How To Play Take Me Out Board Game


Take Me Out is a classic board game that has been popular for generations of families. Players spin a wheel to determine whether or not they will move their piece (usually a car) ahead, be sent back, or miss a turn. Each player must pay close attention to their surroundings as the wheel can randomly land on certain spaces with special commands:

Slide ” when this space is landed upon, each players’ car moves forward two positions;
Taxi ” the car of the player who lands on this space moves directly to their designated final destination;
Out of Gas ” move the player’s piece back five spots and miss the next turn.

The aim of the game is to be the first player to reach their final destination. The game begins when each player selects an animal token and places it where marked on its assigned track. After all pieces have been placed it’s time to spin and find out what happens next! Upon reaching any one of these special spaces mentioned earlier in the game, you must follow theCommand displayed on your roll decider”following what it says could take you closer to your goal or further away from home. Slide, Taxi, and Out of Gas can play a big role in facilitating victory.

Once each players’ token reaches its designated destination, total up how many spins were taken for all players combined and that determines which animal has won: highest number means last place.. With luck and strategy combined, you could be well on your way to victory in this fun-filled old-fashioned family game night staple.

What You Need To Play

To play Take Me Out, you will need: a board game board (which includes score sheets and an instruction manual for both adults and children); at least 2-4 players; a deck of cards or dice (optional); coins to keep track of scoring.

Additional accessories that can enhance game play include: extra coins for larger games, colored markers or stickers to label players’ pieces on the board, a timer (for especially spirited matches), and dry erase markers so players can keep track of their scores on the score sheets. Many modern editions of Take Me Out also offer additional mini game boards which add complexity and competition to the game.

Setting Up The Game

Setting up the game for a tournament or league structure is relatively simple. Before you start to play, it is important to determine how many players will be playing and how many rounds of Take Me Out you want for the tournament. Next, the scoring system needs to be decided on. This could either be a traditional points system where players are awarded points each time they reach a certain level of success in the game, or a time-based system where players are rewarded with points after completing a specified amount of time playing. Once these decisions have been made, assign each player their own scoresheet and dice cup.

Next, prepare the Take Me Out board. Set it up by placing all pieces used in play in the centre of the board and filling any empty squares until it looks complete. Then decide on which team/player will go first and take turns starting from there. To start a round, choose two ‘target’ counters from their respective cups, one belonging to each player if more than two people are playing, and then proceed through each turn until one player succeeds in getting their counter into one of their opponent’s squares (a ‘take me out’ move) or until all counters have been used up (no further moves can be made). At which point, tally up scores on the score sheets for that round and begin another round!

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How To Move

Players move according to the instructions given on the card they pick when their turn begins. Each player starts from the “Start” space and lands on different colored spaces in order to reach the Home space.

Shortcut Spaces – These spaces usually provide a shortcut for players, allowing them to skip multiple spaces in exchange for coins (normally provided by the game’s banker).

Obstacles – Special green-colored spaces, containing illustrations of cars or trains, require an additional fee for players wishing to pass through unscathed. This additional fee is paid to the game’s banker as well.

Special Cards/Events – Some cards contain special events which have either favorable or unfavorable effects on a player. For example, some special cards may award coins while some may force you to move backward to a previous spot on the board.

Winning The Game – The first player who reaches the “Home” space wins the game. In order to do so, they must take into account all the special spaces and events around them on their way there.

Objectives For Each Player

Playing Take Me Out involves two teams of three players, each attempting to score the most points by correctly guessing which items are hidden in a set of mystery boxes. Players take turns using the game clues and tokens to guess what objects are hidden inside the boxes. For example, if the clue is “something you would wear on your feet” one team member might guess shoes while another player may think of socks.

The team that successfully identifies all the items in a round wins that round and earns points depending on how long it took them to solve the challenge. As they progress through the board game, teams can also gain extra points by playing special cards called Power Plays. These cards may present an additional obstacle or reward, such as having a time limit or granting bonus points for quick solutions.

At the end of each game round, teams tally up their scores and whoever has earned the most points wins! The objective for each player is to work together with their team to confirm as many guesses as possible in order to win as many rounds as possible and eventually achieve victory!

Strategies For Winning

Take Me Out Board Game is a game of strategy designed for two to four players. The goal of the game is to be the first player to get all of your tokens from the start square on the board to “home”. To begin, each player takes one token and slots it into the four-seat rail car in the start square. Players take turns rolling a die and moving their token according to the number on the dice. If multiple tokens are on the same spot, they are stacked vertically.

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When playing Take Me Out Board Game, there are various strategies that you can use to try and win the game. For example, players can opt for caution by using smaller moves when they have a lead instead of trying to make bigger moves that may end up backfiring against them. Additionally, some players opt for more aggressive play by attempting big moves with their tokens as soon as possible ” this method allows them to finish faster than other players if they manage to successfully avoid getting bumped off too often by their opponents’ tokens. Finally, players must also be mindful of their surrounding pieces when moving their token ” cleverly blocking or outmaneuvering opponents’ pieces might give them an edge in the long run!

Fun Variations Of The Game

Take Me Out Board Game Partner Play: Divide the player group into teams of two. During each round, team members take turns flipping over one card and playing as normal. The goal is to figure out which two people will go out together for the evening at the end of the game.

Take Me Out Board Game Team Play: Divide the player group into two teams (for example, men versus women). Each team takes turns flipping over their cards and discussing who their ideal date would be from everyone in play. At the end of each round, players vote on the perfect match for that round and award a point to their team for guessing correctly. The team with the most points after all rounds are complete wins!


Take Me Out is the perfect board game for families and friends looking to have a fun, competitive night. With questions about love, pop culture, and more, players will compete to win the ultimate prize.

This game is best suited for ages 12 and up due to some of its content. It involves a combination of guessing questions, strategy and luck which makes it highly enjoyable for groups of four or more people. In order to play the game, each player will need their own board game card and one dice. The player with the most cards in their possession by the end, is declared the winner.

Since its launch, Take Me Out has garnered praise from some of the most well-known Toy & Entertainment Critics such as Parents Choice Awards who named it “Best Family Game 2020” also receiving five stars from Tillywig Brain Child Award in 2019.

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