Did Dahmer Make A Board Game


No, Jeffrey Dahmer did not make a board game. Dahmer was an American serial killer and sex offender who committed the rape, murder, and dismemberment of 17 men and boys between 1978 and 1991. His gruesome acts set a dark tone in pop culture, with movies, books, music and other media based on his crimes. During the 1990s, Dahmer’s name became a popular reference in society, although his notoriety has since waned somewhat. Nevertheless, he remains infamous as one of America’s most notorious killers. Despite this grim notoriety, there is no evidence that suggests Dahmer created or was involved in the creation of any type of board game.

Overview & History of Board Games

Board games have been around in some form since ancient times. One of the earliest known board games is called senet, which dates back to the predynastic period of Egypt, around 3100 BC. It was played on a grid of 30 squares and was designed to simulate one’s passing from this world into the afterlife. This idea of passing through a path or journey onto a different level of existence is common throughout most board game designs.

Other popular ancient board games include chess, mancala, and checkers. Chess is believed to have originated in India sometime between the 6th and 10th centuries AD, while mancala is thought to be over 3,000 years old! Checkers can trace its roots back at least to 1200 BC when it may have resembled a game called Alquerque.

Today, board games are more popular than ever with traditional options like Monopoly, The Game of Life, Risk or Catan joining newer games created by modern designers like Colt Express, Betrayal at House on the Hill or Pandemic.

In answer to the original question: No Jeffry Dahmer did not make a board game. While it is possible that he may have spent time playing or creating his own versions of existing basic ancient variants throughout his life, there is no evidence that he ever actually produced an official game for sale or public play.

Exploring the Rumors

Over the past couple decades, rumors have spread about convicted serial killer Jeffery Dahmer having made a board game based on his horrendous crimes. The testimony of one individual claiming to have played said game further solidified this claim as truth in many people’s minds. But is there any real evidence theorizing and supporting these wild claims?

The basic premise of the supposed game revolves around players competing and advancing through a series of levels with each level representing a unique victim and crime scene that Dahmer had completed. Each player was indoctrinated into the role of an aspiring serial killer who wanted to emulate Dahmer’s sickening successes throughout his own turn-based adventure.

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Despite its rather enigmatic origin, circumstantial evidence has been extrapolated in order to piece together what could be interpreted as Dahmer’s macabre attempt at making a recreational activity out of real-life trauma and pain. One witness saw part of a rough sketch for such a game dating back to 1986, just one year after Dahmer became a confirmed murderer, which could suggest the feasibility that he created such an abominable product. On top of this, numerous friends from high school recalled playing something reminiscent to an early version but it differed from any other typical board game available at the time due its gruesomeness and implications attached to it; aspects which are suspected to have been drawn directly from Dahmer’s own experiences.

While there is definitely still much mystery surrounding this supposed creation, more information slowly surfaces claiming that this may have indeed been the case in some respects; leaving fans and families alike pondering over the veil on mystery clothing the dark topic even further still…

Evidence of Dahmer Perhaps Crafting a Board Game

No, there is no evidence to suggest that serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer ever made a board game. However, there is some evidence that he may have been trying to create one. According to the book “Finding Jeffrey Dahmer” by John Borowski, in some police inventory listings of Dahmer’s apartment, one item listed was a box of blank game pieces. There was also several partially completed cards and boards found at his apartment belonging to Dahmer although several former classmates of his have said that these materials were for a roleplaying or science fiction themed game he was attempting to create. Unfortunately, it is unlikely we will ever know exactly what these creations were intended for as none of the incomplete material survived long enough for further investigation.

The Board Game’s Content

No, Jeffery Dahmer did not make a board game. There is no evidence of such a thing ever existing. However, some people have speculated that in some way Dahmer’s crimes may be connected to board games, since he was known for dismembering his victims and collecting their body parts. For example, some theorists have suggested that Dahmer may have been inspired or influenced by the ” Dungeons & Dragons” game which includes a game mechanic in which players try to assemble body parts of monsters to revive them.

Of course, none of these speculation can be confirmed and it is quite possible that Dahmer had no knowledge or interest in board games at all. While it’s logical to assume someone who commits such terrible acts must have something wrong with them mentally, there is often no clear answer as to why they did it. It is also difficult to make any connections between the evil committed and any particular form of entertainment or hobby without hard proof. Regardless of whether or not we will ever know why Jeffrey Davmer acted the way he did, his horrific actions will live on in our memories forever.

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The Aftermath

No, Jeffrey Dahmer did not make a board game. However, an unlicensed designer released a card game titled “Murder Book Club” which depicted scenes from multiple serial murderers including Jeffrey Dahmer. The game involved players taking on the role of infamous murderers and attempting to outwit law enforcement officials by solving crimes faster than FBI or police investigators in order to earn points. The idea for this game was met with widespread criticism, however it was not discontinued until 2012 due to legal concerns and public backlash over its content.

The consequences of this board game as an outcome were vast and still impact the legacy of Jeffery Dahmer today. First, it perpetuated negative narratives about both mental illness and crime, suggesting that criminals are cunning masterminds that can outwit law enforcement personnel. Secondly, the designers failed in their responsibility to ensure respect for victims’ privacy and safety when constructing this concept – the highly detailed nature of some of the included cases containing identifying information could potentially have helped someone locate a victim’s family or associates. Finally, it is argued that this type of media normalized violent behavior by glamorizing real-life criminal activities without providing any insight as to why or how these acts occurred in the first place. As such, it is possible that such games may lead to increased accessibility and promotion of similar activities within society.


No, Jeffrey Dahmer did not make a board game. While there were rumors of a “Jeffrey Dahmer Murder Game” circulating the internet, it is likely that these were false or unfounded claims without substantial evidence to back them up. While Dahmer may have played board games while in prison, there is no confirmed record or information of him making an actual board game.

Going forward, it is important to remember that rumors should be treated with skepticism and respected as such until sufficient evidence can be provided. It is also worth noting that, even if Dahmer had made a board game, this does not excuse his heinous crimes nor glamorize the actions he committed against his victims; any form of entertainment connected to historical events and figures should always be done with a level of respect for the suffering endured by those who came before.

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