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Castles By The Sea has been around for decades, beginning as a classic family game centered around the building of elaborate castles along the ocean’s coastline. In the early stages, players were assigned a castle guard to protect their family’s keep while they worked together to build their respective fortresses with resources they had acquired on nearby islands. Throughout its long and ever-evolving history, Castles By The Sea has seen multiple variations including two separate board sets released in Europe and across North America, with an emphasis on strategic recognition of topography and resource trade-offs that increase replay value. During its heyday in the late 80s into 90s, Castles By The Sea even powered a turn-based computer game offering tactical advantages over its physical game counterpart. In late 2020, Fansmith Games released a new edition keeping true to the spirit of the original board game but with modernized visuals and added features including more movable pieces and updated island network placements. It’s never too late to explore this nostalgic board game!


To set up the Castles By The Sea board game, first take all of the game pieces and components out of the box and place them on a flat surface. Place the board horizontally in front of you. Separate the Location cards into their three decks: Sunrise View decks, Castle Rooftop decks, and Beachside decks. Shuffle each deck separately. Line up one side of the dice along the left-hand side called “Castle” and put your castle scoreboard above it

(Note: There are two castles – one side for you to use and one side for your opponent).
Next, take 8 wooden cubes and place them in a line next to the dice tower on each player’s side; this should be 4 like colored cubes for each player. Pick either orange or blue as your color; orange will get 4 circular pieces (tokens) while blue will get the diamond-shaped tokens. Take 2 sets of location cards for each player; a total of 6. With 1 set of 3 location cards, make sure that same colored token are being placed in its respective spots beside each card so that it matches each players sides properly. Do this for both sides or until all tokens have been placed accordingly

After this is done, divide 12 action tokens between both players into 4 stacks with 3 tokens in each stack rolling freely between them while they play their turns. Place these stacks at opposite ends near either player’s side on either end corner space of winning zones (castle rooftop/ sunris views/ beachside). Finally, draw initial hands from your locations card deck until you have two Locations cards in your hand to start off with – then you can begin playing!

Game Play

The Castles by the Sea board game is a strategic and exciting card game. This game requires 2-4 players, each with their own deck of Castle cards. The aim of the game is for each player to fill their respective Castle boards with as many castle pieces from their sets as possible before the other players do.

Game Play:

Round 1: Each player will draw two castle cards from the top of their pile. The first player to place a card onto the table has the choice of which suit they would like to choose first (hearts, diamonds, spades or clubs). All other players must then follow suit and choose that same suit for their card to be placed. After all players have placed one card face up on the table, they are allowed to draw and continue play until all castle cards in a stack are gone. The winner of this round is determined by who was able to construct more castles using their cards by the end of it.

Round 2: Players will now use their castle pieces and begin placing them on an empty 9 x 9 grid starting from the center numbers outward into any combination they see fit. Once all players have laid out they’re desired placements, they can now exchange pieces amongst themselves and if approved, must switch with another piece if necessary. After following these rules, once everyone finishes all 16 total moves for this round all pieces played become final and locked, thus concluding this round and allowing for Round 3 to commence. At this point, scoring takes place based on certain criteria such as how many castle walls were made from start to finish (each impart 3 points), how many total walls were connected together (each give 2 points), how many gaps remained between two interconnected walls (every gap grants 1 point) and so on.. This process goes on until every single wall piece and connection is scored accordingly before deciding a victor at the end.

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Round 3: One last portion awaits where each player takes turn playing wildcards according to pre-established rules set out in advance before starting play unless otherwise discussed amongst friends prior to beginning an actual session (e.g exchanging specific tile variations or having no wildcards at all). In most cases though barring any modifications agreed upon beforehand, simply rolling a die decides which side an attacker or defender acts on while wildcards deal varying amounts damage towards fortified areas positioned on opposite ends of your opponent as long as said pieces don’t exceed five spaces away form tile magnitude wise (anything beyond that range cancels out however makes attack available through air based strategies since reaching maximum height gives higher bonuses). At this stage whoever successfully inflicts enough fire power counters upon opponents’ fortifications receives victory declared along with additional rewards!


1. Attack Strategy: When playing Castles By The Sea with a small group of players, it can be helpful to take an aggressive approach by attacking other player’s castles in an effort to collect more cards or earn victory points. In this scenario, it’s important to select targets that are least defended, such as weaker castles without a lot of resources or area control tokens. They aren’t likely to fight back and can be easily dismantled if you have enough cards and resources in hand.

