Characters From Board Game Clue


The classic board game Clue has been around since 1949, challenging players to uncover who murdered the victim, in which room of the mansion, and with what weapon. As part of this experience there are six suspects, each with a unique personality and attire that defines their character.

One such suspect is Professor Plum, an ex-professor of medieval history who believes his career choices were too limited. A true gentleman in nature, he is usually seen in a purple suit.

Miss Scarlet is a tough but attractive femme fatale who made her money through unsavory activities. She can often be seen wearing a red dress that allows her to remain comfortable while still looking glamorous.

Colonel Mustard is a retired military officer who was always prone to take charge in any situation. He’s usually dressed in a yellow suit and with his stern demeanor it is easy to spot him in any room.

The fourth suspect is Mrs. White, the mansion’s housemaid who also had an affair with one of the other suspects. She wears an all white dress and is frequently seen helping out guests or cleaning up messes.

In fifth position we find Mr Green, an elderly millionaire businessman from Scotland Yard whose presence fills any space with unease due to his dubious behavior during gatherings held at the mansion. He can be recognized by his green suit as well as for carrying around a smoking pipe everywhere he goes.

Finally we have Mrs Peacock, who boasts quite the reputation as she frequents high society galas where she ever so proudly display her extravagant purple feathers and gowns that show off her wealth and lofty demeanor with pride..

The Suspects

Miss Scarlett – This sneaky and seductive femme fatale is the primary suspect in the classic game of Clue. She is supposed to be a stockholder from a chain of global real estate firms, and she lives in a London townhouse. Her motive for committing murder revolves around her drive to get what she wants no matter what the cost, whether it’s money or something else. Her personality is that of a manipulative and selfish individual who often uses sex appeal to manipulate people. She prefers not to work with anyone and will do whatever is necessary to get her way.

Professor Plum – He is the second suspect and has an intellectual disposition. He works as an archaeologist and aspiring novelist living in an English mansion. His motive for murder may be related his research on various ancient cultures since he can use any means necessary to acquire artifacts undisturbed by modern civilization, even if it includes killing their owners. He also has some narcissistic tendencies which drive him to seek world-wide recognition as a great novelist though his writings are unappreciated by most critics. In addition, he is highly analytical, rational, and curious about people which makes him quite suspicious given the circumstances of the game.

Colonel Mustard

Colonel Mustard is a character from the board game, Clue. He is the impetuous heir to a military family and is distinguished by his colonial-style attire and bald head. His full name is Colonel Michael Mustard and he has a goat named Tyson that follows him around everywhere. In order to solve the crime of “who done it?” in Clue, players must use their sleuthing skills to uncover Colonel Mustard’s alibi.

Although Colonel Mustard can appear gruff on the outside due to his strict military background, he is well-known for his deep loyalty and strong sense of justice. He deeply values honesty and promises that he makes even when they do not suit his own personal agenda. He will track down clues fearlessly and always strive to set things right once he discovers who is responsible for the crime.

Colonel Mustard is an exciting character with a fierce look but an even fiercer heart that puts loyalty first no matter what obstacles stand in his way!

Mrs. White

Mrs. White is one of the characters in the popular board game, Clue. Her character is portrayed as an elderly, dark and troubled housekeeper working at the home of Mr. Boddy. In the game, Mrs. White resides in the Billiard Room and her trademark weapon is a candlestick, one of six possible murder weapons used to commit a crime within the mansion walls. She has worked for Mr. Boddy for many years, taking care of the home’s daily upkeep and showing loyalty to her employer even when his actions are suspicious or temperamental. Oftentimes she can be seen shuffling quickly around the rooms of the mansion, nervous and concerned about appearances or wondering what might be happening elsewhere inside their walls. Unfortunately for Mrs. White, it has been revealed in several versions of Clue that she was also previously employed by a criminal mastermind – making it impossible to trust anyone within those walls even further!

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Professor Plum

Professor Plum is a character from the board game Clue. He is a wealthy professor of philosophy at Oxford University. Professor Plum is known for his knowledge, cunning plans, and skillful manipulation of events. He is often seen making moves with others in the game to ensure his own victory.

In addition to being an intelligent professor, Professor Plum also has his own sinister motives and ambitions. He often schemes deviously to get what he wants, whether it be money or power. His plan usually involves outsmarting those around him and manipulating them for his own gain. As the game progresses, players must try to anticipate Professor Plum’s plans and adjust their strategies accordingly before he can further his own agenda.

Furthermore, Professor Plum isn’t always successful in achieving his goals as his opponents are generally wily as well and can outwit him if they’re smart enough. Furthermore, since Professor Plum often has multiple plans in motion at once, players have to be careful or they may find themselves bearing the brunt of one of these plots without even realizing it.

Mr. Green

Mr Green is a deceptive and mysterious businessman on the classic board game Clue. He is an adult, Caucasian male dressed in a green suit who takes the mantle of Colonel Mustard for the game. The game’s primary goal is to figure out which one of the six suspects has committed murder. According to its rules, Mr. Green was either responsible for killing Mr. Boddy or was an accomplice and held significant knowledge about his killer’s identity” making him just as much a suspect as all the other players in this game of deduction and intrigue.

