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Colorforms is a brand of creative play material that was first introduced in the early 1950s. Founded by Harry and Patricia Kislevitz, Colorforms revolutionized the way children (and adults!) could create art and images without using paints, markers or traditional pens. The Kislevitz’ patented technology allowed pieces of colorful vinyl to be arranged on a board or background to form any shape their imagination desired. Over time, Colorform has expanded its range to develop innovative board games – drawing upon their patented technology and longstanding experience making educational and fun toys.

Today, Colorforms is widely recognized as a leader in family-oriented recreational activities with an impressive portfolio of classic and contemporary board games. Their offerings regularly feature prominently at national toy awards year after year alongside new original titles such as “Adventures with Dragons” which remains widely popular among children. In addition to these interactive board games, Colorforms also manufactures magnetic playsets to encourage creative thinking and spatial awareness. These include kits like the award-winning “Space Explorers” – a space themed adventure game where players compete against the ship’s computer for control of starships locked in a galactic battle for luck!

Variety of Games

Colorforms board games offer a diverse range of options for people of all ages. From classic family classics like Monopoly and Clue, to more strategy-oriented games like Chess and Checkers, Colorforms has a full assortment of board games that appeal to a variety of personalities. For puzzle-solving fans, there are options such as Catan and Pandemic, while trivia lovers can enjoy Telestrations or Trivial Pursuit. Educational board games such as Scrabble are also available for those looking for fun with an educational twist. For younger players, Colorforms carries a wide selection of fairy tale-themed board games as well as exciting collaborations between popular franchises and TV shows. Whether for an evening’s entertainment or a new way to learn something new, Colorforms has something for you!

Superior Design

Colorforms Board Games are specifically designed to be visually stimulating and interactive. The pieces featured in these board games are masterfully crafted with unique shapes and materials allowing children to express their creativity while they play. Children can have fun reconfiguring the pieces of the game into whatever shape they desire. This helps them to become familiar with and understand concepts like patterns, shapes, and colors. Additionally, the pieces are made from quality materials that resist fading or color changes when a game is played multiple times throughout its lifetime.

Intellectual Development

Colorforms Board Games are an excellent way to help develop cognitive and analytical skills in children and adults. Playing the games encourages problem-solving as enabling players to think through various issues, analyze their options, guess the outcomes and make decisions based on what’s best for them. Playing Colorforms Board Games also helps strengthen pattern recognition skills such as comparing objects in terms of shape, size and color. Additionally, playing colorforms board games helps train the reasoning ability of a person by teaching players the importance of establishing cause-and-effect relationships in different situations. By playing these kinds of games, one can practice making logical inferences from images that help sharpen concentration and stimulate sequential thinking. Therefore, Colorforms Board Games can have a positive influence on a person’s intellectual development by improving both cognitive abilities and analytical abilities.

Educational Benefits

Colorforms Board Games can prove to be incredibly beneficial to children’s education. With vibrant visuals and different variations, they can introduce various curriculum topics while simultaneously boosting cognitive development. The games provide an excellent tool for teaching youngsters basic mathematics skills like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. For example, Colorforms Board Games such as Crazy Figures & Where To Put Them?, or A Dream Come True!, offer fun exercises on number concepts and require players to accurately count how many figures are in a scene and/or how many figures can fit in any given space. This can help kids with counting and estimations.

Best Board Games To Play With Family

In regards to literacy and vocabulary development, the Colorforms Board Games contain three-dimensional words that give kids the opportunity of matching words with objects while reciting them out loud. They also provide a great way of introducing synonyms and antonyms. Moreover, they stimulate problem-solving abilities through logical reasoning by requiring players to arrange pieces around certain settings or in weird spatial orientations that foster creative thinking. Finally, board games promote healthy social interactions through collaborative play when multiple children have to develop strategies to win together or take turns attempting individual tasks as part of a team project.

Versatile Play

Colorforms board games offer versatile play that can be customized to suit different age levels and play styles. For example, younger children may wish to focus on basic shapes and colors as they work together to set up their personalized Colorforms playing boards, while older players can delve into strategy games such as Checkers or Chess. Many of the games also have customizable pieces so each player can create a unique game experience. Some of the most popular Colorforms Board Games include the classic Milton Bradley game of “Battleship,” where players compete in a high-stakes game of naval supremacy, as well as the ever-popular “Candyland” game. Both are timeless favorites for young and old alike. As an added creative element, many Colorforms board games also come with special boards that can be designed with artwork from vibrant Colorform stickers creating an even more fun and interactive gaming experience for everyone involved!

