How To Play Fantastic Beasts Board Game


Fantastic Beasts Board Game is a fantastic family game for all ages. The game has been created to be an enjoyable and exciting experience of discovery, strategy and competition. Players will have the opportunity to use their wits to outsmart each other in order to gain magical artifacts that are collected around the board. Each player starts with a unique set of abilities they can use while they journey through the board collecting powerful creatures and items hidden throughout the game.

The game centers around the different ‘Fantastic Beasts’ that inhabit our world. Each player must maneuver around the board trying to gather as many of these beasts as possible. There are also special objects that help each player when moving along the path and completing tasks. As players progress, they also collect gold coins which allows them to purchase helpful items from magical shops; this adds another layer of strategy where players must think carefully about their choices before taking actions on their turn. Along the way you’ll need some luck, skill, cunning and careful planning in order to succeed – success dependents upon how well you strategically react against your fellow players’ moves!

What You Need to Play and Where to get it

If you want to play the Fantastic Beasts Board Game, you’ll need a game board, dice (or use an app), humans or beasts cards and some coins. The game can be found online or in stores that sell board games. You’ll need two to four players to begin the game. On your turn, roll the dice and move your character on the board. When you land on a spot with an icon, draw the corresponding cards; if it’s an human card collect coins from your opponents, if it’s a beast card you get one of two rewards: free passage to any spot on the board or extra coins. After collecting reward money, you can spend it on equipment cards for extra advantages in future rounds. Keep playing until someone reaches the end of the gameboard–the winner is whoever had collected most coins after completing the final challenge!

Game Rules and Setup

1. Set up the game board: Place the Fantastic Beasts board game in front of all players and unfold it so that each player can see the different locations.

2. Separate Out The Pieces: Divide out all of the pieces included in the box and give each player their allocated! This includes creature figures, spell cards, adventure tokens (yellow squares), encounters (green circles) hazard tokens (orange triangles), an escapable death token, a full hand of four cards (chosen from a shuffled deck) and an ‘I’m ready for action’ card.

3. Place Creatures On The Board: Put all of your creature figures on to spaces on the board to start off with – they should be placed in a straight line behind one another starting with their head at their furthest left edge; this will represent their progress around Monsterland as they go.

4. Determine Turn Order: All players now roll 1d6 die to decide who goes first – whoever rolls highest gets to commence the round by taking their turn first with play then progressing clockwise in numerical order until everyone has had a chance to take their action! Once complete whichever player rolled highest again will lead off their turn and so on until one person has won or all creatures have been eliminated from Monsterland!

What You Need to Know Before You Start Playing

The Fantastic Beasts board game is a magical board game based on the movie series of the same name. The game provides an exciting and realistic experience as players explore the magical world of fantastic beasts. Players must form a wary task force to capture, contain, and protect dangerous creatures who are lurking in the shadows.

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Players will learn about the unique characteristics of these ancient creatures, from the swish and flick combat of Nifflers to the healing powers of Puffskeins. There are twelve creatures featured in total: Classic Hogwarts creatures, like Dragons; dark wizards from famous films including Bellatrix Lestrange and Voldemort; mythical creatures like Centaurs; mysterious phantasms and sprites such as Doxies; forgotten wand spells cast by Albus Dumbledore such as Imperius Curse; magical artefacts like Invisibility Cloaks; and historical characters like Newt Scamander who will help you in your journey.

Each creature has its own strengths, weaknesses, abilities and goals that must be taken into account when playing. Each player’s goal is to capture their opponents’ beast while protecting their own beasts by any means necessary. As they encounter different creatures during their quest, they can combine their collected resources with tactical strategy to move forward through an ever-changing landscape filled with danger. To complete their mission, players must use spells, potions, and cunning charm to thwart enemies as they unearth secrets lurking in the shadows around them. The player who captures all of their opponents’ beasts first wins!

How the Gameplay Works

Fantastic Beasts board game is a fun, thrilling and addicting game that has become increasingly popular since it was first released. Players travel around the board collecting creatures, memorizing spells and creating collections across different categories. To play the game, each player starts with two dice which they can role to move their pieces around the board over the course of their turns.

