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Collecting hard to find board games can be a great way to reconnect with the past, provide yourself with a bit of nostalgia, and get your hands on something unique. Games from older generations may have mechanics that are not seen in the modern versions, spanning across various genres such as sports, horror, fantasy adventures and other beloved titles. However, identifying a game’s value and finding it can often be difficult. Here are some tips on how to locate hard to find boardgames and suggestions as to where one can purchase them.

When looking for a specific game or boardgame series, one should begin by researching the item online. A good starting point is the online Board Game Geek archive which contains an invaluable amount of information regarding most games out there. Additionally, one should try reaching out to community forums dedicated specifically to discussing older games, as they often include threads about valuable pieces and their potential future availability.

If the research fails to bring results among online shops or used departments at hobby stores in your area then you will likely need to resort to extreme measures such as auctions held abroad or bazaars occurring only once or twice yearly in each major city. Keep track of local announcements containing details concerning accessible rare items and consider using auction websites like eBay for more expensive ones if budget is not a limit.

When all else fails then it might be time to consult antique owners and old-school collectors snatching up any forgotten gems buried deep inside dusty attics! If these efforts are belittled then take down any connections through video gaming groups and expansion packs experts as networks such as these also host some surprising elements from yesteryear’s market.

In conclusion, finding hard-to-find boardgames may prove more tedious than expected yet this should not demotivate nor distinguish true enthusiasts from spotting hidden gems among collections shrouded by years of mystery! Luckily there are many resources that can facilitate this search while keeping everyone’s interests in mind offering services foreign or local sealed within splendid packages covered in endless amounts of surprises!

Shopping at Retail Outlets

Shopping online for hard to find board games has many advantages over shopping offline. Firstly, online stores typically have a much broader selection than retail outlets. Online marketplaces make it possible to locate rare and even out of print games that can be difficult or impossible to find in regular stores. Additionally, customers only have to pay one straightforward price including the cost of shipping, meaning they can avoid any unexpected costs.

On the other hand, shopping in traditional retail outlets often offers the advantage of immediacy and physical interaction with the product prior to purchasing it. Customers are able to inspect the item in person and ensure that it is in satisfactory condition before going through with their purchase. Furthermore, many chain retailers offer loyalty points or discount schemes with credit cards which enable them to save money on subsequent purchases. However, these deals may not be available with all products as retailers often discount only their staple goods and therefore cost savings on hard-to-find games may be minimal.

Finding Online Stores

Buying hard to find board games can be difficult, but with the right research, it is possible. The best way to purchase rare board games is through the internet. By searching around different online marketplaces, you are likely to find something that fits your needs. eBay is a popular marketplace for buying things such as vintage collectables, including board games. This website is home to many sellers who specialize in hard-to-find items and could potentially have what you’re looking for. Amazon also offers a wide selection of different games that span from obscure classics to brand new releases. You will likely come across listings of out of print titles or titles that have been otherwise discontinued there. Finally, Etsy offers an excellent variety of items for people looking for one-of-a-kind finds; many people make handmade versions of classic board games on this website and offer customizations depending on the situation.When exploring these sites it’s important to read reviews carefully before purchasing a game; some issues with counterfeit might present themselves or sellers may have caused potential damage due to poor handling during shipping which could minimize the value of the item. Regardless, it’s always better to be safe than sorry! Another option would be searching auction houses such as Christie’s auction house or Skinner Auctioneers & Appraisers where rare items are put up for sale by their respective owners with prices set by knowledgeable appraisers and collectors alike. Lastly, joining forums dedicated to certain types of games can prove beneficial as individuals sharing similar interests tend to post about any upcoming auctions or markets they know about – so if you find yourself struggling with finding certain pieces then someone in these spaces may be able help you out!

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Consignment Shops

Benefits of visiting a consignment shop when looking for hard to find board games:
Consignment shops are great places to look for hard to find board games, as they often have access to rare titles or extremely discounted prices. Furthermore, some of these places also offer trade-in services and accept donations so they likely have lots of “new” stuff at competitive prices. Consignment shops might also bring in collections from people who don’t play the game anymore and are willing to part with it for a good price.

Drawbacks of visiting a consignment shop: The downside is that these places may not always carry the latest titles, so there’s no guarantee that you’ll find what you’re looking for. Additionally, since the products are typically resold or donated by other people, it’s possible that you could end up spending money on something that doesn’t work properly or isn’t in the best condition. You may also need to take extra time searching through the store and have patience as staff try to locate items that are sold out or purchased quickly.

Discontinued Games

The demand for hard to find board games can often be very high. With the continued explosion of new board game releases each year, some older games unfortunately become less available or completely unavailable. However, there are still many ways to acquire these much-sought after titles.

