How To Play Lifeboats Board Game


Lifeboats Board Game is a thrilling adventure game for up to four players. Players must act together and complete puzzles to save their lives as they move around the board with their lifeboats dodging turbulent waters, animals, and piranhas while also competing against one another. The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach the final destination without getting devoured by the sea creatures or sunk in a storm.

Before beginning the game, each player will select a character figure and lifeboat. There are unique bonus pieces that can give an extra advantage if used wisely during your travels. Each character has special skills such as fishing, navigating, diving etc., which can be used throughout the journey to help them stay alive and win the game.

Each turn starts with a roll of the dice from which you’ll learn your fate for that turn: movement or an encounter with a variety of natural obstacles or sea creatures between you and your final destination. Any damage sustained from these encounters can be repaired using items on board. You must work together for survival but competition between players will make success that much sweeter!

Overview of the Mechanics

Lifeboats is a board game for two to four players that encourages cooperation and teamwork. The goal of the game is for all players to work together to ensure everyone survives.

Each player starts with four action points and receives 5 cards from the deck. The cards represent items found on a lifeboat, such as food, water, shelter, fuel, and clothing. Players need to use these resources to survive until they reach safe harbor (the edge of the boat). To do this, each turn a player can take one of three actions:

1. Move ” Players make an attempt to move across the boat towards the edge by playing a Move card or taking horizontal or vertical steps without playing a card (up to 3 spaces). They can optionally draw up to two new cards when they play movement cards

2. Plan ” Help others move around by using Plan cards or Restorative Trait tokens acquired through successful moves or given away. When played in favor of another, these strategies will give them extra ability and resources to continue their journey forward

3. Endure ” There are also Challenges and Obstacles presented throughout the journey forward in which players must overcome using strong attributes like courage, skillfulness and stamina as Brain Strength drives their progress forward sometimes even better than physical strength could alone. To accomplish their goals, players can earn Battle Tokens which will help them endure different challenges throughout gameplay

Playing Lifeboats involves strategy, team-building and problem solving – all great life skills! By balancing individual interests with cooperative behaviors, each player should be able to survive together in order for any overall team victory!

Setup Guidelines

Lifeboats can be an exciting, thrilling board game. Set up requires some preparation, but with a few simple steps it is easy to do. The first step is to assemble the board; make sure all pieces fit together. Once the board is set up, place all of the playing pieces and markers on their designated spaces on the board. Place one player at each corner of the board and move the boat piece around each in a clockwise motion until all players have had an even share of the boat’s location. Now everyone knows which side they are playing from.

Next, deal out Lifeboat cards to each player in equal shares. These cards display items that could save lives while out at sea, including boats, helicopters, food rations, and more. Each player must then choose whether to keep or discard any drawn card before moving on to the next turn. During play there will be special consideration for lifeboats and equipment made available by any Survival cards that were kept; these will yield bonus points and put you ahead of your opponents when two or more players are tied in a game round.

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To summarize setup of Lifeboats board game: Assemble and organize the game components (board, pieces, markers and cards). Place one player at each corner of the board with pieces facing outward; rotate clockwise so each gets a fair share to start gameplay. Deal Lifeboat cards equally between players with an opportunity to keep or discard them before passing on to next turn; take note of special Survival equipment bonuses when enabled through discarding/keeping specific card draw possibilities during round-to-round play as these can have great value over others’ rankings!

Turn Sequence

At the start of each turn, a player takes an action that progresses or hinders their chances of winning the game. First, the active player draws two cards from the Events Deck and adds them to their hand. This may contain various actions, such as repairing their ship or stealing objects from other players.

Next, the active player may choose to play any card from their hand. Doing so will result in a determined effect, either playable by all players or just by themselves. If any other players are affected by this event, they may respond with a card from their hand if they wish.

After playing a card or choosing not to, the active player must roll both die: one Action Die and one Encounter Die. The Action Die determines which action is taken; for example, rolling ‘repair’ means that one’s ship will be repaired as much as stated on the chosen Event Card.

The Encounter Die is used to determine whether you may engage in an encounter with another vessel on your turn. Rolling an ‘encounter’ on this die requires the drawing of additional cards in order to survive! You will draw cards until you come across an ‘X’ (the end result). If luck is on your side and you manage to draw two consecutive ‘paths’, then you’ve successfully completed your encounter; if not then you’ll face some damage!