At the beginning of each turn, each player may roll their die to determine how many spaces they can move their piece along the board. Depending on where you land on the board will determine what actions you can take during your turn. If you’re lucky enough to land on a card draw space, you may pick up a card from one of four categories; Spells, Creatures, Erumpents (wild animals) and Crups (magical creatures). These cards possess various properties that may be used as part of larger strategic decisions when forming your collection of magical beasts or casting powerful spells.

If you land on a challenge space instead then you are able to ‘challenge’ another player by asking them questions associated with their placed cards or any previously activated Spell card effects which are still in effect during this point in the game. Depending on if the questions were answered correctly or incorrectly will determine who gains points on top of getting control over whatever beast is being challenged for.

In addition to these spaces there are also potion-making spots that allow players to add potions made up of animals and other items they have gathered via previous rolls onto a chart where they can receive points depending on how well crafted it is compared to everyone else’s concoctions at the end of each round. This serves as an additional way for players to accumulate points which determines who ultimately wins after all players return back home!

Tips for Making the Game More Engaging and Enjoyable

1. Have players use their imaginations to bring their creatures to life, making each character unique and distinctive.

2. Play with a timer or some sort of clock so that each player has limited time to take their turn, creating tension when all players are competing against the ticking timer.

3. Incorporate items like lucky charms, magic tools, badges, or mythical tales that players can use during gameplay to help their creature survive and score points.

Benefits Of Playing Board Games

4. Hide items or clues around the game board – either by hiding them in the illustrations or concealing them underneath game pieces – so that finding them is part of the excitement of the game play experience.

5. Introduce surprise events and battles for extra action and suspense during each round of play.

6. Encourage an atmosphere of collaboration rather than competition wherein players must work together to defeat monsters and save their chosen creatures from certain death!

Additional Resources

The Fantastic Beasts board game brings the wizarding world into your home for hours of entertainment and fun. The game is intended for 2-4 players, ages 8 and up. The objective is to help Newt Scamander collect Magical Creatures from his travels in New York City before the evil forces of Grindelwald do. Each player starts with a suitcase, a pawn, and multiple creature cards which will determine which creatures you are searching for throughout the game. Players take turns moving their pawns around the board, collecting creature cards and resource tokens along their way. Creatures can be found by rolling dice while resource tokens allow you to use special abilities or obtain additional creature cards during play. In order to win the game, players must fill their suitcase with creatures while trying to stay ahead of other players who may be after them as well as resisting any temptations that might get in their way.

Accessoriies: There are several accessories available to enhance gameplay such as travel pouches where players can store resources, specialty dice used in certain areas on the board, figurines representing characters from Fantastic Beasts such as Newt and Percival Graves.

Expansion Packs: Expansion packs for this game include additional creatures not featured in the core set as well as new locations to explore with unique magical powers associated with each area. These packs also introduce different goals and mechanics in order to diversify gameplay experience which could range from attempting capture more creatures than opponents or attempting to reach certain points on the board before other players do.


Playing the Fantastic Beasts Board Game can be an amusing and interactive experience. With its engaging artwork, entertaining gameplay, and assortment of challenging tasks, it’s sure to bring you hours of joyful entertainment. Its appealing world and creatures, along with the crossover between scenarios within this world, make the game especially enjoyable. The rules are easy enough to learn so that all players have a level ground when playing, while still providing enough of a challenge to stay exciting throughout. Whether you’re playing with friends or family, it’s guaranteed that everyone will be delighted in their journey through this whimsical world of Fantastic Beasts. Plus, if you can manage to outsmart your opponents in order to collect all eight tokens and win the game, you’ll certainly have something to brag about! So whether you’re a fan of JK Rowling’s magical universe or intrigued by the strategic concepts required for this board game in particular ” take some time out of your day for a bit of controlled mayhem and join in on the fun party adventure that is the Fantastic Beasts Board Game.

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