Buck Fever Board Game


Buck Fever is a thrilling and educational game that blends exciting game play with learning. The goal of the game is to make your way through the American Whitetail Deer season while avoiding collision with the hunter’s obstacles along the way. Players must navigate treacherous hunting grounds, dodge frustrated hunters and collect their own deer along their path, earning points as they progress towards their goal of becoming a successful whitetail hunter.

The game was developed by two brothers who were looking for an enjoyable way to promote deer hunting education among young, avid outdoors-men or -women. They eventually came up with Buck Fever and it has become an increasingly popular board game in recent years due its unique combination of fun and facts about deer hunting. Each turn, players are challenged to gain critical knowledge about the best tactics for bagging a trophy buck. They draw cards representing potential presents on their hunt such as bad weather, scents and cover-up sprays all of which can help them along their journey. This helps bring awareness to key elements involved in white-tailed deer management while providing an exciting ride down memory lane for experienced whitetailers alike!

What’s included in the Board Game

The Buck Fever Board Game includes a game board, 4 hunter figures, 6 animal tokens (multi-colored deer) with stands, 20 Danger cards, 48 Scoring cards, 1 wooden dice set (dice for each player and a smaller “Hazard” die), 2 Number cards, and an instruction booklet.

The players move around the game board and try to collect as many buck tokens as possible. When they do so, they take a Scoring card corresponding to the buck token value indicating how many points it is worth. As the game progresses, Danger cards can be drawn from a deck which may cause players to lose some of their bucks or even miss their turn altogether. The Number Cards are used to determine who will go first and control the flow of play throughout the game. Lastly, each player has a wooden dice set that they use to advance on the board when it’s their turn. The “Hazard Die” also comes into effect if potential dangers like rivers or thick terrain are encountered during play.

Game Play

1. Lay out the game board on a flat surface.
2. Shuffle the playing cards and place them face-down in their respective slots on the board.
3. Each player should then choose a color of deer token, which they will use to represent their hunting tag throughout the game. All tokens should be placed off the game board into a pile that’s easily accessible during game play.
4. Place all three dice into the can cooler, shaking it up so they are well mixed before each throw. It is recommended to have one person serve as “shooter” for each turn of play to assist in keeping any confusion at bay throughout your turn.
5. Decide who is chosen shooter first ” either through random selection or mutually deciding amongst players ” and get ready to begin deer hunting!

1. Shooter will select one player who will “call” numbers upon rolling of dice, which requires choosing between two or all three available numbers after each roll.
2. The next roll consists of shooting (can cooler) by shaking dice until all three come to rest; callers must choose from all 3 numbers this time around before shooter gets another turn at tossing the dice). This process is repeated until someone throws a winning combination! When that happens, move that hunter’s deer token onto any space reflecting deer points from your total number thrown (1 Buck = 4 Points; 1 Doe = 2 Points).
3. Play continues around in similar fashion with every player getting their chance as caller and shooter continuously until someone has accumulated five deer points, declaring them 0Buck Fever winner!

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• Shooting a Triplets automatically wins you 10 total points (5 Bucks + 5 Does), however only counts towards 7 points towards your total score and cannot be used to win the game outright unless you had previously accumulated enough points via singleton throws in earlier rounds of play!
• Players may opt to pass during their turn if they do not wish to challenge their luck shooting for more Deer Points; without good aim even those lucky enough to get – Triplets thrown may end up with zero additional points for their efforts”a common means of strategy among veteran players!

Fun With Buck Fever

Buck Fever is an exciting board game that will quickly become part of your gaming arsenal. The fast-paced action of Buck Fever takes the traditional board game and skyrockets it to a new level. With its innovative layout, this game is unlike any other and provides endless hours of entertainment.

The board consists of several different trees, each with their own strategy to build your buck herd. While rolling the dice and moving pieces, players must use interactive strategy to optimize their goals and make sure each buck goes in the right direction.

Unexpected twists can completely change the tide of the game as players have to quickly adjust their strategies. In addition, special cards in the Wild Card pile also add surprises for all involved in the game. Each card can significantly strengthen or weaken a position and keep everyone guessing from move to move.

The unique strategies involved in Buck Fever are endless! You’ll have fun attempting various combinations of bucks and trees to find ways that work best for you. The creativity necessary for this will ensure that no two games are ever exactly alike and makes it easily adjustable for all levels.

Buckle up and get ready for an experience like no other! With dynamic gameplay, unexpected turns around every corner, and clever strategies at every turn ” Buck Fever is something that you won’t want to miss out on!

Advantages of Playing With Buck Fever

Buck Fever is an exciting board game for playing with friends or family. It’s designed for 2 to 4 players and it has been called a “fast-paced, shoot’n move” game. The objective of the game is to get your pieces around the board as quickly as you can while avoiding other players.

One of the best features of Buck Fever Board Game is its portability. It comes in its own convenient carrying case; which means that you can pick up and go anywhere, anytime. The game is fun at home and also great for taking it with you out camping, on vacations, or to grandma’s house.

Another advantage that makes Buck Fever ideal for family game nights is its ease of storage. Once set up it takes up hardly any space making it great even if your home has tight storage space requirements. Furthermore, all pieces are self-contained within a convenient box so when wrapped up tight you can easily store it away until next time.

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Finally one of the greatest aspects that sets Buck Fever apart from other games is that this fun but easy-to-play experience can be enjoyed pretty much in any setting or environment; garden parties, living rooms, kitchens – even outdoors! This feature makes Buck Fever great for entertaining people in most settings without having to worry about finding a flat surface – such as utilized by cards or more traditional board games – to play on.

Online Resources

For those wanting to learn more about playing the Buck Fever board game, there is an abundance of resources available online that can provide a wealth of information about the game. Players can find tutorials and step-by-step walkthroughs to increase their knowledge of game play and strategies. Additionally, online forums are a great way for experienced players to share insightful tips with each other and compare strategies. Online guides feature a variety of written and video material about the game which can help better understand its rules. Furthermore, people who are looking for opponents or seek collaborations in order to improve their skills can make use of online communities dedicated to the game. With all these resources available, it is easier than ever for players to become well versed in this beloved board game.


Buck Fever Board Game is a timeless classic that can be enjoyed by families, friends, and game night aficionados alike. With easy-to-learn rules and engaging game play, Buck Fever Board Game offers a one-of-a-kind shareable experience that guarantees suspenseful moments of laughter and excitement for players of all ages. The turn-based strategy elements are simple enough that even young kids can have fun with the game but challenging enough to keep seasoned gamers coming back time and time again.

The various pieces of the board game add variety to each playthrough and make the experiences shareable with friends and family who have yet to delve into the fascinating world of Buck Fever Board Game. Players get to explore new strategies each time they play, creating an ever-evolving narrative for each individual game. Additionally, there is plenty of room for creativity when it comes to making up different scenarios or characters as well as unforgettable experiences shared between family and friends while playing.

In conclusion, Buck Fever Board Game is truly a classic gaming experience that everyone should enjoy at least once in their lifetime ” Whether it’s playing on your own or competing with family members or friends. It’s entertaining mix of strategic elements, unique character options and unpredictable twists creates tension filled moments along with memories you’ll cherish for years to come ” making it an enduringly popular choice among aspiring game masters everywhere!

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