How To Play Friends Wheel Of Mayhem Board Game


Friends Wheel of Mayhem is an exciting and interactive board game that allows you to explore the ins and outs of your favorite TV show. With up to four players, each team has a chance to take on the role of one of the show’s main characters and answer trivia questions specifically relating to that character. Questions can range from fun quizzes about trivial topics such as who was their first date on the show to more deep-dive questions about their relationships with other characters or about certain plot points. As you spin the wheel, the number you land on will determine your challenge: which character do you pick and how many trivia questions do you need to answer? With different bonus cards for extra help, laughter is guaranteed as teams battle it out in Friends Wheel of Mayhem!


The Friends Wheel of Mayhem board game is full of exciting fun and hilarious action. The game contains a 13-inch spinning wheel, two or more player pieces (Friends Talk Tokens), two decks of cards (Singles & Douples) plus a sticker sheet that can be used to decorate the tokens.

Players can customize their tokens with funny phrases and symbols to add an extra special touch of fun. The Singles deck has over 260 cards and come in three categories; Red (provocations), Orange (missions) and Yellow (dares). The Doubles deck contains 80 cards which offer big dares for those who are feeling particularly daring!

To play, players spin the wheel at least once per round to determine who goes first and then take turns playing their Singles or Doubles cards. Depending on the card played, players may need to attempt crazy challenges, answer trivia questions or perform physical stunts. Players must complete each challenge in order to move along the game board. The first person to get all their pieces around the board wins!

Players will also require normal game playing items such as pencils for writing down scores, paper for making use of certain rules (eg slip-ups etc.), a flat surface to play on etc. If playing with young children, adults may wish to act as referees keeping track of points without allowing specific instructions from the adults while they are still on the wheel.


1. Begin by laying out the circular game board on a flat surface. The board should be placed such that all players can easily reach it and sit around it.

2. Separate the character cards according to their colors and allocate each player a color at random, making sure no two players share the same color. Then let each player take the corresponding character tokens off their colored card deck, giving them their ‘ avatars’ for the game.

3. Next, set up the dice box located in the center of the board, with six colored die inside each one marked with the game’s various characters. In order to make sure that all players have fair chances of winning when playing Friends Wheel Of Mayhem, it is recommended to roll all six die several times before starting the game in order to ensure equal distribution of represented characters on each side of the die box (so opponents won’t receive any unfair advantages).

4. Once you are sure that any probability imbalances have been corrected in terms of characters represented on either side of dice box, proceed by placing foam bricks within spaces marked by arrows found along outer rim of board – they will serve as bumpers preventing your tokens from falling off in midst of frantic gameplay!

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5. Players then must choose a starting position and place two matching coin tokens there (red or blue sided coins depending whether you are performing first or second round).

6. Afterwards, shuffle main deck containing miscellaneous questions and obstacles cards and place them face down near wheel’s center; every player will draw 2 cards at start of their turn to tackle with throughout duration game-play! Finally, determine who goes first by rolling all six characters die simultaneously; whoever releases more ‘Friend’ symbols upon completion his or her turn will become official gamestarter!


The Friends Wheel of Mayhem board game is an exciting adventure game for two to six players aged eight and up. The game takes players on a thrilling journey as they work to outwit their opponents and unlock the secrets of Central Perk in order to win. Players take turns spinning the wheel and moving around the board, collecting items and solving puzzles in order to advance towards the Grand Finale.

In this fast-paced game, players must use strategy, luck, and quick thinking in an attempt to be first to reach ‘The Central Perk Challenge.’ Along the way, they’ll encounter hilarious Friends themed topics such as “What did the Geller’s parents name their son?” If answered correctly, special bonus spaces on the board can be used to gain an edge or make a daring move. The first player who makes it through all 12 challenges wins!


To begin playing the Friends Wheel of Mayhem Board Game, each player will need to select a character. Once everyone has chosen a character, load the wheel with all twelve tokens and spin it until it lands on one. This token will determine who goes first and what their task must be.

