Christina Board Game Barrage

Introduction to Christina Board Game Barrage

Christina Board Game Barrage is a unique board game lounge that has recently been established in the heart of downtown Vancouver. Founded by two passionate gamers, Christina and Stanley Smith, the bar combines their expertise in game design, supply chain management and customer service to ensure an unparalleled gaming experience for anyone who visits. The lounge holds a variety of classic tabletop games imported from all over the world as well as some of the latest new digital releases. Customers can also buy food and drinks at the bar which are specially catered by local vendors. With monthly subscription deals and regular gaming tournaments, this is sure to be a hit among avid gamers across Canada.

Outstanding Features

Christina Board Game Barrage is a unique bar experience that offers an impressive selection of board and card games, along with delicious drinks and snacks. Many customers find the game selection diverse, offering something for everyone whether they have experience playing or not. The atmosphere is one of great fun, allowing people to relax, enjoy their time, and socialize with other players while playing games. The friendly staff are always available to help customers pick out the perfect game or explain any unfamiliar rules.

Customer reviews of Christina Board Game Barrage focus on how engaging the atmosphere is, how detailed the game selection is and how helpful the staff are in assisting gamers new and old. Those who have visited highlight how easy it is to find a good quality game that can be enjoyed by all playing levels from experienced veterans to first-time gamers alike. Feedback particularly praises the fantastic mission behind this business — connecting like-minded people who share a passion for board gaming in an environment where everyone feels safe, accepted and welcome without judgement. In addition, many customers review the truly memorable experiences made all possible due to this unique bar, making it clear just why many come back again and again!

Popular Games

At Christina Board Game Barrage, guests can have an unforgettable experience as they explore the world of board games. Some popular games include classics like Scrabble and Chess, strategy games such as Settlers of Catan and Pandemic, or exciting party games like Say Anything and Wits & Wagers. Guests rave about their experiences while playing these unique board games. One visitor said that “playing the ever-changing Settlers of Catan is a great way to engage with friends and family” while another guest praised the game Wits & Wagers, saying that it was “a riot of fun and laughter.” Other visitors shared how they were able to get lost in rich stories while playing Betrayal at House on The Hill or Terraforming Mars. It is no surprise why Christina Board Game Barrage has become one of the most popular hangouts around – with so many different types of board games available, there is something for everyone!

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Unique Game Experiences

Christina Board Game Barrage provides unique gaming experiences through collaborative and competitive social games. Many of these games require strategy, negotiation, and cooperation among the players, which can create a rewarding and exciting environment for everyone involved. For example, certain versions of Monopoly, Risk, Sequence, Codenames, Settlers of Catan, Dominion and Ticket To Ride—to name just a few—allow players to work together to achieve success or must outmaneuver opponents to gain victory. It is easy to find game rules online or through a local game store.

For those new to this type of gaming experience, some great starter recommendations include Telestrations (the phone word game) where players take turns drawing their team’s clue word on sketch boards; are rewarded with points when a teammate guesses correctly; Witness over-exaggerating deductions through player rendition drawings; and learn rousing deduction skills as they mesmerize themselves in this intuitive guessing game. Forbidden Island is a good family game — as much educational as it is exciting — in which cooperative play takes precedence over confrontational play as teams use strategy to keep their island from sinking into the sea. Additionally, Sheriff Of Nottingham mixes social interaction with strategic card play in an entertaining take on economic competition and bluffing as players vie for wealth in the bustling Tudor county of Britain. Finally Carcassonne’s rise-and-fall landscape themed tiles offer an ever changing playing field that requires clever strategy and encourages countless replayability made fun by being both simple enough for kids but involving enough for adults.


Christina Board Game Barrage offers weekly events at their Phoenix location. During these events, guests can play hundreds of board games while enjoying great food, beverages and the company of other board game enthusiasts. The bar also features a rotating cast of featured tabletop role playing games, such as Pathfinder and Dungeons & Dragons. Guests who wish to take part just need to pay a minimal fee for entry and access an expansive library of available card and board games for the entire evening.

Events offered at Christina Board Game Barrage are interactive and engaging. Every table has player aids that help newcomers understand how the game works quickly. Experienced players can be on hand to introduce the rules, explain practical strategies, or give a few helpful tips when needed. The environment is friendly and inviting, encouraging conversation among participants. Games are hosted throughout the evening with a different focus each week, such as all strategy games one night and quick life-action social party games the next. There’s even an impressive selection of online video game systems to keep exciting gaming going all night long!

Board Games Or Board Games

To help bring Christina Board Game Barrage’s events to life for readers, it may be beneficial to include images from past events in blogs or other marketing materials posted by the business or on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. This can provide viewers with a visual connection with past attendees and experiences from prior activities that will entice them to join current ones! Similarly, videos highlighting individual gaming experiences or focusing on some of their more popular offerings can be an effective way to let people know what they’re missing out on if they aren’t already attending Christina Board Game Barrage’s weekly events!

Drink Specials and Foodie Finds

At Christina Board Game Barrage, guests can enjoy an ever-rotating selection of unique craft beers and specialty cocktails to pair with their game night. From hazy hoppy IPAs to creamy oatmeal stouts, there’s something new to taste every visit. Those who prefer a mixed drink can explore a menu of house creations that are constantly being innovated and kept fresh by our passionate bar staff. No matter what type of adult beverage someone prefers, they will find it at Christina Board Game Barrage!

Those wanting to add some food in the mix can take advantage of Foodie Finds. Our kitchen is stocked with delicious snacks as well as heartier items such as sandwiches or pizzas for those looking for more sustenance. All of these options come made with the finest quality ingredients highlighting only the best flavors and tastes. Plus, we even have vegan-friendly and gluten-free dishes available so all types of diners can find something to indulge in on any given night!

Final Thoughts

Christina Board Game Barrage was a complete success! With an impressively varied selection of games and drinks, Christina Board Game Barrage is the perfect spot to kick back, relax and have some much-needed fun with your friends. The atmosphere and energy in the bar was incredible and it felt like an escape from the real world. All in all, if you’re looking for a night full of daring adventures, thrill-seeking puzzle solving, intense strategy battles and more, you can’t go wrong with visiting Christina Board Game Barrage. So don’t just take our word for it – come out and experience life at Christina Board Game Barrage. We guarantee that one visit will not be enough – lose yourself in this delightful assault on the senses today!

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