2. Defense Strategy: If you are playing the game with more players or if your opponents have powerful castles and area control tokens, then it would be wise to adopt a defensive strategy where the goal is not to attack but rather focus on protecting your own castle and gaining victory points through better card choices. To do this, build-up your castle’s defenses by collecting as many resources, defense tokens, and victory cards as you can since it will make your castle harder to breach over time. Also try and spread out your area control tokens across various regions so that your opponents cannot gain too much victory points from any single region at once.

3. Economy Strategy: Another strategy for aiming for the victory is by utilizing an economy approach which focuses on collecting victory points through property cards and resource related actions available on the game board. When taking this route, focus on building up multiple money generating sources like towns and villages in order create revenue without risking too much during battle rounds with enemy players. Then use these resources to efficiently purchase property cards early on in the game when they may still be available or cheaper before other players start bidding up their prices later on down the line. This is often one of the safer strategies available besides simple chance based strategies depending on card draws during turns being taken by everyone else while allowing you to go after multiple sources of victory points within a single round giving you an edge over competitors who opt for other paths of play styles instead


Castles By The Sea Board Game is a fun and interactive game that can be enjoyed by all ages. This game of strategy involves building castles on the sea with pieces of varying shapes and sizes. The objective of the game is to use these pieces to build the most impressive castle in comparison to other players. There are multiple variations available for different levels of difficulty and complexity that make this game accessible to everyone from beginners to experts.

For those looking for some added challenge, there are options for achievements you can strive for to make your castles even more extraordinary. You could upgrade existing castles by building extra floors, drawing made up flags for them or creating original stories about the rulers living inside your creation! Additionally, you can unlock different levels depending on how well you fare at building the best castle. So why not take this journey into a deep sea adventure and create unique landscapes while competing against friends and family? Expand your creativity while challenging yourself with Castles By The Sea Board Game!

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Castles By The Sea Board Game includes a wide variety of pieces, accessories, and game pieces that can be used to shape unique gameplay. For example, each player receives a set of six blocks in different shapes – squares, triangles and rectangles – that they use to build their own castles by the sea. Players also receive three boats, a lighthouse and cannon players can use to defend their territory. Additionally, various cards are available to add extra depth and strategy such as special actions/missions, events or allies.

In terms of game pieces, Castles By The Sea also features a range of differently colored meeples representing four different factions: Pirates, Merchants, Sailors and Warriors. These meeples have varying roles and properties which may give them advantages in certain situations (for instance the Merchant meeple has a bonus for trading resources).

To add an extra layer of excitement and challenge cast barons are added the board during gameplay who’s main goal is to conquer castles from other players. Finally there are ‘victory point tokens’ scattered throughout each game board representing hidden rewards that players can gain if they complete a certain task or defeat a creature. In addition to this there are Story decks which provides bonus objectives which when fulfilled grant bonus points at the end of the game further enhancing replayability of Castles By The Sea Board Game


Castles by the Sea Board Game is an exciting and dynamic board game that has been a popular favorite since its inception. It gives players the opportunity to explore unique, exotic locales and build magnificent castles to rule them. Not only does it offer an interactive environment for groups of players but also includes guest speakers with insight and feedback from loyal players. As part of the game, each player takes on the role of a kingdom leader who works to gain strength and wealth while they defend their domain against rival forces. The goal isn’t just castle-building, but ultimately reaching a higher level of power before other kingdoms do. With strategy guides and extra activities included, this board game offers fun experiences that build community unity within each group of players. There are features such as special events where guests can weigh in on rule changes or give advice on strategies to help everyone reach their goals faster. Expectations are high no matter what skill level the players come in at, making Castles by the Sea Board Game extremely competitive yet still enjoyable for all ages!


The Castles By The Sea Board Game is an outstanding strategy game for players aged 8 and older. It’s simple yet challenging, provides many intriguing decisions as players build bridges to navigate their ships around the board collecting treasures. Players work cooperatively to gain points but must also compete against each other as they attempt to reach their own individual win targets. The design of the game enhances the difficulty – with only four spots on each island and not enough Bridge Cards to potentially bridge all those spots, bridging your pieces together becomes a careful strategy decision. From evaluating options based on points, building off of other player’s routes, or attempting to completely block another’s route from them gaining points, there is plenty of thought put into where and how you plan your path around the board making it a truly enjoyable experience for both young and experienced strategists alike.

Compared to comparable games like Catan, Carcassonne, or Ticket To Ride; Castles By The Sea makes for an excellent choice due to its intense yet short play time of around 40 minutes, varied strategies players can utilize when playing, increasing difficulty based on number of players participating in the game; making it a great means of entertainment for warm summer evenings spent outdoors with family. Ultimately, we give this game a well-deserved 4 out of 5 stars!

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