How To Play Don T Wake Daddy Board Game


Don’t Wake Daddy is a classic board game that has been around since the 1980s. It is a fun and exciting game where players must try to steal snacks from the refrigerator without waking up “Daddy”. If Daddy wakes up, then everyone loses!

Game Set Up: Before you begin playing, the game board needs to be set up. Each player takes their colored token ” either yellow, blue, green or red ” and places it on the start space. Place all the snack pieces included in the box on the special spaces on the game board. Then decide who will take on the role of Daddy, and place his figurine in front of his bedroom chair.

Game Play: The youngest player starts first and rolls both dice – one for each foot. Total up both dice, this indicates how many spaces your token can potentially move forward ” but watch out! If you land on a certain spot on the board ” such as a rug space- you have to stay there until someone “bounces” you away with their dice roll. Don’t forget that your goal is to sneak around trying not to wake up Daddy! Every time somebody lands directly on Daddy’s chair (which requires an exact roll) – he wakes up and whoever caused him to wakeup loses! However, if you manage to steal snacks before he wakes up – you win instead!

Once you’ve gone through all of these steps then it’s time to play Don’t Wake Daddy! Have fun and use your strategy skills while making sure no one wakes Dad!


Don’t Wake Daddy is a thrilling and fun board game for children ages 4 and up. It is designed to encourage imaginative play as well as promote hand-eye coordination and tactical strategy.

To play Don’t Wake Daddy, each player should choose one color token (red, blue, green, yellow). Set the pieces beside the game board by pushing the pins into the center of each space. Next, place all five food tokens on or around the table and move them off of the sleeping dad at the middle of the board. The idea is that each player needs to try to collect all five food tokens and be first to reach Dad’s side without waking him up!

The spinner determines how far it is possible for any one person to jump over open squares on their turn. As players move around the game board with their token pieces, they need to be careful not to wake Dad up by landing directly on him! If this happens, then their steps are automatically concluded for that round and they will lose any accrued coins from that round going forward. Some other rules include not allowing multiple players’ tokens on one open square at once, swiping coins from other players when landing on a certain spot, picking out a card at random with instructions if needed (e.g., move backwards 5 spaces), and avoiding special penalty squares which signal early losses or disqualification if stepped onto by mistake.

The first player who successfully reaches Dad’s side and collects all five food tokens wins! The playable duration of Don’t Wake Daddy may vary between 10-30 minutes depending upon difficulty levels chosen by players before starting the game.


Don’t Wake Daddy is a fun board game for the whole family where the goal is to navigate across the board without waking up Daddy! To play, you will need at least 2 players, although it can be played with up to 4 people. The game includes a game board, 16 tokens, 4 special bunnies, and 8 special cards.

To start playing, one player sets up the game by placing Daddy in the middle of the board and surrounding him with the sixteen tokens. Then players sit around the board and each choose a token (colour does not matter). Once all players have their chosen token, they then pick one of the four special bunnies at random and place it on their token. Finally, each player should draw two cards from the eight special cards. The player who has drawn an Age card goes first.

The objective of Don’t Wake Daddy is to take turns moving your token through every number on your path until you reach home. As you move your token around the board you must complete tasks given to you by other players or stated on cards that players have picked up previously. Players cannot land on the same space another player already occupies; instead they must ‘bounce’ off that tile and move in a different direction or stay put if there are no other possible moves for them. If any player wakes-up Daddy during their turn then they are out of the game immediately and leave their bunny behind (it still counts as a square). After all remaining players successfully make it home before anyone else wakes-up Daddy then everyone who made it wins!

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Game Play

1. Gather your materials: Each player needs a handful of tokens and the Don’t Wake Daddy cards.

2. Shuffle the cards and set them face down in the middle of the playing space.

3. Determine who will be starting first as the ‘It’ player (usually chosen at random).

4. The ‘It’ player draws a card from the pile, reads it out loud, and follows the instructions on the card.

5. Depending on what type of card is drawn, this could mean collecting one to three tokens (coins) each turn, performing certain tasks on their own or with other players, or being penalized by losing some coins they had collected previously during game play.

