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When I was a kid, my friends and I would play the Cat Lady Board Game until late in the night. It was often so thrilling and exciting that even after we finished playing, we would make up our own funny stories about what happened during the game. One particular evening, we ended up in a standoff between two cats – Bobcat and Snowbank – who were trying to outsmart each other by gathering more cats for their team. After back and forth bluffing, Bobcat eventually won with a crowd of over 20 furry felines! Aided by his trusted sidekicks Cutie Pie and Mischief, Bobcat named himself king of all the cats and forever earned our pride as ‘the one true Cat Lady’.

Overview of Features

Cat Lady is a fun, family-friendly card game that allows players to take on the role of a charming cat lady (or gentleman) who has access to the cutest cats in town. The goal of the game is to score points by taking care of cats and stocking up on the best items for them.

The game components include a game board, 4 decks of cards (paws deck, beds deck, bowls deck and food deck), 40 tokens (20 shelters, 5 stores and 15 warm spots), playing pieces (4 meeples representing the 4 players) and a die.

To begin play each player takes one meeple piece and places it at start on the board. Each player then draws 3 cards from each of their respective decks to form their starting hand of 12 cards. On each turn, players can use various strategies to gain resources”such as shelter tokens and store tokens”or new cards by rolling the die. Players can also play action cards or acquire food to give 1 point per food card played.

Once acquired or used, resources or cards are either placed into an individual stockpile pile or added directly to the character’s hand–depending upon the type of card acquired or used in play. During a turn when it’s a player’s turn they can also move around on the board by rolling the die and accordingly count off spaces along with what kind of resource, space or building was acquired/visited–along with for instance if triggering any special events along with way leading up until any player reaches ‘end’ opposite from where they originally started at start within gaining points from all appropriately collected items & tokens gathered along their journey through within this dice-driven journey simulating life as one with cats!

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Players earn points for having kittens (1 point per kitten acquired), sleeping cats (+2 points) and flea free cats (+1 point). The first player who reaches 20 points wins!

Benefits of Playing

The Cat Lady Board Game offers a variety of benefits beyond the ones outlined in its description. Playing encourages strategy-making, problem solving and critical thinking, as well as fostering bonding with family and friends. It also helps to hone one’s mental acumen, problem-solving skills, and social skills, expanding it further if played in groups. The game also provides a stress relief for its players due to the humorous elements within it. On top of all these great benefits, playing Cat Lady Board Game can help increase empathy towards cats amongst its players too!

Gameplay Experience

Cat Lady is a fun and engaging board game that offers players the chance to come together and build a cattery of cats. Players take turns rolling the dice and collecting the necessary items – such as food, cats, toys, and vet visits – by landing on specific squares. As they build their cattery, players can share stories about their own cats, experience special events related to feline caretaking and complete bonus challenges for extra points.

To give readers a realistic view of the game in action, video or audio clips from people playing Cat Lady can be introduced. The clips can show individuals interacting with each other as they go around the board, sharing stories about their cats or laughing at surprising occurrences during Vet visits. This helps readers visualize what it’s like to play the game and gain an appreciation for just how enjoyable the Cat Lady experience is!

Critical Reviews

IGN: Cat Lady is a fun and lighthearted game that engaged players on their way to becoming the top “cat lady”. The game offers many diverse strategies, making every game unique and giving it replay value. The entertaining mechanics create a memorable experience for any party.

Polygon: Cat Lady is an clever and whimsical card game that’s easy to learn but always remains unpredictable. Players collect cats in order to be crowned the ultimate “cat lady”! It provides endless laughter and joy while competing with other players to becomethe ultimate pet collector.

BoardGameGeek: Cat Lady is a modern take on the classic cat collecting card game, which has timeless appeal with its vibrant art style, intuitive mix of mechanics, and hilarious scenarios. It’s sure to offer hours of family fun for everyone at the table!

How Board Games Are Created

RockPaperShotgun: Cat Lady is a lively card game designed to bring out your inner feline fanaticism! This fast-paced competitive free-for-all will engage players of all levels as they race around the city in search of furry friends to adopt. Collecting matching sets of cats will push your luck as you attempt to outwit opponents who may steal your kittens along the way!

Why You Should Buy

The Cat Lady Board Game is an innovative and unique game that offers hours of fun for cat lovers. It features a simple, card-based design and easy-to-follow rules, making it suitable for both adults and kids alike. Additionally, the game contains dozens of cards featuring beautiful artwork of cats in various settings such as lounging on a pile of books, playing with balls of yarn, snuggling up in blankets, or perched atop a shelf. Finally, the game also has special bonus cards which could grant players extra points throughout the game – adding even more excitement to each experience!

So, why should you buy this game over other similarly priced ones on the market? Firstly, the clear and concise rules make it easier for young gamers to understand quickly – meaning everyone can get involved quickly in the fun. Secondly, it provides endless replayability thanks to its plethora of cards featuring different cats; as no two games will ever play out exactly the same way due to which cats appear within them. Also, all these beautifully designed card artworks will bring joy and entertainment inside your home – giving people something pretty to look at while they wait their turn. Ultimately, Cat Lady Board Game is an affordable and entertaining game that brings together friends, family members or even strangers through its lighthearted theme – encouraging laughter in an otherwise mundane day.


Q: How much does the Cat Lady board game cost?
A: The Cat Lady board game costs around $35 USD.

Q: Where can I buy the Cat Lady board game?
A: The Cat Lady board game is available to purchase online at major retailers such as Amazon and Target.

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