How To Play Spirit Game Board


Spirit games have been around since ancient times and have been used as a way of communicating with the spirits and seeking guidance. These traditional games are still popular today, and they’re an exciting way to explore spiritual realms with friends and family members. Generally, spirit games involve each player asking questions of the spiritual realm and then interpreting unique messages on a specially crafted game board.

In order to play a spirit game, one must first understand the history behind it. The most common type of spirit game is known as divination, or fortune-telling. Divination has long been used as a tool for gaining insight into unseen forces or for understanding hidden truths about oneself and others. Ancient peoples believed that by engaging in these activities, they could receive divine knowledge as well as answers to important questions regarding their life purpose or future prospects. Different aspects of divination include tarot card reading, dream interpretation, astrology, runes casting, scrying (also known as crystal ball gazing), bone throwing, numerology, palmistry and much more.

Once you understand the background behind spirit games, it’s time to prepare for your own game night! Gather some comfortable seating for everyone playing along with any props or decorations you’d like to add to the atmosphere such as candles or incense. You’ll also want to make sure you have all the necessary material for your board – paper/card stock cut into a large rectangular shape; markers for drawing; sheets of paper for writing out questions; coins (pennies work great!) or even beads to serve as tokens; and lastly something sharp like a needle or toothpick which will be used during gameplay.

How to Set Up a Spirit Game Board

The Spirit Game Board is a very ancient tool for divination – one that has been used by cultures around the world in various forms over the centuries. Before playing, it’s important to understand how to set up and use your particular board correctly. Exactly how you do that will vary depending on the style and approach favoured by each individual or group of players.

One of the most popular styles is a planchette-based approach, where users employ a movable pointer called a planchette to guide their reading. This might involve drawing up an arrangement of symbols chosen from various spiritual traditions, such as runes or tarot cards. Or it could be simply inscribed with words intended to evoke certain meanings and energy fields. A planchette is then placed at the centre of the board, and players move it around using light touches with their hands while they focus on questions they’d like answered by spirit. The activity should feel like a meditation in motion as players drift between realms of consciousness in order to receive messages from unseen spiritual planes.

If this type of stylistic approach doesn’t appeal to you, there are other ways to play the Spirit Game Board. The Talking Stick Method involves placing specific items on the board that each player holds reverently in his or her hands while making mental notes about what they sense while communicating with spirit beings. These can be stones or crystals, animal parts such as feathers or antlers, or even sacred objects imbued with special meaning such as a birthdate totem item or an heirloom from an ancestor’s lineage. Players then speak aloud whatever thoughts come into mind during these sessions – often receiving mystical wisdom from beyond our physical plane which offers insight and knowledge about matters concerning them in life today.

Exploring the Different Variations of Spirit Games

Spirit Game Boards consist of a board with a grid, usually hexagonal or square in shape, decorated with symbols and sometimes pictures. The board is used to play simple and quick games. Depending on the version, the symbols can mean different things; they can signify certain actions or represent valuable pieces. A common spirit game is called Geisterjagd (ghost hunting or spook race in English).

In order to set up a spirit game board for play, each piece must be placed somewhere on the game board by all players. These pieces can be coins, tokens, dice, checkers”really any kind of item that can be moved from place to place. The goal of the game is to move your pieces around the board in order to capture opponent pieces and reach the win condition. For example, one game may require you to place your coins in every corner of the table before being able to declare victory. Alternatively, another game might involve racing from one end of the board to join all of your pieces together in a predetermined formation at the opposite end.

Players take turns moving their pieces according to the rules specified by their particular variation of Spirit Game Board. On some boards spaces are attached with characteristics like bonus points if you land on them or specific movements that must happen when occupying them; others appear as blank squares with no additional effects on gameplay. Additionally there are other variations such as “tile games” that allow playerscollect special tiles as they traverse across the board that possess unique attributes; this type ofgameplay resembles classic American Mahjong where players compete over tiles instead of coinsor checkers and attempt attain victory through different but similar means as consulted uponearlier within this section’s examples.

