How To Play Bejeweled Board Game


Bejeweled is an addictive match-three puzzle board game, in which the player must exchange two adjacent gems to make horizontal or vertical lines of three or more gems of the same type. The first iteration of the game was on Windows PCs in 2000 and it quickly grew in popularity due to being a simple yet challenging game with very little rules that anyone could understand.

The success of Bejeweled led to its incorporation in many other platforms, including mobile apps and handheld systems. Notable versions include Bejeweled for Javascript by PopCap Games and the classic console ports for Game Boy Advance, Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network. Over time, refinements were added such as different game modes, special gemstones and power-ups. This expanded Bejewled beyond its core genre of puzzle games allowing it to become a part of other genres like strategy and even survival horror.

More recently, with its overwhelming success across digital platforms such as Steam, iPhone/Android stores and social networking services like Facebook; Bejeweled has spawned several spin-off sequels like BeJeweled Blitz, where gamers race against an AI or another player to score highest points. It also inspired similar games like Jewel Quest and Candy Crush Saga that have continued on the legacy set by the original classic version by developing new creative ways to play its basic principles while still maintaining the classic style that made it popular at first place.

Pre-Game Preparation

In order to play Bejeweled board game, you need the following items: a Bejeweled board, 8 black and 8 white orbs, two colored base pieces for each of the two players and a 6-sided die. Many versions of the game are available, so depending on what variation you want to play you may need some specialized supplies such as a timer in the case of Speed Bejeweled.

If someone with disabilities wants to play Bejeweled, they can do so by purchasing or downloading an accessible version. This version has special large accessibility pieces that can easily be picked up and moved around by those with physical impairments or visual differences. Additionally, some online versions have adjustable timing speeds which can be set to longer intervals for people who respond more slowly to commands or need more time to strategize their next move.

Setting Up the Board

The Bejeweled Board Game is a classic strategy game that requires careful thought and skill to master. It is played between two individuals on a playing board with multicolored jewels placed in specific patterns. The object of the game is to create rows and columns of gem matches by swapping adjacent gems. To start, players must first place the game board on a sturdy surface such as a table for easy access.

The board should be divided into an 8×8 grid, with alternating black & white squares and eight rows of eight gems each (64 gems total), all multi-colored – two green, two pink, two yellow, one red, one orange. Additionally, each jewel contains a numerical value assigned to it according to its relative rarity; green and pink each score 1 point per match, yellow scores 2 points per match, red scores 3 points per match and orange scores 4 points per match.

Players can focus on four main areas when playing: strategic moves (matching nine or more tiles at once for bonus points), timing moves (waiting until the right move presents itself), tile placement (creating combos of colored tiles or higher valued tiles) and avoiding bottlenecks (avoiding creating blocks that aren’t easily able to move). By following these tips competing against friends in Bejeweled will become an invigorating experience!

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How to Play

Making the First Move: To begin the game, simply roll two dice (or take turns rolling one die) to determine who goes first. The player with the higher number on their respective die will make the first move.

Swapping Gems and Making Combos: Now it’s time to move! On your turn, select any two gems that you would like to switch places by clicking on each gem. As you place your gems together in lines of three or more matching gems, those lines will become matches and instantly clear off the board. When these matched gems clear the screen new pieces will automatically drop down (sometimes unlocking bonuses).

The Scoring System: After each successful match up of three or more pieces, your score total will increase as long as there are additional matches cleared from the same move. Matching four pieces will give you a bigger bonus than three! If you can manage to line up five or more same-colored pieces in a row (called a “raid”), you’ll earn even larger bonuses for that round.

Effects of Power-Ups: Power ups can be earned by making combinations in specific areas of the board marked with four corner-pieces. When activated they have special effects such as randomly switching all adjacent gems, clearing all horizontal gem lines, clearing all vertical gem lines, rotating horizontally swapped gems back into their original stance or combining two gems into one oversized supergem which clears both immediately upon its activation.

How to Win: In order to win a game of Bejeweled Board Game you need to keep earning points by matching sets of jewels across multiple rounds until one person unanimously obtains 10 stars (10 points). Once someone reaches 10 stars or points then that player wins and scores an immediate victory.

Strategies & Tips

Bejeweled is a classic board game where players must match and line up jewels of the same colour in order to progress and gain points. The objective of the game is to score as many points as possible by matching three or more jew e ls, swapping adjacent tiles across a 7×7 grid. Bejeweled rewards players for matching jewels with bonus points for four of the same colour in a row, which combine to form larger gems that offer more valuable multipliers when matched.

It’s important to strategize when playing Bejeweled; look ahead at potential opportunities to create matches, line up multiple chains of four or more of the same color, and utilize special tiles such as hyper cubes and lightning bolts. It is also very beneficial to recognize on-board patterns with eyeshields, double zigzags, reversals and so on, which can result in massive points once completed. While most board patterns yield less points than long chains, at times they can obtain astonishing scores if matched correctly.

Moreover, it’s essential to look for hyper cubes and lightning bolts since these effectively grant players the power to clear out pieces or chain together several gems if placed correctly. Lightning bolts destroy entire lines while hyper cubes eliminate all nearby pieces if paired up or form 5-in-a rows when held next to each other. Executing moves this way instead of just creating single lines will give players a much better chance at getting higher scores and advancing further in each round.

Troubleshooting & FAQs

Bejeweled is a challenging, eye-catching board game that’s popular with gamers of all ages. However, playing the game can sometimes be frustrating due to common issues that players may encounter such as understanding the rules or dealing with opponent strategies. This article will answer some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) about playing Bejeweled and provide troubleshooting tips for addressing common issues.

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One of the big problems players may face is misunderstanding how pieces move around the board. Each piece must either move forward, backward or sideways. Diagonal movement is not allowed and pieces cannot jump over other pieces. Knowing this rule will help ensure accuracy when making your moves. Additionally, players should keep in mind that their opponent’s moves can influence their choices and force them to think several steps ahead when deciding which piece to move and where it should go on the board.

Another issue players may encounter is tracking opponents’ future moves based upon their current piece placements and patterns on the board. Playing Bejeweled involves anticipating what your opponent is going to do so it’s important to pay attention to how they are setting up their pieces as well as what direction they are developing in on the board. Analysing these trends can help you anticipate your enemy’s next move before they make it so you can react accordingly.

Finally, one of the biggest dilemmas players come across is dealing with their own frustrations during gameplay such as getting stuck in a particular situation or misplacing a piece they had planned on moving somewhere else. These kinds of issues are often caused by poor strategy or overlooking subtle details like possible available avenues for attack by an opponent; so remember to double-check any potential threats before proceeding with your chosen plan of action! The most important thing is not to let your emotions get in the way when playing; take a breather if needed, review the situation from all angles, then devise a new plan based on whatever course of action seems best for winning at that point in time (or simply preserving any potential advantages).


In conclusion, Bejeweled is a fun and addictive game that can be enjoyed by players of all ages. The objective of the game is to clear the board by swapping gems and creating 3 or more matching rows horizontally or vertically. To do this, players must solve puzzles by either making one match at a time or creating bigger matches with special combos. Playing correctly and efficiently will eventually lead to victory.

Some advanced strategies are often used by experienced players that help make the game even easier for them. For example, using power-ups such as hammers and cogs can allow players to clear tiles away in a single turn resulting in big points. Additionally, strategic planning ahead of time involving setting up cascades can allow experienced players to create enormous chain reactions giving them an edge against their opponents. Finally, analyzing moves multiple turns ahead help experienced players identify which gems will help form matches most efficiently so they can set up their board accordingly for easier wins.

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