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Family game nights are an excellent way to strengthen the bond between family members. With the large variety of board games, drawing activities, and puzzles available, it can be difficult to decide what activities to do on a weekly basis.

Benefits & Popular Board Games
Playing board games together is a great way for family members of all ages to get quality time with each other in a fun and interactive environment. Not only do they help build strong relationships but they also help improve problem-solving skills and strategy while also helping to promote imaginative play or storytelling. Popular choices include classics like Monopoly, Clue, and Scrabble as well as newer titles like Catan and Codenames.

Drawing Ideas
Getting creative by doing some drawing activities is another great option for family game night. Some ideas include Draw Something which encourages the participants to make imaginary objects together or Character Creation which involves creating characters from blank templates then giving them backstories. Other possibilities include playing Stickman Challenge where two players draw stick figures battling each other, or playing Memory Match in which pairs must attempt to draw certain scenes from memory – either from memory alone or after looking at photographs of the item as reference material.

Tips for a Drawing/Board Game Session
To ensure that everyone has an enjoyable experience when playing drawing games together there are a few helpful tips: set up chairs in a circle so that everyone can see each others’ views; bring plenty of coloring materials such as pens, pencils, paper; establish individual rules; take turns; be tolerant of mistakes; have fun!

Names Of Top Selling Board Games

Playing board games or drawing together can be an exciting way to bring families closer while having a great time! Whether you choose something classic like Monopoly or something brand new like Draw Something, it will guarantee hours of fun!

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Other creative ways could be creating art pieces as you play the board game, such as making a mural with each space of the game or prompting players to draw when they land on a particular square. You could encourage all players to design their own cards for the game or have each player draw something specific for the game, like characters or items needed for completion. Have each person come up with their style of art from cartoon to realistic and see which fits best with what is being played. Lastly, you could utilize other types of drawing materials such as paints, crayons, markers, etc., to make your game more unique and fun!

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Hosting a family session of games and drawing is an enjoyable way to spend an evening. Here are some tips that can help to make your session run smoothly:

1. Plan a snack menu ahead of time in order to avoid any last minute surprises and keep everyone full while they focus on playing games and drawing.

2. Set a time limit/schedule in order to accommodate other activities, such as reading or bedtime, if necessary.

3. Have a variety of board games available that suit different age groups, as well as activity materials for any little ones who can’t join in the game-play yet.

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4. Provide blank paper and colored pens for anyone with an artistic inclination, so that those participating can express their creativity with some drawing and sketching during the session.

5. Try out some new games and activities together – this will help keep the event fresh, interesting and interactive!

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