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Finally, some boards are handcrafted with more elaborate symbols representing more complicated means during gameplay like mystical runes associatedwith spells and witchcraft which now comprises popular occult-based themes for many modern spiritual gameboards such as those built for Halloween festivities or Halloween-themed office events & fraternities amongst other places & occasions year round!

Gathering the Materials Needed to Play Spirit Games

Playing Spirit Games board can be a fun activity for groups of all ages. Before beginning, it’s important to designate one person as the role of “gatekeeper”, as this individual will be responsible for setting up the game board, leading any rituals, and helping players interact with the spirits. To play Spirit Games board, you’ll need to gather the necessary materials that will enable you to safely communicate or contact spirits. Below are some sources that can help make the game more enjoyable and provide hard-to-find items.

• Spiritual Shops ” Spiritual shops typically have an array of metaphysical items like tarot cards, crystals and spells which makes them a great one-stop shop for all your spirit board needs.

• Antique Stores ” Another great source for finding vintage items related to spirit boards are antique stores. Many offer interesting items such as Ouija boards from the past age (especially if you’re looking for a more theatrical effect during your séance).

• Online Stores ” If you prefer digital shopping then online stores should be your go-to when finding spiritual supplies. There are numerous sites offering books on ghosts/spirits, themed playlists/music selections, incense and other mystifying artifacts ready to be shipped right to your doorstep.

• Friends & Family ” Your own friends and family members may have objects like candles or incense holders in their homes collecting dust in attics or basements. They may not even realize the unique energy each item contains that could benefit Spirit Games board game sessions!

Choosing Your Own Rules for Spirit Games

The Spirit Game Board is a great way to practice divination and receive spiritual guidance. The game board consists of four quadrants, each with its own meaning and message. It’s easy to customize your Spirit Game Board to use for the types of readings you like best. Here are some ideas:

1. Pick a Set of Cards – You can select any type of card deck you like from tarot cards, angel cards, faerie cards or any other set you resonate with. Each card placed in the board gives a personal interpretation of the message it conveys.

2. Choose an Intention – Before starting your session, set an intention as you meditate on what questions you want answered or guidance you need in life at this moment. Allow positive energy to come into your space and open yourself up to messages through the Spiritual Game Board cards.

3. Create Your Own Questions – You can create your own questions focused on specific areas of your life or make it open-ended by asking “what do I need to know right now?” Connect with the spirit energy that is available to support and nurture you with intuitive nudges in the right direction according to what is revealed in the game-board squares.

4. Offer Gratitude – At the end of each session offer thanks for any messages received during play time from whatever source they came from-be it spirit guides, angels, deities etc., as a way of closing off your communications with gratitude and appreciation for wisdom communicated from beyond this realm.

5. Add Symbolic Items – Incorporate objects that stores significant meaning such as stones representing protection and harmony or anything else that helps ground out readings for enhanced clarity. This adds another layer of authenticity when gathering information from beyond just playingSpirit Games alone on a physical level but also allowing enegry flow between tangible objects and unseen forces at work around us helping reveal deeper insight into life matters being explored through Spirit Games Boards.

Basic Rules of Spirit Games

The rules for playing a spirit game board are quite simple. The game is played by two to four players who each occupy the four corners of the board, with one player in each corner. Each player has a set of seven cards and must choose one card to discard during their turn. Additionally, when it is not a player’s turn they must draw one card from their opponent’s stack.

Each round starts with one person in the middle being chosen as the starting point which then begins a designated path. Players then take turns putting down cards into what will eventually become a chain of cards that connects all four corners of the board together in order to claim victory.