Finally, in order to end the turn, each player must distribute damage across their ships given what has happened during their respective turns. Players must also consider item cards distributed and must discard all resolved event cards from their hands at this point. Additionally, a new round begins with the pass of play changing clockwise as per usual procedure and play continues as normal ” enjoy!


The goal of Lifeboats is to be the first player to reach a set score, usually around 50. Points are awarded by predicting correctly how many pieces out of their options each other player will capture in a round, as well as any pieces each opposing player was unable to capture. Once all the pieces have been captured, the points are tallied up with the those who received more pieces getting bonus points. Additionally, any leftover pieces will give extra points for the player(s) who guessed the number closest without going over. The game continues until one player reaches the predetermined winning score and is then declared the winner!

Strategy and Tips

Lifeboats is a classic suspenseful game that pits players against each other in a thrilling race to escape the sinking lifeboat. Players are given limited resources in the form of food, water, and tools. As they take turns trying to survive and make it back to shore safely, their opponents may take away the things needed for survival.

Playing Lifeboats successfully requires strategy and planning. The key to playing this game is to maximize your resources and plan ahead by stocking up on supplies like food and water before making a move towards the shore. Another important strategy is managing your ammunition well; don’t waste them on trivialises or use them all at once because you may need them in a pinch when another player tries to obstruct your progress. It also pays to know how much fuel each tool requires since running low on fuel can derail any plans you had made when leaving the boat.

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In addition, there are different ways you can play Lifeboats depending on who you are playing with. For example, if playing with younger kids, a ‘safe house’ variant can be implemented where the goal is to fill an empty box with spares without getting caught by those trying to thwart their progress ” this adds an element of fun and keeps everyone involved throughout the game! Alternatively, if playing with older kids or adults, adding restriction like no weapons or limited tools can ramp up difficulty level while still keeping it enjoyable overall experience for everyone involved.

Expansion Packs

Lifeboats board game is a strategy-based game where players work together to build and pilot boats to survive a stormy sea. Players must manage resources, build boats, repair damage and collaborate with opponents. The basic version of the game contains components intended for two players that employ sound strategy and good communication to win the game. However, several expansion packs are available that bring more features, options and possibilities to an otherwise enjoyable board game.

The Mayday! Expansion Pack allows up to four players in total, introducing additional resources such as Motor Boat Tokens, Attachments and advanced deck tiles. New cards also become available when the expansion pack is included alongside additional Action cards and new Actions like Resolve Conflict which helps players find a consensus in sticky situations or Resign which allows players to quit the game in disgrace or with no consequences at all depending on their decision. The Mayday! Expansion Pack also includes two special tiles for tile decks” Locked Door Tile, Obstruction Card “and introduces special rules that allow players to cooperate even better during their mission.

The Storm at Sea Expansion Pack contains more advanced parts like extra tiles for tile deck and advanced Mini-Boats that move faster than regular boats but require a skilled navigator due to their small size. This expansion pack will allow players to manage more complex strategies as they expand their knowledge about boat mechanics and maneuverability techniques. Finally the Rising Sea Level expansion pack increases the difficulty level by adding rising tide effects making it harder for vessels crossing the seas as they are being forced out of short routes through shoals deep into unknown areas where rough waves can be expected around every corner.


Playing Lifeboats board game is an exciting journey filled with anticipation and competition. Players must survive the open seas while managing their resources carefully and fending off pirates. With each roll, players must decide if they will risk trading items to gain access to necessary supplies or not. Through luck of the dice and timely guesses, players take command of their own vessel while trying to outwit the others. It’s a thrilling race where the stakes are high and success could land you victory in the end.

Not only is this board game fun and engaging, but it also teaches about resource management and decision-making skills that can translate into our real-life experiences. Players discover strategies that help with quick problem-solving and creative solutions; this keeps gameplay exciting for all ages! This game also encourages type of cooperative play ” as sometimes players need to work together to survive ” making it even more rewarding for those who play together. With how thrilling this board game will be for your family or friends, Lifeboats board game is definitely highly recommended!

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