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Oceans is a fascinating and exciting board game from North Star Games. It is designed for 2-6 players aged 10 and up. In Oceans, each player is tasked with building the world’s most diverse and awe-inspiring underwater habitat. To do this they will have to dive into the depths of the ocean in order to collect fish, take photos and collect plankton essential in forming unique habitats.

The aim of Oceans is to be the first to complete a “complete sea creature” or habitat. You can do this by collecting sets of either cards (fish, plankton) or tiles (coral beds, shipwrecks). You can also complete mini objectives like photographing a particular type of fish with your camera or finding two matching pairs of tiles.

Players achieve their tasks by planning strategic dives on a modular board made up of individual hexagonal tiles, each representing a patch in the deep sea. After revealing each new tile (by rolling dice), you must decide on which direction to explore further, what type of habitat you want to build, whether it’s worth risking a deep dive for more plankton!

There are also plenty of other activities that can be completed during each turn such as trading resources for points, stealing opposing players’ discoveries or teaming up with other divers in search for better rewards. By collecting monsters, shipwrecks and exotic creatures you get bonus points as well!

At the end of the game all your collected points are totaled and compared against everyone else’s total score with whoever has gained the highest number being declared the winner. It’s as easy as that!

Overview of Gameplay Rules and Mechanics

Oceans is a strategic, card-driven board game where each player takes on the role of a unique species in Earth’s oceans. Play revolves around exploring and exploiting the depths of the sea to score points and evolve your species. Players can do this by adding new cards to their deck, recruiting new allies (remarkably, themselves), developing evolutionary adaptations through mutation points, and even destroying the current food chain or creating an entirely new one.

To begin playing, each player must select a starting creature card and shuffle an accompanying deck of adaptation cards. Players start with empty hands and draw five cards from their decks on their turn. They can then use these cards to gain food tokens, recruit creatures by paying food costs, fish for mutations or development costs throughout different levels of ocean regions, explore deep water abyssal zones, build new organs or armors, or create sanctuary spaces or coral reefs that all add up to victory points at the end of the game.

Players will also have access to action tokens which allow them to take specific actions such as drawing extra cards from their decks at any time; using wave tokens for quick bursts of movement; scavenging for resources like food; killing predators; and even “mortifying” other players’ creatures by feeding them to predators during turns! It’s a race for survival as wayward sharks circle about searching for easy meals! By cleverly using these resources alongside with strategy and planning on how best to grow their respective creatures as efficient as possible in order to score better points by end game conditions” Oceans is an entertaining yet immersive experience!

Strategies for Setting Up the Game for Maximum Enjoyment

Before players start playing Oceans, there are some guidelines they should follow in order to set up the game for maximum enjoyment. These include: Gathering the materials ” Make sure everyone has the necessary components such as the board and all of the pieces, as well as any extra dice, tokens or cards needed.

Divide into teams ” Players can either form teams with each other or assign colors, so it’s easy to determine who is on which team.

Designate a first player or pick a random order ” Each player may want to do something different when starting out the game. Whether that means arranging by age, going alphabetically by name or choosing randomly (with dice rolling), it’s important for all players to agree on how to decide who goes first and in what order turns will be taken.

Establish an ‘end game’ goal ” Before starting, decide on how many points are necessary to win the game. This allows all players to have an idea of when the game might wrap up and it helps keep everyone focused during their turn.

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Review Rules” The most important thing is for everyone involved to know how to play properly before beginning so you can avoid confusion or misunderstandings along the way. Make sure there’s time set aside for rules review if needed!

Suggested Strategies and Tactics to Help You Win

The main aim of the Oceans board game is to gain dominance in the oceans by completing special actions. This can be done by either out-developing opponents, building resources, or simply exploring the unknown waters.

The most important strategy that can help improve your chances of winning is learning about the different cards in the game, as well as their abilities. Cards are drawn from two decks: species and habitat cards. Each card has its own unique characteristics you’ll need to learn and understand if you want to use them effectively during the game. Habitat cards give players bonuses for certain kinds of marine resources (such as ice, oil, or coral reefs) and species cards allow players to produce food or reduce materials into resources quicker than other players. Being familiar with these will make playing easier and increase your chances of success.

Another important tactic is understanding each stage of the game’s progression and how they affect one another seamlessly through meaningful choices. Exploring deeper levels requires more actions while higher levels provide better results, so knowledgeable resource management and maximising efficiency are key to success here. Furthermore, observe other players’ strategies and consider how they might affect your decisions before making any move ” it can save valuable points down the line!

Finally, develop a good sense of when it may be more effective to put more development points into habitat cards rather than species countermeasures. Doing so allows players to run multiple strategies at once while giving them an advantage over opponents who don’t have access to similar bonuses.

Tips on Using Different Resources and Tools to Enhance Your Gameplay

The resource-rich environment of the oceans board game provides players with a multitude of intricate strategies and ways to play. To ensure successful gaming sessions, below are some helpful tips on utilizing different resources and tools to your advantage.