The main goal of the game is for players to be able to connect all four corners of the board before any other players can do so, ensuring that their card chain occupies all four squares and forms an unbroken path from one corner of the table to another corner, essentially creating a full circle or square formation according to the size of the board itself. If a player cannot lay down any additional cards or find any route for completion, they may skip their turn or use supernatural powers if available on that particular incarnation of the game as part of strategies and must select another card from his/her hand instead if needed at this point onward.

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Players also have access to supernatural power-ups when certain conditions are met such as special squares on some versions of this Spirit Game Board. A Power Up activated may give them certain advantages such as switching current card placement in either another position or even remove an opponent’s card completely establishing greater control over paths layout forcing opponents into choke points on various sections and ultimately undermining their schemes altogether (depending on variant you’re playing). Killing these “monsters” with these special abilities can make it easier for completing your ultimate goal later on; making sure your pieces stay safe form becoming obstacles down line is paramount! That being said great tactics always come with practice and knowledge therefore studying particular variations & carefully utilizing bonuses grants during certain points within game would guarantee succeeding!

Tips for Playing Spirit Games Successfully

There are a variety of different spirit games that can be played with a Spirit Game Board. These boards are often made of wood, metal, or even plastic, and come in various sizes. The items found on the boards can vary from classic Ouija boards to customized designs specific to each game. Here are some tips for playing spirit games successfully:

1. Make sure everyone involved is comfortable participating and believes what’s happening. Before beginning a spirit game, make sure everyone present is open to the experience and not skeptical about it. This means only including people who truly believe there could be supernatural events occurring and are willing to accept the consequences of whatever may happen during the game.

2. Set boundaries on what type of spirits or influences should be allowed into the game beforehand. Don’t give spirits any opportunity to cause harm or compete with one another by establishing a set of predetermined rules before starting the game.

3. Create a safe space by purifying it first. Have participants sit in a circle around the board as you smudge away bad energy with sage, incense, or other potent herbs and spells you might want to use throughout your session if desired..

4. Agree upon how long you will play the game before starting and stick to it! Decide how long your spirit adventure will last so that no one gets too scared by any possible supernatural occurrences which may take place in the middle of it all!

5. Follow instructions provided in any manual accompanying your Spirit Game Board if applicable! Instructions can provide helpful advice as well as safety precautions for keeping evoked spirits at bay during playtime and help guide players through any potential trying times in case something unforeseen arises -it’s better to be safe than sorry!

What to Do After Your Spirit Game is Over

Once your Spirit Game is finished, it is important to take some time for reflection and celebration. Begin by asking everyone what stood out to them during the game. Studying the boards together and recalling favorite moments can help the group stay connected in their experience. After this, consider any challenges or questions that may have come up during the game. The group should discuss these challenges, ask questions of each other to get individual perspectives, and seek closure.

This is also a time of celebration as you have completed a Spirit Game board! Allow each player to express their gratitude for one another and themselves for being willing to participate in such an experience. Consider hosting a closing ceremony, like honoring each person either with a special gift or an expression of appreciation. This creates an opportunity for you all to celebrate success, enjoy shared memories, and recognize the transformative power that comes from creating something meaningful together.


The Spirit Game Board is an incredibly powerful tool for gaining insight about yourself and the world around you. By using it, you can tap into the wisdom of your subconscious and unearth deeply buried beliefs and truths. The Spirit Game also encourages cooperation, as players must collaborate to reach a common consensus in each case. As you become more comfortable with the game’s mechanics, you may even find that its power has unlocked creative ideas within yourself and opened new pathways of thinking.

In addition to personal betterment, playing the Spirit Game Board with others can be utilized for group therapy or business profiling. By examining both individual characters and those influenced by one another within a personal setting or professional environment, new ways of progress can be formulated through this short but powerful board game. Its applications are truly limitless!

So why not pick up a copy of the Spirit Game Board today? Through mystical practice, communication between players and collaborative spirit, it is sure to bring profound understanding of self-improvement and personal enlightenment. Play it today and embrace the unique power it brings!

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