Family Fun

Playing the Colorforms board games with family members can be a great way for families to bond and bring everyone together. Not only do these games provide entertainment and a competitive spirit, but they also provide an excellent opportunity for discussion, cooperation, and problem-solving as players interact with each other. Through play, children can learn important skills such as communication, collaboration, empathy, and even develop their own strategy. Games such as these come with different themes or stories that players have to act out or solve using the supplied pieces, helping kids understand new concepts in a fun way while building relationships between their family members.’ Parents gain additional insight into what makes their child tick while gaining a better understanding of their child’s character strengths and weaknesses based on how they navigate the game –from planning and strategizing to problem solving and making tough decisions– providing valuable knowledge that can help inform parenting decisions down the road.

Security Guarantee

Colorforms are dedicated to ensuring that their products meet the highest safety standards. All of their board games have met or exceeded all applicable federal safety requirements. Colorforms regularly inspects the quality and safety of the production process and materials to identify any possible issues that may arise with the product or its packaging. They also conduct regular tests on their board games and their packaging materials to ensure they are safe for use. Additionally, Colorforms uses only non-toxic, lead-free inks and coatings on all of their products, as well as third-party auditing from certified safety officers to verify each one meets the highest safety standards. With Colorforms, you can be sure your family is playing safe.

Demonstration Video

Colorforms Board Games are an exciting way to get kids involved in the world of board game play. They offer simple and familiar games such as bingo, tic-tac-toe, memory match, connect four and more which can be used by players of all ages. Players use colorful vinyl pieces to create their own board game boards, play pieces, combinations of numbers and shapes and unique solutions for each game. With Colorforms Board Games, kids can customize the look of their set-up to create a personalized playing field that’s perfect for them.

Awesome Kingdom Board Game

A demonstration video is the perfect way to showcase how these innovative board games work in action. In the video viewers can watch people use their creativity while they customize their board game setup with vibrant vinyl pieces. They can also see how different Colorforms Board Games play out while they move colorful pieces based on different challenges or obstacles presented by the game. Aspiring gamers can also get tips on strategies to take home that’ll help them become experienced pros at these classic games. By watching a demonstration video of Colorform Board Games, consumers will be able to better appreciate the ease and fun these games have to offer so they can make an informed decision when thinking about investing in one.

Customer Reviews

“I bought Classic Colorforms Board Games for my son and he loves it. The colorful pieces are easy to use and manipulate, it’s easy to figure out the rules, and he loves playing with all of the characters. I love that these board games don’t require any batteries or technology – they are a perfect way to connect with your kids in front of an open fire, or on vacation when you don’t have access to any other games. And the pieces store in a neat box so you can take it anywhere!” – Beth G., NC

“My daughter has been begging me for different Colorforms Board Games since she was 3 years old! The bright colors attract her attention and she loves moving the pieces around while we play together. She remembers all the rules, which I think is helping her learn new concepts in life too! We both enjoy the time we spend together challenging each other in a fun way.” – Frank O., CA

“I am definitely happy I bought my grandson the Colorforms Board Games for his birthday this year. He lit up as soon as he opened them! He loves the visuals and how much fun he has when putting them together. And although he gets frustrated sometimes trying to figure out how everything goes together and plays, he still happily keeps going back to them. This is an awesome family game that will grow with him as he learns more complex strategies and skills over time.” – Carla F., OR


Colorforms board games offer an enjoyable, interactive form of family entertainment. The games, which typically include board and pieces created from adhesive vinyl, allow children and adults to create entire worlds with just a few colorful shapes and props. By allowing limitless levels of creativity, Colorforms board games bring a unique, collaborative experience to the gaming table that other types of board games can’t. Additionally, the adhesive pieces help assure that playtime won’t turn into cleaning time any time soon; the pieces can easily be peeled off and reattached when you’re ready for more fun. With their unique combination of creative play and easy cleanup, Colorforms board games make for a great choice for family game nights.

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