1. Familiarize Yourself With The Resource Cards: Every board game has certain components that drive the game forward. In Oceans, the central component is the resource cards. These cards specify how many resources each player will receive at the start of their turn and how much they need to spend on actions or actions taken in order to gain victory points. It is important for players to understand and anticipate these calculations as it can be used strategically within their turn progressions throughout the game.

2. Utilize The Tools Provided To Track Progress: Oceans provides several tracking tools (i.e points trackers, level-up tokens) that allow players to visually gauge their performance against other opponents during gameplay as well as helping them track various aspects such as deployables, research initiatives, etc. Such tools can also contribute immensely towards strategizing your next few moves; allowing you to ascertain which avenues should be prioritized over others based on their relative potential rewards & risks in reaching victory conditions.

3. Use Card Restrictions To Your Advantage: Lastly but perhaps most importantly, another dynamic element offered by Oceans is the restrictions set upon its resource cards with respect to when they can be played and under what circumstances this affects back-end turn progressions down the line over multiple turns making it integral for players calculate precisely when these restrictions affect themselves or their opponents handicapping their respective routes towards victory conditions. Through careful consideration of card restrictions & an understanding of board’s game dynamics, one can manipulate even seemingly obstructive limitations into favorable advantages against one’s opponents while still progressing towards their win condition through false dogmas & countermeasures built around said restrictions etc., adding more further tactical elements in attempting a win state in this exhilarating strategy affair!

Collection of Expansions and Variations of the Oceans Board Game

Oceans Board Game is an exciting environmental board game that seeks to educate players on the ecology of our ocean’s depths. Players can choose to play as one of five groups of organisms: orcas, whales, dolphins, sharks, or octopods. They must explore the ocean depths, discovering and consuming food sources with the goal of earning the most points at the end of the game by collecting specific fish and coral resources.

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The Oceans board game comes with several expansions and variations to enhance your playing experience. One option is to add additional species such as giant squids, sea turtles, and other unique lifeforms that live in our oceans. This allows for a greater level of environmental representation and fact-based fun during gameplay.

The Deepwater Expansion adds an additional bonus when certain resources are consumed and increases the complexity level of Oceans Board Game. An advanced version called Megacorals adds corals to each player’s breeding space that grants special bonuses that could change up the dynamics considerably if a player collects enough benefits from them. The Resourceful Reef expansion also expands on this idea while also introducing randomly generated wild zones filled with creatures that require different strategies in order to acquire their benefits.

Finally, there is Calanoid’s Curse variant which allows players to draw cards from a cursed deck before their turn in order to apply various curses upon other players like reduced movement speed or forcing them out of tidal areas altogether until their next draw phase. Such additions offer a twist on classic strategies and make for even more thrilling play sessions with every new round!

What Makes the Oceans Board Game Memorable For All Ages

The Oceans Board Game is a great option for those who want to challenge their family or friends. The game can be enjoyed by all ages. It gives players the opportunity to explore the wonders of the ocean, making it both educational and entertaining. The unique artwork allows players to explore the mysteries of marine life while also using creative problem-solving skills. Plus, each player has different strategies they can use in order to compete against their opponents. This makes the game highly competitive yet still fun and engaging for all participants. Furthermore, you’ll get to learn about different ocean creatures, habitats and other interesting facts about our oceans with every play no matter how many times you’ve played. All this makes this board game a truly memorable experience for all ages!


Oceans is a unique and exciting board game that offers its players the challenge of building their own underwater world with ecoblocks. Through thoughtful strategy and intricate planning, players can gain points and build up their species to become powerful predators or dominate the coral reef. Strategic ecosystems can be developed through the placement of different ecoblocks, which allow for more strategic possibilities in the game. The main objective of Oceans is for each player to create a thriving oceanic environment as quickly as possible.

After playing an intense game of Oceans, players should make sure to collect all their rewards from their success on the board. Points are awarded for actions taken during play, such as feeding animals, moving their large creatures towards prey, or capturing new species onto their map card. Whenever an animal or other creature is successfully engaged by a player’s action, points will be earned and added up at the end of the game. Some skills will earn bonus points or discount tokens – these need to be collected and held on to until after play concludes.

Along with amassing points and bonus tokens throughout a game of Oceans, any resources that have been gathered can also be claimed as rewards at the end of play. Resources come in various forms such as food or energy cubes – collecting them provides an opportunity for extra speed or change in plan mid-game. Additionally, resources can also provide advantages like special species abilities which can help improve one’s chances at winning despite an unfavorable situation.

The victory in Oceans comes with having accrued both points and resources through successful play. Once all actions are finished it’s time to tally totals and count bonuses: whoever has accumulated the most victory points from completing beneficial ecological actions is declared winner! Enjoy your success taking home your accolades as well as bragging rights for being so skilled a nautical engineer!

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