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Today, board games are more popular than ever. There is an abundance of board games available that offer a variety of different genres and difficulty levels for anyone who enjoys the tabletop experience. Board games can range from classic strategy and action to light-hearted party games. No matter what type of game one prefers, there’s sure to be a perfect fit among the hundreds on the market. But does Goodwill accept donations of these gaming favorites?

The answer is yes! Goodwill gladly accepts donations of any brand new or gently used board games in working condition for their thrift stores. Donating these items is a great way to help those in need, both financially and socially. By donating board games to Goodwill, you’re giving the gift of fun and entertainment to people who may not have access to the same experiences as others. Not only that, but all proceeds benefit Goodwill’s mission to provide job placement and training services to those in need throughout your respective community.

Types of Board Games that Goodwill Accepts

Classic Games: Monopoly, Scrabble, Chess, Checkers
Modern Games: Apples to Apples, Settlers of Catan, Exploding Kittens
Kid-friendly Games: Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, Hi Ho! Cherry-O
Party Games: Cards Against Humanity, Charades, Pictionary
Educational Games: Math Bingo, Sequence for Kids, The Cat in the Hat I Can Do That! Game
Strategy Games: Risk Legacy, Axis & Allies 1941 Edition

Tips for Donating Board Games to Goodwill

When donating board games to Goodwill, it is important to prepare them properly. You should thoroughly inspect each game before donating it to verify that all the pieces are present, and that the instruction manual and game board are in good condition. If any cards or pieces are missing, they should be replaced. Additionally, you should clean each board game before donating it by wiping down all of its components with a damp cloth and making sure that there is no damage such as creases or tears on the playing pieces or game boards.

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It is also important to store your board games well prior to donating them. Ideally, store each game in an individual box with secure lids so none of the pieces go missing during transit to Goodwill. Consider wrapping delicate parts in bubble wrap for extra protection during transportation. When packing them in boxes, make sure to put them face-down and label each box clearly so Goodwill can observe their content easily when sorting through donations.

Benefits of Donating Board Games to Goodwill

Donating board games to Goodwill can benefit the recipient by providing social opportunities, teaching important values and fostering creativity.

First, playing board games is a great way to foster social connections and relationships. Games like Monopoly or Clue, which require teamwork and cooperation to win, help teach valuable communication skills by improving communication and allowing people to interact in a more positive environment. Board games also have the ability to bring people together and create memories that may last a lifetime.

Second, donating board games to Goodwill also has educational benefits. Games such as Scrabble can help nurture literacy skills through spelling and problem-solving activities while others like Chess helps develop logic and planning ability. Additionally, these classic board games teach important values such as patience, fairness, and competition in positive ways that children enjoy.

Finally, donating board games will also encourage creativity among children. Games such as Settlers of Catan or Carcassone requires players to use their imagination to construct different worlds from scratch solely based on how they lay tiles of images or build roads with pieces which enrich creativity for all ages.

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All in all, donating board games provide tangible benefits for those receiving them: entertainment, teaching important values and fostering creativity are just some of the advantages that come with this generous act of donation!


Donating board games to Goodwill is an excellent way of helping the community. By donating your gently used board games to Goodwill, you will help others in need gain access to them as well. This act of kindness also helps keep used items out of landfills and reduces the number of new items that have to be manufactured and bought. In addition, by donating to Goodwill, you not only help those in financial distress who may not be able to afford a quality set for themselves, but also those who cannot physically leave the house or simply cannot find what they are looking for at a more expensive retail store. Doing this small act can make a big difference in someone’s life and by doing so you will be practicing sustainability, reducing waste, and making a lasting impact within the community.

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