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Cherry Board Game is a strategy board game for two to four players. It belongs to the mixed-strategy genre of board games, which focus on using strategy and wit with a touch of luck. What makes Cherry Board Game unique among mixed-strategy games is its use of dice ” given that other games in this genre typically rely on cards, tokens or tiles rather than dice. The use of dice grants an element of unpredictability that those who play strategy board games crave, allowing them to come up with optimal strategies based on their rolls. Additionally, the board itself is designed in such a way that it encourages tactical positioning and movement; as you progress through the game, your decisions must become more strategic yet remain fluid in order to outwit your opponents. By combining elements found in traditional board games such as Risk or Stratego with dice and contemporary gameplay mechanics, Cherry Board Game offers an engaging experience that both experienced gamers and newcomers will enjoy.


The Cherry Board Game is a card game that was created by Vincent Yiu and Kelly Bise, both working at Noodlecake Studios. It was initially conceived as a short project during their free time while they were both employed at the company. After receiving positive feedback from friends who tried it out, they eventually decided to pitch the idea of making the game into an official product to the team at Noodlecake Studios. After some asking around for information and advice, Kelly began developing artwork for the cards whilst Vincent focused on creating rules for the game and refining precursors to its mechanics.

Noodlecake Studios fully supported their project and provided full funding, allowing them to create ten different decks in just two months. After taking it to numerous conventions and pitching it to potential distributors, their project finally became official with Asmodee’s distribution chain reaching all over North America. Initially released with ten decks in August 2019, demand for the game skyrocketed soon after its launch which prompted Cherry’s expansion into new markets in 2020. The game has become popular among children, teens, adults and hobby gamers alike due to its simple and accessible mechanics.


Cherry Board Game is an exciting strategy game, where players must use cunning and tactical play to outwit their opponents. Players take turns placing pieces in order to move closer to the goal, trying to block their opponents from achieving the same. The shorter their route, the faster they’ll reach their goal and win the game. With an ever-changing maze of goals and obstacles, players will need to be constantly calculating their moves throughout the game. As each turn progresses a new twist or challenge emerges that can easily change all plans for success. With an element of surprise at every turn, no two games will ever be alike and players must often think outside of the box in order to outsmart their opposition.

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Cherry Board Game is a cooperative strategy game for 2-4 players ages 8 and up. Players work together to harvest cherries from trees in their garden in order to meet the needs of customers and make money.

Players must use strategic play and efficient roll dice mechanics in order to increase their chances of collecting as many cherries as possible, before the time runs out! Throughout the game, players can also upgrade their equipment, expand their gardens, hire helpers and purchase fruit baskets. The components of the game include:

• 2 Wooden Dice – Used to calculate how many cherries each player harvests each turn.

• 4 Gardener / Farmer Tokens – Used by each player to strategically move around the board.
• 6 Customer Cards – Used to determine which type of cherry is being requested by customers and how much they are willing to pay.
• 16 Upgrade Cards – Used by players to collect preferred fruits or decrease negative events/outcomes.
• 54 Harvest Cards – Representing unharvested cherries that are waiting to be picked up; also used for scoring purposes.
• 5 Fruit Trees – Representing cherries on bushes which can deplete during gameplay; also included for scoring purposes.

• 40 Money Tokens – Used for purchasing upgrades (such as more efficient Farming Equipment) throughout the game.

• 1 Rule Booklet with Video Tutorials – Explaining all essential rules needed for playing Cherry Board Game efficiently, including a comprehensive video tutorial with visuals and explanations to help provide an optimal gaming environment for all players involved!

Cost and Availability

The Cherry Board Game is currently available for purchase online and in select stores. The price of the game depends on which version you choose. For example, the Basic Edition is currently priced at $24.99 while the Deluxe Edition costs $49.99.

Consumers interested in purchasing a Cherry Board Game set can take advantage of promotional deals and discounts offered on various websites and retailers. Currently, Amazon is offering 25% off the Deluxe Edition when combined with other eligible items in an order totaling over $50. Additionally, Walmart store shoppers can enjoy an exclusive 10% discount on select editions of the Cherry Board Game when presented with their online coupon code at checkout. Customers who purchase directly from the website may also enjoy free shipping or high priority shipping for orders over $75.


Video Review:

The YouTube channel Board Game Gumbo recently released a video review of Cherry, a two-player strategy game designed by Denmark-based designer Tim Emond. In this review, the host described the game as an abstract game that “feels very tactical and thematic” with surprisingly deep gameplay. According to the reviewer, the game’s rules are simple enough for new players to get into right away, yet complex enough to keep experienced gamers entertained. Throughout the fourteen minute review, he explains how each player can strategically move their pieces around the board while attempting to score points by connecting cherry blossoms together before their opponent. He concluded the video by offering his thoughts on whether or not Cherry is worth adding to your library.

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Third-Party Review:

Cardboard Republic gave Cherry an overall favorable review after playing it at Gen Con in 2017. The publication praised its minimalist art style and short playtime, which they stated make it great for quick arounds of play or as an introduction for newcomers, although veteran strategy gamers were still noted to get something from it too. They appreciate how Emond managed to make simultaneous turns seem simpler than many other titles in its family of strategic games without diminishing any part of its complexity. The reviewer concluded that even though Cherry may not be for everyone due to its economic design and occasional luck factor, it does offer a highly replayable experience filled with tense moments and interesting decisions as you attempt to connect more cherry trees than your opponent.


There are several possible variations of the Cherry Board Game that can be played. One variation is to set a fixed number of rounds and award points for each correct answer. A second variation is to make up questions about a particular topic, such as geography or history, which players must answer. A third variation is for players to make their own rules, such as deciding how many pieces each player can move per turn or awarding bonus points for certain answers. Another fun variation is speed rounds, where teams compete to answer the most question in the shortest amount of time. Finally, a creative touch might be added by having players decorate their game boards with items or pictures that they find meaningful or enjoyable!


The Cherry Board Game is an exciting and unique new addition to the world of strategic board games, combining party-style antics with deceptively deep strategy. Perfect for both family game night as well as a head-to-head battle between experienced gamers, Cherry takes all the classic elements of adventure and adds an exciting twist that makes it stand out from more traditional board games. Offering dynamic playlengths, challenge levels, and multiple scoring mechanisms, it always feels like you’re playing a different game! Make sure to check out this unique and challenging game, available now at your local gaming store or online retailer.

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