How To Play Hotel Tycoon Board Game


Hotel Tycoon is a strategy board game in which players build and manage hotel properties while dealing with supply and demand in the lodging market. The object of the game is to make as much money as possible by managing your hotel business. Different types of hotels can be built, including resorts, budget hotels, spas, beaches, condos, ski lodges and more. Players earn income from guests who stay at their hotels but must also purchase supplies to make their property attractive. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.

Players begin by choosing which type of hotel they wish to construct on their property. They need to consider factors such as location and amenities when making this decision. After they have chosen a hotel type they must buy supplies such as furniture and artwork to make it look appealing. Players can advertise their hotel in the local newspapers or online to attract customers. As guests arrive they must pay rent for a certain number of days; prices vary depending on the type of room selected and other factors such as how many people are staying there.

Players spend funds on upkeep costs such upgrading bathrooms or adding features such as swimming pools or tennis courts to entice more guests into their hotels. Business dealings such as creating joint ventures between multiple players can add additional profits if done correctly ” however incorrect decisions can lead to financial ruin for all involved parties! To remain competitive each player has access to various options like creating special deals or promotions to gain an edge over competitors and increase occupancy rates in their chosen hotel properties

Objectives and Rules

Objectives: The objective of Hotel Tycoon is for players to build and manage their own hotel empire. Players must construct buildings in order to increase the occupancy rates and earn money from their guests. They can also invest in research and development, advertising, transportation, public works projects, such as parks and museums, and more.

Rules: Each player starts with a certain amount of money and begins by purchasing a plot of land. From there, they must decide which type of building they want to build on the lot (hotel, casino, restaurant, nightclub, entertainment complex etc). After that, they will roll the dice to determine how much each building will cost them. They can then build the proposed building in order to increase its value and draw attention from potential guests. One complete turn involves rolling the dice for every action a player takes ” every decision made has an associated cost with it.

To win at Hotel Tycoon you must strategically plan your investments and plan many steps ahead. You must track all costs associated with your investments so that you maximise your profits or minimise losses when dealing with competitors or other players. Additionally, you should investigate characteristics like location reliability or reputation before investing in any property or service as it could determine whether you succeed or fail at being a successful hotel tycoon. Lastly, players should note that hotels are subject to varying demands throughout the year (seasonal). By understanding these demands you can adjust prices accordingly and benefit financially as a result!


Hotel Tycoon is a classic board game that many enjoy playing. The aim of the game is to be the first person to build a 5-star hotel in each city. Here are the materials you will need to play Hotel Tycoon:

1.)Game board ” This is where all the different cities and the hotels within them will be placed throughout the game. There will also be properties, shops and players’ tokens that can be bought and sold on this board.

2.) 4 Player pieces ” Each player gets their own colored piece to signify them throughout the game. Once a hotel is built, you place it on your color token to remember where you have positioned yourself for points within that city.

3.) Money cards ” At the beginning of each turn, all players get $100 from their money card deck. With this money, they can buy properties or invest in shops which will help them score more points at the end of each turn

4.) Destination & Property Cards ” These cards represent all the different cities within the world and what kind of hotels can be built there; from budget resorts to high-end luxury suites. Depending on which property you pick, it affects how many stars your hotel can get when it’s completed as well as how much money it takes to buy it outright or build/ upgrade it as you go along with each roll of dice. You also have destination cards which give details on every city and what kind of shops or transportation costs in located in each area It helps with keeping track of which cities they have already visited so they don’t accidentally visit twice in one turn if they are trying for multiple destinations bonuses at once.

Set Up

1. Gather all the pieces. Make sure your Hotel Tycoon game includes a tower and four base pieces, add-on pieces, hotel guest cards, matchboards, instructions, dollar bills and coins.

2. Place the tower piece in the middle of the board so that each player can easily access it from their seat.

3. Each player should then choose one of the four available base pieces or foundation tiles and then put them in positions around the central tower base piece to form a square of tiles that is 2×2 meters.

