How To Play The Board Game Don’t Wake Daddy

Introduction to Don’t Wake Daddy

Don’t Wake Daddy is an exciting board game that has been enjoyed by kids and families since the early 1990s. Developed by Parker Brothers, it is celebrated for being a family classic. The main goal of the game is to collect as many pieces from around the board without waking ‘Daddy’ – represented by a plastic slumbering figure in the center of the board.

Players will spin a spinner and make their way around the board. Once someone lands on a space filled with a piece, they will find themselves up against another opponent in an exciting mini-game such as pounding on moles or matching patterns, where one player must win in order to obtain the piece. The first player to obtain all necessary pieces before others or before waking ‘Daddy’ wins!

Over the years, Don’t Wake Daddy has become increasingly popular among parents because it encourages children to have fun, while learning how to take turns and develop their motor skills – making it one of the most iconic fun games of our time!

Overview of Game Components

Don’t Wake Daddy is a classic family board game that is suitable for children aged four and up. The aim of the game is to be the first player to collect all their items without waking daddy who is sleeping in his recliner.

The game board features a brightly coloured house, depicting each players room and paths that connect them together. Each player receives a playing piece to represent themselves and can choose either a puppy, kitty or bear token. A set of special picture dice are provided in which you must roll both before moving your piece around the board. As an alternative the players can use the ‘jumping card’ option instead of the dice.

Also included in the set are 18 cards: 6 Mummy cards, 6 Daddy cards, 4 Wake-up cards and 2 Pass-Go cards which allows each player to advance 2 extra spaces ahead when drawn from the pile. To add an element of chance Don’t Wake Daddy includes one time penalty card where a player has to miss one turn if they draw it during their turn. All these elements help make Don’t Wake Daddy an exciting family game with an element of surprise around every corner!

Setting Up the Game

To begin playing the board game Don’t Wake Daddy, you need to collect the necessary components. This includes a game board, with an area marked off for each player; a stack of wake cards; a set of various colored playing pieces such as two each of red, blue, yellow and green shapes – such as cubes, discs or figures for all players; a die and Don’t Wake Daddy card.

First arrange your playing pieces on any square labeled ‘start’ that corresponds to the color you are using (red, blue, yellow or green). Place Don’t Wake Daddy card behind the bed in the middle of the board. Place any extra pieces out of play or behind the board upon which will act as ‘sleep area’ . The wake cards should be shuffled and placed face down next to the gameboard. Once all components have been setup it is time to begin playing Don’t Wake Daddy! Take turns rolling the die (see visual guide below) in order to advance around the board. Keep keep accumulating wake up cards as you tread around – if you pick up 3 wake-up cards your turn ends automatically. Avoid landing at squares on which another piece is already present – otherwise “definitely” DON’T LAND ON THE SQUARE THAT CONTAINS THE SPOT ON WHICH DON’T WAKE DADDY IS SLEEPING ON – THIS WILL MEAN YOU HAVE WOKEN HIM UP ANDADD FACE AN ELIMINATION..

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Goal of the Game

Don’t Wake Daddy is a fun board game for all ages. The goal of the game is for players to make their way around the board and find missing items before Daddy wakes up. Players must go around the board and answer various questions found on cards in order to collect the items needed to win.

Players must reach the finish line before Dad wakes up, otherwise they will be sent back to where they started! If a player successfully makes it to the finish line and collects all of their missing items they are rewarded with victory!

How to Play

Don’t Wake Daddy is a board game for 2-4 players that involves the whole family.

Players each take turns rolling two dice and moving forward on the board. Your goal in Don’t Wake Daddy is to collect all four pieces of your breakfast and make it into the kitchen without waking up Daddy. The game ends once a player reaches the finish line first, or if Daddy wakes up.

On each turn, players must roll both dice and move their marker forward depending on their total dictated by their roll (2 – 12). If a player lands on an orange space they can move either one or two spaces ahead while forego their next turn. Landing on a red space will prompt players to draw a Chance Card which describes certain instructions or tasks that must be completed before continuing to play. Landing on any other colored space doesn’t prompt any particular action from players aside from them having to wait for their next turn as normal.

While making progress around the board, players must also be mindful about waking up Daddy with every roll of the dice due to several danger zones depicted by blue diamonds along their current path. Players are required to stop at each blue diamond marker and roll a single die in order to determine whether they have woken Daddy up or not (1-3: Daddy’s awake! 4-6: Phew you’re safe).

The game ends when one player collects all four pieces of their breakfast scattered around the board and makes it back into the kitchen without waking daddy (finish line), thus winning the game – otherwise everyone wins if there are no victors after three consecutive attempts of waking daddy up!

Advanced Game Rules

Advanced Game Rules – Players can choose to play with the advanced rule collections which adds difficulty and challenge to the game. The rules in these collections include:

• Role Reversal- Each round, one player can be chosen as ‘Daddy’ who will act as the game banker who moves around on their own turn. Meanwhile, all other players become a ‘Child’, who must complete tasks set for them by ‘Daddy’.

• Proximity Penalty- Whenever a Child lands on a space that’s next to Daddy’s current space, they must take an extra card or lose 10 coins.

• Restricted Movement- Daddy may be restricted to certain areas of the board while all players are dashing through the house.

• Dice Swap- Whenever two ‘Child’ players collide on a space, they must trade dice with each other. This rule is based off traditional Chinse checkers rules where two pieces switch positions once collided.

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•Seeding Cards – At the beginning of a round, each card deck should be seeded with face up cards that correspond with Daddy’s movement. Pre-placed cards can either give advantage or disadvantage for each player throughout the game and make it more unpredictable for everyone involved.

Tips and Strategies

1. Position yourself strategically:

Positioning is key in Don’t Wake Daddy. Before making your move, take a look at the board and see where you can make an advantageous move. Look for spaces that will help you close gaps and boundaries, or holes in your opponents’ boundaries.

2. Don’t get greedy:

It can be tempting to want to fill out as much of the board as possible, but this isn’t always the best strategy. Pay attention to how your opponent is playing and try to block them if they are getting close to finishing their own territory with fewer pieces than you have left. Sometimes less can be more!

3. Pay attention to bonus points:
Be sure to keep track of bonus points during the game so that you won’t miss out on them! Aim to complete a square before your opponent does; that way they won’t be able to get any bonus points from it while still giving you some extra points instead.

4. Think outside of the box:
Get creative when coming up with strategies for winning Don’t Wake Daddy! If one strategy isn’t working for you, think about what sort of alternate moves could lead you closer towards victory ” think all possible angles that could give you the upper hand!


Don’t Wake Daddy is a classic board game that is suitable for players aged 3 and up. The objective of the game is for players to complete tasks without waking the sleeping daddy in the center of the board. Players take turns rolling a die and moving their pieces around the board, completing tasks such as collecting hug tokens or reaching designated spots. Don’t Wake Daddy can be fun and exciting for all ages because it encourages teamwork and teaches strategy while encouraging communication between players.

Playing Don’t Wake Daddy together as a family or with friends can be an enjoyable experience. The rewards of completing tasks should be seen as individual wins, not just as competing against each other. During gameplay, it’s important to listen carefully to ensure everyone understands how to play properly and actions like stealing are discouraged in order to keep everyone on equal footing. If anyone accidentally wakes up Daddy during the course of the game, all players will have to start over from square one!

For more information about Don’t Wake Daddy, helpful tips, or official rules for playing please visit Hasbro’s website or BoardGameGeek’s online database ” both websites provide comprehensive information about the game like reviews or videos guides on how to play optimally.

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