Scouring Online Board Game Stores: Board game stores that have been operating online for a while likely have an impressive selection of discontinued titles in their inventory. These sites often keep track of what’s popular, so they’ll typically stock titles that others might not carry anymore. Furthermore, they may even offer discounts on outdated games as well.

Checking eBay and Other Auction Sites: Sites such as eBay provide an excellent way to search for past board games, particularly ones that haven’t been printed for quite some time. One can often find great deals on classic ‘out-of print’ titles on auction sites where sellers will typically compete to bring the best price possible.

Seeking Out Local Specialty Stores: Although it might take a bit of research, chances are good a local hobby store near you may carry those hard-to-find gems you need if they specialize in board gaming products and services. Give them a call or pop in to ask if they can source the particular title you need from another outlet online or if they already have it in stock.

Joining Groups Dedicated To Discontinued Games: There are several closed groups dedicated to finding rare and out-of-print board games on social media platforms such as Facebook and Reddit. Joining these networks can help you get access to great deals or even trades with fellow collector enthusiasts who might have a special game missing from your setlist which you’ve had your eye on for a while now!

Making Your Own Copy

One creative solution for finding hard to find board games is to make your own copy. This could involve either designing or building it yourself from scratch. To get started, you’ll need the appropriate materials and tools for constructing or designing the board game. Depending on the complexity of the game, these materials and tools could include a cutting mat and knife, acrylic paint, clay tools, player pieces, dice and die cutters, cardstock paper or cardboard, tiny metal figures and wood glue. Once you have all of the necessary supplies gathered together, create a plan that outlines how you plan to build or design ” including any graphics or artwork you’d like to include — before actually setting out to do so.

Once you have finalized your game design plans, continue by sketching out a prototype board. Use this template as a guide while crafting each element of the game individually with either your hands or machine-based cutting tools. When creating player pieces ensure they are properly weighted so they move well during gameplay; use cardstock paper if making cards; use wood glue when connecting wooden parts; and make sure that dice are properly balanced before sealing them in plastic wrappers. Finally, once all of your components have been made, assemble them in its final form and update it with any last minute visuals such as color schemes or light design work if needed before deeming it ready for playtesting!

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Importing Games

When searching for hard to find board games, many people turn to importing them from abroad. Doing this can be a great way to find rare and unique games that you wouldn’t be able to get in your home country. However, there are potential pitfalls that can come with importing board games from abroad. First and foremost, it is important to consider the cost of the item being purchased and the shipping fees associated with it, as these costs can erode savings depending on where the game is being purchased from and what method is used for shipping. Importing an item also means dealing with additional policies such as taxes, customs fees, and other regulations set by each country’s government. Additionally, researching the seller is essential when purchasing goods from abroad, as counterfeit goods or goods of lesser quality than described can be sold without any legal protection for buyers. Finally, language barriers can add another layer of difficulty when trying to buy goods from a foreign seller; being able to express yourself correctly in the seller’s own language will allow for better communication and limit any possible misunderstandings or misinterpretations. Understanding all of these complexities of buying goods abroad ahead of time should help anyone looking to import rare board games increase their chances of a smooth transaction.


If you are looking to add a classic board game or an out of print game to your collection, there are several avenues through which you can find and buy these hard to find board games. Online retail sites like eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist offer a variety of sellers who have these games in stock. There are also specialty stores, such as hobby shops and gaming conventions that carry hard to find board games. Additionally, there are a number of communities dedicated to finding and buying unique or rare games from other members.

The first step to finding the game you want is knowing what is available on the market. Researching online through various websites that list titles or searching for keywords associated with the game title will help narrow down searches for specific items. Many times collectors use online forums or blogs connected with the niche gaming community in order to get more information about where they can find certain games or if there are any upcoming events where these items may be listed for sale.

Hobby shops or specialty stores often carry titles, especially in the form of new expansions and expansions for older games that were previously out of print. The store personnel can be very knowledgable and helpful when it comes to tracking down pieces, particularly since they have access to industry networks in which they can obtain difficult-to-find merchandise often at very reasonable prices. Additionally, they likely have taken part in trades themselves so they may able able to provide useful advice when it comes time to purchase a choice item from another collector/seller.

Finally, gamers who attend comic book shows, science fiction conventions, and gaming conventions throughout the country have the potential ability to come across rare gems related to their favorite pastime. Not only do these vendors usually have better selection than local retailers but attendees also benefit from being able snare deals directly from other buyers too afraid willing to let go some of their own prized collections after learning about how much other gamers value them.

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