Once play has begun, players can complete tasks by moving around the game board. The goal is to start at the hub and make your way back for as many points as possible. Players can gain points by completing tasks that are discussed during each round or advancing to certain spots on the game board. In addition, certain sections of the board have special rewards related to their chosen characters’ storylines which can help players win.

To win the game outright, players must reach the finish space before anyone else. However, in order to do so they will have to take strategic steps to move around the board as much and efficiently as possible while also completing tasks along the way. That said, sometimes having patience or taking risks can pay off in terms of bonuses or point multipliers later in the game so managing strategies over several rounds is important for success.

Tips & Tricks

The Friends Wheel of Mayhem board game is a fun way to test your knowledge of the popular sitcom, “Friends”. It’s easy to pick up and play, but there are some techniques that can help give you an edge over your opponents:
1. Pay Attention – Watch all the episodes carefully before starting the game! Knowing your facts about all the husbands, wives, relationships and other motifs will give you an advantage against challengers who don’t know as much trivia.
2. Quote – When in a Challenge space, try quoting lines directly from the show to get a better score! Even if it doesn’t earn you points on a specific board, citing specific episodes can lead to awesome conversations with fellow players!
3. Strategize – Pick which Wheeler you want carefully” each character offers different bonuses when rolling the die; use yours wisely considering what tasks you have yet to accomplish on the board!
4. Enjoy Yourself – Most importantly, Have Fun!!! Developing skills like true/false reasoning and logic helps make this a worthwhile experience for everyone involved ” including yourself!

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Alternative Rules & Scenarios

Friends Wheel of Mayhem Board Game is a fun and exciting game for two to four players. It combines classic board gaming with get-your-friends-laughing brand of storytelling, creating a fast and furious experience you can enjoy with friends. To play the game, each player takes turns spinning the colorful wheel to move around the board. Along the way, they must complete wacky tasks that come directly from their chosen “fam member” palette cards to score points. Challenges range from impersonations and wordplay to physical gags and activities ” and much more!

The basic rules are easy to understand, but if you and your friends want even more excitement in your games, then why not try some alternative scenarios? Try playing this game as a drinking game: each turn, take one sip of your favorite beverage for every completed challenge ” just make sure you’re 21 or over before playing. For an added layer of competitiveness and suspense, create forfeits for every failed challenge ” go from simple tasks like singing national anthems or writing limericks to extreme ones like wearing a crazy costume or running a lap around the house! Finally, invite other participants by welcoming grandparents or young children into the mix; grant them special bonuses such as double points or bonus moves to give everyone an equal chance at fun!


Q: How long does it take to play Friends Wheel of Mayhem?
A: The total time taken to complete the game varies depending on the number of players, but can take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

Q: What ages is the game suitable for?
A: While there is no exact age limit, Friends Wheel of Mayhem is best suited for players aged 8 and up, who are familiar with the hit TV show ‘Friends’. Younger kids may also find enjoyment in watching their parents or grandparents play.

Q: How do you win?
A: Players must compete in mini-challenges and races across the board to collect points. Once all rounds have been completed, the player with the most points wins the game!

Q: Do you need any special items to play?
A: Aside from a copy of Friends Wheel of Mayhem, a compilation of at least six counters (e.g., coins/coffee beans/etc.), one standard die and two joker dice are needed to fully enjoy this game.

Closing Remarks

Friends Wheel Of Mayhem is an exciting and fun board game for anyone who loves the TV show “Friends”. Players Must Spin The Wheel to Collect Rules Before Playing Challenges To Win. As players make their way around the game board, they’ll compete in skill-testing tasks, physical challenges, and games of knowledge to collect points. At the end of each round, the player with the most points wins. From laughing out loud while making outrageous wagers at trivia questions to fiercely competing in relay races and so much more, Friends Wheel Of Mayhem will provide a unique sense of competition that is sure to bring lasting memories. So bring your friends together for a crazy night full of laughs, friendship, and mayhem!

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