle cards and form three stacks with 4 face-down cards in each stack
• Deal one face up tile to each player
• Place all remaining tiles between players (middle deck)
• Draw 3×3 extra squares on the table surface and place them crosswise

• Roll 2 dice to determine turn order
• Starting from the left of the rolled number (clockwise) take turns buying stocks and tiles. Each stock may only be bought once
• When a piece is purchased, place it on your portfolio grid next to your company cards
• Stock prices go up when other players purchase adjacent pieces
• When you reach $0, you cannot buy anymore stocks
• When all pieces are purchased, calculate who has greatest value portfolio in their grid by adding their respective stocks’ values
• The Highest total wins the game!

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Strategy and Tips

The Capone Board Game is a great game for strategy lovers. It involves forming, maintaining, and growing all sorts of criminal enterprises using bootlegging and racketeering. Here are some tips to use when playing the game:

• Choose wisely: Each decision you make should be strategic. When deciding which enterprise to focus on, consider its income potential, the resources it requires, and how easy it is to expand it. And look down the road”what cards could come up early in the game that would give you an advantage later?

• Adapt with the times: The game board changes throughout play. Be aware of any changes”changes in which cards are in play, player strategies, new acquisitions or actions might have taken place”and adjust your current approach accordingly.

• Leverage resources: Consider different assets as you decide where to invest”money can run out quickly! Properties like Barbershops and Gambling Dens are good investments if placed properly; however don’t forget about political connections (through Political Connections Cards) and access to Transport such as Barges, Boats and Railroads necessary to build profitable trading networks.

• Think two moves ahead: An essential part of playing Capone is predicting how other players will react to what you do each turn. By assessing each situation from multiple angles before taking an action, you can both anticipate other players’ strategies and create more opportunities for yourself.

• Stay flexible: Be prepared for sudden changes in strategy mid-game; sometimes a particular strategy may be working better than you had anticipated and creating entirely new possibilities that weren’t there when you first laid out your plan at the beginning of play!

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Capone is a strategic board game set in Prohibition-era Chicago of the roaring 1920s. This game challenges players to become gangsters as they compete to own and operate speakeasies, breweries, and other illicit businesses. The goal of the game is to collect the most money from these establishments and have the least amount of debt by the end.

Capone can be purchased online or at retailers across the US and Canada. With each purchase comes 1 double-sided game board, 55 Money Cards, 25 Goods & Services cards, 1 Rule Booklet and 4 Game Reference Sheets. Optional accessories such asplaymatsto help keep components organized during play and custom metal coins are also available for additional purchase. These accessories can help enhance gameplay because they add more organization and a more realistic aesthetic than standard paper money provides. All in all, Capone provides an immersive gaming experience with unique mechanics inspired by a fascinating era in American history.

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