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The Catan Board Game is a highly popular strategic board game. It was designed by Klaus Teuber with the intention of enhancing social interaction and strategy between players. The game requires each player to work together to settle and build a colony on the fictional island of Catan. Players rely on the resources from their surroundings to create villages and cities, earn points, trade resources with other players, and strategically move for their desired victory. Completely customizable with basic creative strategies, Catan Board Game serves as an enjoyable pass time for any family or casual Merger group. Its popularity has soared since its debut over 25 years ago, as it remains one of the most critically acclaimed board games worldwide. With its perennial charm, straightforward rules, simple mechanics, and interesting dynamic between up to six players; it is truly ideal for anyone looking to experience a bit of friendly competition while having fun!

What is Catan?

Catan is a hugely popular board game that has been entertaining gamers of all ages since its release in 1995. It has sold more than 30 million copies worldwide, cementing its place as one of the best-selling board games ever made.

The game, often called Settlers of Catan or simply Catan, was created by Klaus Teuber and published by Kosmos Verlag and later Mayfair Games (in the USA). Its popularity has spawned various versions, adds-ons and spin-off titles. The main premise is simple: players compete to gain resources and build settlements on the tetrahedron island of Catan – each victory point bringing them closer to winning.

To play, 2 – 4 players start with two small settlements built on hexagonal terrain containing resource areas such as forest, mountain, meadow or desert. Players then take turns rolling dices to determine which space produces resources which can be used to purchase additional settlements or roads – creating connections between those settlements (known as “longest road”) so they can gain benefits like bonus Victory Points!

In addition to the base game available at Walmart, expansions are also available that add new tiles, such as fish ponds, gold fields and quarries , extra rules for competitive games with up to four additional players , as well as printed fantasies for themed gaming rounds like knights & thieves . Fans will have plenty of opportunities to keep their gaming experience fun and changing through these expansions!

Rules and Setup for Playing at Walmart

Catan Board Game Walmart is an easy and engaging game that can be played with family, friends, or even by yourself. Before you are ready to play, there are a few materials you’ll need from Walmart:
The Catan board game set includes a board, cards, rules, pieces, and dice. Once you’ve purchased all the supplies required for the game (or if you already have them), there are a few steps you must do before the game begins.

1. Place the Catan game board on a flat surface. Images on the board include land tiles and sea hexagons which represent different areas of the island of Catan.

2.Assemble the three-dimensional harbor pieces on certain edges of the board as indicated in your rulebook and place each color settlement on one of their designated starting points.

3. Make sure everyone has an equal number of roads and cities; these will be placed at strategic locations within the islands when playing begins.

4. Place two “victory point” counters above each player; these will be used to track how many individual points each person is earning throughout their time playing Catan Board Game Walmart.

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5. Lastly, shuffle your deck of resource cards before distributing them equally amongst each person participating in the game; each player should start off with 5 cards in total – four of different types (wood/sheep/ore/wheat) and one random development card used for special abilities during gameplay rounds.. All players will then roll both dice to determine which resources they receive based upon where they built their settlements on the mapboard ” whoever rolls higher starts first! You may now begin playing!

Benefits of Playing at Walmart

Playing Catan Board Game at Walmart is incredibly cost-effective and convenient. The most obvious benefit is the money you save by shopping in the store’s large selection of board games. You can get the best deals on all types of board games but specifically your Catan game! By buying in bulk, shoppers can save even more on their purchases.

In addition to saving money, Walmart also offers convenience when it comes to playing Catan Board Game. With numerous stores located nationwide, playing at a nearby Walmart is easy and fast. Even better, shoppers can purchase the game online, meaning they can avoid long lines and browse through hundreds of games without leaving their homes. Also, when purchasing online shoppers have access to special discounts only available online.

Finally, shoppers have access to hassle-free returns for any unopened merchandise purchased from the store. This gives shoppers peace-of-mind knowing that if an item doesn’t work out as expected they can easily and quickly return it with no problems or complications!

Advanced Strategy and Tactics

Catan is a classic board game with numerous strategies and tactics that can help advanced players win the game.

A key strategy to winning Catan is to try and become the most powerful player in terms of resources early on in the game. This is achieved by building as many settlements, roads, and cities as possible around valuable hexes that produce abundant amounts of resources. The more developed a player’s cities and settlements are, the more opportunities they will have to gain resources from other players. Additionally, it is beneficial to establish trade agreements with other players through use of a Harbor Master card or development card which can provide resource variety and consistency over the course of the game.

Another tactic for experienced Catan players is to be aware of other players’ progress. Knowing when an opponent begins to target certain hexes or has made significant advances in their settlements or armies can provide insight into strategic moves that may be needed in order to thwart their advancements. This could also lead in using development cards such as robber cards or soldier cards to disrupt or prevent them from achieving victory points and gaining resources that would otherwise have been unavailable to them.

Finally, one important thing to remember while playing Catan is that luck plays a major role in determining who wins the game. Although thoughtful strategy may aid a player’s chances of winning, random rolls on dice play an essential part in success. Therefore, advanced players should keep their options open and be ready for any chance circumstance during the course of play no matter where it leads!

Best Catan Board Games at Walmart

Catan board games are a thrilling strategy game that requires thoughtful decision-making and creative problem-solving. Available at Walmart, you can find many different versions of the Catan board game, as well as various accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

The classic version of Catan is the essential entry point into the world of Catan. This engaging island exploration game allows you to build cities, roads and settlements around an ever-changing landscape populated by opponents seeking victory through trade and conquest. The single player ‘Explorer’s Edition’ also introduces several solo challenges for players to explore the world of Catan on their own.

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For those looking to eliminate randomness from their gaming experience, there’s the ‘Catan Dice Game’ which reduces competition down to dice rolls and probability theory instead of resource acquisition. There’s also the family-friendly ‘Carcassonne’, which introduces generations old tile placement techniques into an Italian countryside full of surprises; this one is great for new players looking for a gentle introduction and experienced gamers alike.

In addition to these base Catan games, there are also several exciting additions available at Walmart! In order to keep track of collected resources like clay or wheat, ‘Catan: Extension Set’ adds extra cards and pieces which can help identify them quickly during gameplay. There’s also additional nearby territory expansions like ‘Cities & Knights’, or further out seafaring adventures in ‘Seafarers’; both are great examples of creative ways to expand an already vast storyline! Finally, if you’re feeling up for it – why not engage in larger skirmishes between multiple rivals with ‘Traders & Barbarians’. With all these variants available at such affordable prices – there’s something here for everyone!

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Online Platforms – Now you can play Catan online with platforms like Steam, Xbox Live, iPhone app store, Google Play store and more.

Variants – Spice up your games with Expansions and Variants available from Catan’s official website or from other gaming companies that offer official versions of the Catan board game.

3D Printed Parts – Replicate your physical experience in a virtual world or create custom parts for your classic gameplay with 3D printed components available from community members and print vendors around the world.


Playing Catan at Walmart provides plenty of exciting opportunities for hours of entertainment. Not only can you select from various expansion packs to increase replayability, but many stores offer additional accessories to enhance the board game experience, such as dice towers, custom player pieces and miniature trade and resource markets. With plenty of variation in both physical and digital formats, from classic and travel edition versions to card games, the range of choice ensures that everyone can find the best fit for them. Furthermore, playing at Walmart allows players to enjoy social interaction among friends or other customers – something that virtual versions lack. Finally, it is relatively easy and budget-friendly compared with many other forms of entertainment available on the market today. All in all, buying Catan Board Game at Walmart is a great pastime that offers an entertaining way to spend quality time with family and friends.

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