How To Find Used Board Games


Board games have a long and rich history that can be traced back to ancient cultures. In this era of digital entertainment, board games still remain alive and well. Despite their age, they continue to be enjoyed by people of all ages—from children playing with family on lazy afternoons to university students eating pizza at game night. Board games provide a unique form of entertainment that has been part of our culture for centuries, as it is through them that friends and families can interact, play together, and experience an unforgettable shared moment.

In addition to simply reliving memories from childhood or having fun with family, board games can also be used as teaching tools—whether in the classroom or home setting—as particular topics such as science, mathematics, language abilities, and general knowledge can all be taught using traditional game boards.

But finding used board games isn’t always easy. To make sure you find a great game that doesn’t break your bank account there are a range of strategies you should take into consideration. Here’s how you can start looking for used board games:

1. Start online – The internet is home to numerous sites dedicated to all things gaming such as BoardGameGeek (BGG). This site offers detailed reviews and ratings for each game by gamers who have already played it and allows you to search titles by price range or rating score. You can also search nationwide classified websites like eBay and Craigslist which often feature discounted second-hand board games.

2. Visit flea markets – Most flea markets will have an abundance of sellers peddling various collectable items including classic board games from previous decades. It really pays off if you take some time browsing through stacks of dusty boxes since deals can range from pocket change to grands depending on the particular game you’re looking for.

3. Thrift stores – Thrift stores are always worth checking out if you want to get hold of some fantastic finds at discount prices without breaking the bank too much – especially when it comes to older edition versions which may no longer be available in local stores but still appreciated by collectors who’d pay a good price for them on eBay or BGG Marketplace – the latter being especially useful since it provides an easy way to trade old editions between gamers worldwide!

Benefits of Buying Used Board Games

Buying used boardgames is a great way to save money and reduce your carbon footprint. For one, used board games are often significantly discounted from their original price. Buying used prevents dangerous or hazardous materials from entering landfills, as the game can be use multiple times with various owners instead of being discarded after just one use. As an added bonus, many board game stores offer used board game auctions and contests where prices can be driven down even lower. Second hand board games also allow for friendly competition among family and friends. Not only can you have fun playing the game but you also get to experience sharing games with others–perhaps someone across town or around the world! Finally, buying a used boardgame eliminates the hassle of collecting all the pieces (player tokens, dice, tiles etc.), meaning you don’t have to worry about missing any parts before starting a game. The convenience of having all these ready-made pieces comes in handy when introducing new players to an unfamiliar game. Used boardgames therefore make for an inexpensive, fun, and eco-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy!

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Where To Find Used Board Games

Physical Stores: There are a variety of stores that offer used board games for purchase. Thrift stores and second-hand shops often have a wide selection of gently used board games, especially those from the 1980s or earlier. Asking around your community may also lead to independent business owners or neighborhood antiques that keep vintage board games in stock. If you’re lucky, you may even find these items on a discount rack at larger retail stores such as Target or Walmart.

Online Stores: Online shopping sites such as eBay or Etsy offer an extensive collection of used board games both new and old. Some sellers will even bundle multiple classic titles in one set for added convenience and savings. Additionally, sites like Amazon Marketplace allow customers to shop used products through its own store section while they can rest assured knowing their purchases will still be covered by their company’s guarantee.

Comparison Shopping: When comparison shopping it is important to read product descriptions carefully as some items have been heavily played with whereas others are in fairly good condition. Checking individual seller ratings is also key to making sure you get the best quality possible before selecting your purchase. Finally, going over special discounts at each platform should help you save money in the long run on the item you choose.

Tips for Inspecting Used Board Games

Once you’ve decided to purchase a used board game, it’s important to make sure that the condition of the game is sound. The most accurate way of evaluating a game is by inspecting it yourself. Begin by looking at the box for any rips, tears or water damage. Check for any punctures as well as signs of excessive wear and tear.

Next, unbox the board game and inspect all components, including dice, meeples, pieces and cards for signs of wear or damage. Make sure all parts appear in good condition – chips and broken pieces are cause for concern, particularly if removing them would impede playability. Then check that all directions and rulebooks are intact; missing pages might indicate the previous owner cumbered with their own house rules. Determine whether you need additional accessories such as batteries to make full use of the product.

Finally, look carefully at all surfaces of the board game to check they aren’t stained or scribbled on with markers or crayons; this indicates heavy usage which could lead to tiredness in components much sooner than expected.

How To Bargain for Used Board Games

When looking for used board games, it is possible to find a great deal. Bargaining can be effective in finding the best price and quality combination. Here are a few tips on how to negotiate when shopping for used board games:

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1. Do your research – Before entering into negotiations, take some time to understand the fair market value of the game you are interested in buying. Websites like and relevant forums can provide insight that helps determine the fair price for various board games. You can also use online sites such as eBay or Amazon to get an idea of what people have been willing to pay for similar items in the past.

2. Haggle – Don’t be afraid to bargain! Negotiating with the seller can be a great way to get a better deal than originally offered, especially if it is an individual seller or small store. If you know what the average going rate for a used game is – usually found through price guides and previously discussed resources- you can use this knowledge as leverage during negotiations; you will be able to explain why prices should be lower than they initially quote more effectively when citing reliable sources.

3. Be Honest – Be sure to discuss honestly why you want a bargain so that the seller knows which aspects of cooperation they would stand to gain from expanding their asking price, such as increased sales volume over time if they agree not to raise prices too steeply now or potential return customers if they offer high-quality discounted merchandise compared to other vendors in their area. This information may give them incentive to lower sales prices for your benefit without losing out on profits entirely – so don’t hesitate speak up!


When looking for used board games, there are many advantages to bargain shopping. Used board games are typically much cheaper than new ones, so it makes sense to shop around and take advantage of these discounts. Many stores that specialize in used board games will also offer discounts through their membership programs. Additionally, thrift stores and consignment stores can often provide excellent deals on used merchandise. Craigslist and eBay also offer great bargains for those seeking used items, with sellers often willing to negotiate prices. Finally, online marketplaces such as Board Game Geek have a wide range of titles available for purchase at discounted prices. By taking the time to research one’s options and compare prices from different sources, it is easy to find the perfect game at an affordable price. Bargain hunting can be a great way to save money while still enjoying a fun gaming experience with family or friends.

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