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Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game is an interactive, adult-oriented board game designed to strengthen the relationship between couples by adding a mix of playful activities, fantasy exploration, and intimate conversation. The board game helps couples discover new levels of intimacy through erotic conversations that can add spice to their relationship. This game encourages more communication and less judging between partners regarding their fantasies, desires and interests. It allows them to safely explore boundaries in order to build trust and understanding in the relationship. By taking turns with each other, players are encouraged to listen and connect with one another ” ultimately strengthening their bond. Variations available in the Monogamy A Hot Affair Board Game offer something for everyone, such as romantic activities for those looking for a more traditional night or naughty surprises for couples looking for a wilder experience.

Benefits of Monogamy

Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game for Couples is a great way for couples to build and strengthen their relationships. It provides a platform for two people to explore each other on an intimate level. The game also encourages communication and closeness by getting both partners to share, be creative, and get out of their comfort zone.

Benefits of Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game for Couples include helping couples learn to trust each other, deepen their connection, become more confident in expressing their desires, increase their sexual pleasure and intimacy with each other, and spice up the bedroom in a low-pressure atmosphere. The game allows both partners to explore new ideas and activities that are geared toward reconnecting with each other on a deeper emotional level while still having fun. Players will get to discuss fantasies they have never discussed before or acted upon which can lead to greater levels of anticipation, understanding, and love. Additionally, the game offers the opportunity for competition during play so it can add an extra layer of excitement. The game helps keep couples engaged in one another’s lives by taking time off from day-to-day routines and exploring each other with this couples’ game.


Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game originated in the minds of two married couples – Mark and Meisha Lowe and George and Mandy Allen. After talking about how challenging it is to keep romance alive in a marriage, particularly after kids, the four friends realized that it wasn’t something that could be fixed just by occasional date nights. The four decided to create a board game to help bring some spice back into their relationships.

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They did extensive research on married couples, finding out what activities people enjoyed doing together most and figuring out the best way to make conversation fun again. When development of the game began, each partner chose different couples activities to design challenge cards around. They also worked on creating varied objectives for each player, so no one would feel left out or frustrated during the game. They tested multiple versions with friends before launching Monogamy in 2012 as a game that was suitable to be played with family and friends over dinner or on an intimate night alone.

How to Play

Monogamy A Hot Affair is a fun, interactive board game designed specifically for couples looking to add some excitement to their relationship. The objective of the game is to spice up a night at home with your significant other by answering provocative question cards and completing daring tasks.

To begin playing the game, each player takes a die and chooses one of the two colors ” black or red ” that they will be using throughout the game. Shuffle all the question cards together, placing them in the middle of the play area face down.

Each player then rolls their die in order to decide who can start first (the player who rolled higher goes first). Once this is determined, take turns drawing a card from the pile. On each card is an intriguing question or task for you and your partner to answer/perform together.

If you complete each activity successfully (i.e., you both enjoyed answering/performing it), move your game pieces forward accordingly on their respective colours’ tracks to signify progress in terms of “spiciness” (represented by hearts). The winner is determined when all pieces reach the Finish line at the same time!

Keep in mind that Monogamy A Hot Affair can become as naughty or nice as you want it to be depending on how daring and inventive you are feeling when playing. You can even make variations and tweaks on any existing rule or task just as long as both players have fun!


Playing Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game is an entertaining and educational way to learn more about relationships and intimacy. Through the game, players will explore topics like communication, honesty, willingness to try new things, communication of physical and emotional needs, trust, vulnerability and respect for one another. Players will also develop improved strategies for open-dialogues about expectations in their relationship or marriage. This game not only encourages couples to get closer both physically and emotionally but is a great way for them to reconnect with each other. It also helps shed light on potential problems in a relationship as it introduces sensitivity topics such as differing levels of desire and unrealistic expectations that can cause tension between partners. Ultimately, after playing the game, couples will have gained a better understanding of one another while further strengthening their bond through meaningful conversations that wouldn’t have happened if not for the game.

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Customer Reviews

The Monogamy A Hot Affair Board Game is a fast-paced and exciting game that brings couples together for a sexy night of fun. The game includes two sets of cards that feature stimulating activities, intimate dares, and stimulating questions. Players are challenged to take risks with their partner by completing the sexual content cards and seeing where the evening takes them. Many couples have reported that this game has sparked passion between them and improved their relationship overall. Even single players can get into the action by playing with friends or taking it upon themselves to complete each card. Either way, the Monogamy A Hot Affair Board Game promises hours of excitement, pleasure and surprises!


Make Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game part of your entertainment routine for an evening of fun and connection. The game encourages conversations between lovers and adds a new element of surprise to an enjoyable shared activity. With special cards that offer intimate moments and thoughtful challenges, you’ll get to know each other in a whole new way while having some silly fun along the way. It’s perfect for couples looking to spice up their relationship by discovering how well they know each other, or just to get the heart racing and the laughter flowing. Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game keeps the giggles flowing while creating memories that will last a lifetime. What better way to reconnect with your loved one and make some beautiful memories than by playing Monogamy: A Hot Affair Board Game?

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