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4. Spread out all add-on pieces randomly so they connect to at least one tile of your 2×2 grid (one piece per player). These are amenities such as swimming pools, spas and restaurants for guests.

5. Draw your hotel guest cards (ordinary people and VIPs) from the stack face down (one card per guest) and turn them over to see which guest is going to end up staying in which room in your hotel! Guests will come into play during gameplay where players have to make decisions based on their mannerisms/preferences listed on their cards.

6. Deal out 8 matchboard cards for each player – these are essentially rooms or movement areas within your hotel complex that indicate where guests can stay or what activities they can do when they stay there! These match together according to different images associated with rooms within the hotel (ie two palm trees means a swimming pool). Once you have shuffled these cards well enough distribute them among players who will be playing Hotel Tycoon!

7. Now it’s time for money! Each player counts out 3 dollar bills from their stack and receives 5 coins accordingly – this is used as currency throughout the game for when players buy new add-ons such as restaurants, spas, ect. Place all remaining currency back into the box provided in order to keep things neat and organized during gameplay!

8 Finally place all instruction manuals neatly on top of tables/on side benchs accessible to each player as they will serve as valuable reference points during gameplay should anything be unclear or require looking up on how turns progress/what tasks one must do as their turn etc… once everything else has been distributed properly you’re ready to start enjoying Hotel Tycoon!!

Money Management

Money management is a key role to playing Hotel Tycoon. Players must make decisions concerning when it will be beneficial to invest money and when it is best to sell a particular item or piece of real estate. Developing an effective plan for investing money and market analysis will help players maximize their profit potential.

Investing money in the early stages of play can bring long-term gain and generate a steady flow of income, however, there are times when selling an asset quickly for a fast return might be the better option. To determine the right moment to invest or sell, try studying market trends that affect the price of various assets including land, buildings, upgrades, improvements, etc. Researching these markets can help you make strategic decisions that lead to increased profits over time.

When deciding whether to invest or sell an asset, consider the cost of buying and selling as well as how long it would take to increase its value before any profits could be gained. Additionally keep in mind any competition you may have in your market as other players could also purchase items at competitive prices which affects your ability to gain higher returns on investments.

By following these strategies for managing money effectively, players will quickly become successful hotel tycoons!

Room Buying and Customer Attraction

Buying rooms: Before you start playing Hotel Tycoon, it is important to understand how room buying works. You are given a certain amount of money at the beginning of the game to buy different hotel room types. Depending on which board setup you choose, different sets of rooms will be available for purchase. It is best to buy these rooms carefully and strategically because each room type provides a different set of benefits, such as bonuses for attracting customers or increasing your hotel’s prestige level.

Attracting Customers: When you begin the game, customers are randomly chosen from the customer pool and figure around your hotels. It is important to take whatever necessary steps needed in order to attract these customers into your hotel rooms – this will increase your chances at winning the game when all spots are filled up with customers. Some strategies that could help get more customers into your hotel rooms include offering discounts or specific amenities like swimming pools and gaming centers that may capture their attention.

Cost Control

Playing Hotel Tycoon can involve managing costs that come from different sources. Here are some ways to help you keep costs low and maximize your profits:

1. Buy Supplies in Bulk – Buying supplies such as food, linens, toiletries, and cleaning materials in bulk will help you get a better deal as it is usually more affordable per item when buying larger quantities.

2. Negotiate with Suppliers – Talk to your suppliers to negotiate pricing deals or discounts so you can get the best rate possible while still keeping the quality of service up.

3. Hire Local Talent – Use local talent when looking for employees, as they cost less than people who need to be flown into work as well as cutting down on rental car/transit costs associated with foreign talent. Plus, they may know the area and customers better than foreigners would.

4. Automate Where Possible – In this modern age, there is no need to waste time on manually doing certain tasks; automate where possible using technology such as booking systems, kitchen automation services etc or look into booking software that allows customers to make their own reservations without assistance from staff members ” saving you labor hours and money for salaries.