Mr. Green was known for his mischievousness and ability to lead investigators astray through lies and illusions, which may have been an extension of his consummate skill in business dealings. His character card reads: “Mr. Green is a crafty entrepreneur who is not what he seems”. This phrase could refer to his penchant for bluffing, evasiveness, and sophisticated intrigues on those around him– both in the fictional world of Clue and possibly even in reality! One theory suggests that Mr. Green might be working with Mr Boddy without others knowing, or that he engineered or orchestrated the events surrounding the murder plot itself as part of some grand scheme of his own design. Regardless, it would seem that one thing is certain – whatever his backstory may be, there’s more to him than meets the eye! Mr. Green remains a captivating enigma at the heart of this mysterious classic board game!

Miss Scarlet

Miss Scarlett, also known as Miss Scarlet, is the iconic femme fatal character from the classic game Clue. She is mainly portrayed as a wealthy and beautiful woman with a strong personality. Miss Scarlet can be seen dressed in her signature red dress, holding a white handbag with a fan in her other hand. She is usually associated with the color red and her monochromatic design gives her an iconic silhouette. The object of the game is to figure out which of six suspects murder Doctor Black by distinguishing characteristics. Miss Scarlett’s primary traits within the game include being sneaky and arrogant. She leaves behind suspicious footprints or incriminating items that help investigators piece together who did it. This combined with her love for seduction makes her seem like a mysterious and dangerous antagonist capable of anything! Despite this, she often leads players towards the right suspect, however unintentionally, making her an essential part of the investigation process.

The Weapons

One of the classic board games, Clue has played a role in family fun for decades. Players hunt around the mansion looking for tangible evidence to prove who did it! Alluding with clever replicas, there are six components (the suspects, weapon, locations, clue cards and game pieces). Players can choose one of over 650 possible different outcomes that come to a close when all the clues have been revealed and cross-referenced by each player’s detective work.

The weapons featured in Clue vary from iconic objects such as candlestick holders to more exotic items like lead piping. The classic clue pieces include: a Revolver, an Axe, a Rope, a Wrench, a Lead Pipe and Candlestick. All these pieces are designed differently with varying shapes and colors. If a player chooses one of these weapons as their guess then they must provide hard evidence on who used it in order to win. This is where the process of deduction comes into play ” narrowing down possibilities until the correct answer is chosen.

The candlestick is perhaps the most recognisable weapon choice in Clue; its old-fashioned appearance also serves as an instant reminder of some of history’s great mysteries demanding deduction! Investigate this veteran crime scene staple further and players will quickly understand why the trusty candlestick could give murderers away just as easily as any other suspect or secondary prop. On the other hand, lead piping offers something quite unique; its heavy surface reveals tremendous strength, capable enough of crushing anything or anyone in its way. It’s terrifyingly realistic design truly helps bring Clue alive! Whether you pick Candlestick or Lead Piping – sleuthing doesn’t stop here; all evidence needs to be analysed closer before you can solve the case!

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The Locations

Clue is a classic board game that centers around finding a murder suspect. Players take on the roles of six unique characters: Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Mrs. White, Mr. Green, Professor Plum and Mrs. Peacock. All the characters have different and distinct personalities associated with their roles in game play.

To begin the game, all players start out at one centralized location – typically in the middle of a mansion-like building that contains several different rooms, including a Study, Hall, Conservatory and Lounge. The objective of the game is to identify which suspect among them killed the victim ” known only as “Mr. Boddy” – using evidence found throughout these different locations within the house.

As they travel through each room they must use keen problem-solving skills to determine what evidence can or cannot be trusted and which of their fellow players are telling the truth or lying about knowing who killed Mr. Boddy or where he has been murdered; clues must be very carefully reviewed for subtle hints regarding wide range of topics such as potential suspects’ motives or weapon type used in order to progress onward towards finding out what’s happened to Mr. Boddy!

The thrill of piecing together information from each room in order to identify the murderer sets Clue apart from other murder mystery-style board games; It requires an immense amount of Sherlock Holmes deductive reasoning and critical thinking in order for one to make it out victorious! Each player takes turns moving around this virtual mansion while making accusations against certain suspects ” eliminating certain choices along way until correct one is chosen ” all while using deduction skills throughout process! By the time they reach basement level it is usually quite clear who not only committed crime but also which weapon was used!

The Conclusion

Clue is one of the classic board games that has been around for many years. It is an entertaining deduction game where players are tasked with determining who killed Mr. Boddy, what the murder weapon was and the location of the crime. The goal of the game is to successfully figure out all three aspects simultaneously, eliminating each possible murder suspect, weapon and room until only one remains, then accusing them as per their hypothesis. As such, Clue requires clever detective work and logical thinking in order to win.

At its foundation, Clue revolves around various characters: six iconic suspects ” Professor Plum, Miss Scarlett, Colonel Mustard, Mrs. White, Reverend Green and Mrs. Peacock; six deadly weapons ” lead pipe, knife, revolver, candlestick, poison and rope; and nine different rooms ” kitchen, ballroom, conservatory study billiard room lounge dining room hallway and cellar” inside which the fateful deed could have occurred. Each character has its own cardboard stand to represent it on the game board; these figures become likeable personalities when children (or adults!) play with them. The intricate backstories develop as each player takes turns using deductive reasoning to build up a case against any given suspect or accuse someone of being guilty outright – if you’re sure you’ve accumulated enough evidence from your clues!

By connecting pieces together through process of elimination in this way everyone partaking in the game can experience a thrilling type of mystery solving when playing Clue – making it easy to see why it has been such a well-known classic family favorite for generations! With evergreen gameplay elements and an array of fun characters to root for or against each playthrough becomes highly charged competition filled detective work that doesn’t get old – even after hundreds of years! It’s no wonder why so many people still love playing Clue today!

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