5 Invest in Maintenance Proactively ” Keep an eye out for maintenance issues before they become too severe and invest in preventative maintenance for long-term cost savings by tackling smaller problems now instead of having it snowball into a bigger issue later that will be even more costly to fix at a future date.

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Victory Points

Hotel Tycoon is a fun and interesting board game for up to 4 players, each competing to become the most successful hotelier. The players attempt to build the best and biggest hotels on the board’s “world map” over the course of several rounds in order to win by accruing the most Victory Points.

Victory Points are earned throughout each round by incorporating your own unique Staff and Business Strategies. For example, you can focus on renovating existing buildings to increase their earning potential or buying land in order to build larger, better-equipped properties with better profits. You can even hire staff that will give your hotel an edge such as cleaners who will add a positive atmosphere by keeping guests happy and servers who can speed up service in the casino or reception desk. As you play, keep your eye on how many staff members you have hired so you know how much money they are adding or subtracting from your bottom line! Additionally, spending your hard-earned money wisely during auctions for new items such as restaurants, gyms or pools will help increase guest occupancy and therefore earn more Victory Points.

The more Victory Points that you collect throughout the game, the higher chance you have of becoming a successful Hotel Tycoon! Ultimately, it is those with good judgement in investments and clever promotional skills that will be victorious!

Winning Tactics

Hotel Tycoon is a fun and fast-paced board game that requires strategy, luck, and risk-taking. As the landlord of your own hotel chain, you must build hotels in order to make a profit. With every new hotel comes exciting opportunities to grow your wealth, but also risks”the stock market can be unpredictable! In order to succeed at Hotel Tycoon, it’s important to understand the dynamics of the game and develop a game plan. Here are some strategies and tactics to help you become a successful hotel tycoon:

1) Make wise investments – It’s important to invest in high quality rent spaces from the get go in order to maximize potential profits. Consider where you should place your money for safety as well as for maximum return on investment before laying down any real estate tiles.

2) Develop networks – Having contacts all over town increases your chances of success, especially if those contacts can provide special services or bonuses that may lead you to an advantageous position against your opponents. Invest in relationships with these people whenever possible.

3) Manage finances carefully – Pay close attention to how much money you have available along with any debts owed. If necessary, don’t be afraid to borrow money either from the bank or another character in the game if it helps keep your finances stable and allows you more room for growth.

4) Take calculated risks – Taking thoughtful risks throughout the game can help turn unfavorable situations into profitable ones. Be sure not to take too many risks when starting off ” gaining financial stability first and foremost is key ” but feel free to take some chances once you have developed a secure base of funds.

5) Utilize business licenses – Make good use of licenses in Hotel Tycoon; they allow privileges such as collecting multiple rents each turn or having debt payment discounted which can help give you an unfair advantage over other players. Investing in one or two powerful licenses up front can offer long-term benefits throughout the course of play.



– Hotel Tycoon board game is a fun and informative way to learn strategy, business acumen, and financial management.

– Players must be creative, think strategically, and make wise investment decisions which is a great way to brush up on skills in an engaging manner.

– The game incorporates real life scenarios allowing players to get an understanding of the inner workings of the hospitality industry.


– Hotel Tycoon can take quite a bit of time for players to complete as there are many rules to adhere to.

– As each game may last up to four hours of playtime, it’s not necessarily suitable for younger children or those with short attention spans.

– Players need ownership qualities as they will have to manage their own hotel throughout the course of the game.

Wrapping Up the Guide: Hotel Tycoon board game is a great way for adults, teens and even university students to brush up their strategy, business acumen and financial management skills in an entertaining way. The object is to create a successful hotel empire in a competitive market while learning how the hospitality industry operates. Time commitment should be taken into consideration when inviting others over for this delightful game. Whoever has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and knack for business decisions is sure to enjoy this stimulating tycoon experience!

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