6. Players continue taking turns clockwise until someone has managed to collect enough tokens to wake up Daddy – usually around 30-50 tokens in total – which triggers an end-game scenario where all players are given one final chance to collect enough tokens before the ‘It’ player waking up Daddy ends their chances of winning .

7. The winner is determined by whoever manages to have collected enough tokens so that their token count is equal to or greater than that of whoever woke up Daddy’s token count at any point during the game session – regardless of whether they won or lost before this point!


When playing Don’t Wake Daddy, it is important to remember that strategy is key. Here are some tips to help you optimize your game plan and increase your chances of success:

1. Move quickly when rolling the dice. To maximize your odds of success, try to move as promptly as possible with each turn. This will ensure that Daddy doesn’t wake up too soon!

2. Use caution when making moves around the board. There are various different rooms on the board and special rules that apply in each one. For example, in the Kitchen, you need to avoid stepping into holes or else Daddy will immediately wake up! Make sure you read all applicable rules before navigating a new room.

3. Be mindful of other players’ positions on the board and keep track of how close you all are to completing each task and waking Daddy up. If another player is close to finishing a task, consider taking advantage of them by stealing their loot pieces or using a distraction card on them instead of saving it for yourself!

4. Consider saving some of your collectible items until the very end in case they can come in handy upon waking Daddy up – they may just be what saves the day at the last minute!

5. When possible, use more than one player simultaneously to complete tasks together so that you can reduce overall time spent per task!

6. Finally, make sure to have fun while playing ” after all, Don’t Wake Daddy is a game designed for children 8 and up based on strategy and luck for maximum enjoyment!


Don’t Wake Daddy Board Game is a fun and entertaining game that encourages cooperation and competition among familes of all ages. The aim of the game is to try and sneak to bed without waking your “Dad” (represented by the board’s central plastic figure). Below are some variations of how you can mix up the game and change the rules to add more excitement and challenge.

1. For an extra challenge, make it two against one! Have one player switch places with dad; they strategy as a team against the other player as they attempt to sneak around the house at night!

2. Change up the penalty for when Dad wakes up – instead of returning back to Start, have players return all their tokens except one! This creates added competition in trying not to get sent back too far in case others have lots of tokens.

3. Change the route players take each time, either on purpose or randomly. Switch which corner is “home” or designate only certain areas that can be travelled through – this variety keeps gameplay fresh!

4. Create different pathways around “Home” for each token using different colour pawns; this adds an element of anticipation and excitement as paths must be carefully navigated around each family member’s token.

5. Dad can become a bonus item – whoever wakes him gets an extra point on top of whatever bonus cards they already picked up!


Don’t Wake Daddy is a fun and exciting family game that offers hours of entertainment. Players rattle around the board in search of food tokens while avoiding waking up the titular Daddy with their noisy antics. The game encourages something close to sneaking, as players move silently in an effort to be the first one to collect all four food tokens and proclaim victory! The components are easy to assemble, making it perfect for small kids who might struggle with more complicated games. In addition, each move requires decision-making skills as players decide whether or not it’s worth attempting a restricted space for the token or going for another one instead. What’s more, workers must count their steps to determine how far they can go on the board – which allows them to practice math in an enjoyable way! Furthermore, the game challenges strategic and communication skills as players seek areas on the board away from other competitors. As a result, cooperating with other players has never been so fun ” even though winning remains an important goal!

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1. Make sure you know the rules: Read up on the game’s rules and objectives to make sure you’re familiar. Try practicing with friends or family members before playing a full game.

2. Communicate clearly: During the game, it is important to be sure everyone understands what needs to be done each turn. Make sure everyone is on the same page in order for things not to get confusing and chaotic.

3. Have patience: Don’t Wake Daddy can take some time, so be prepared to dedicate an entire evening or night to completing one game ” but don’t worry, it’s totally worth it!

4. Keep a close eye on your opponents: Everyone is suffering from their sleep deprived state, so keep tabs on everybody else’s animal tokens so as not to give them any unfair advantage. It is an instructional aid as well as a fun challenge!

5. Take advantage of Bonus Spaces: If you happen to land on a Bonus space during your turn, take advantage of that opportunity! Bonus spaces typically allow you to do things like move onto other players’ space without waking up Daddy or otherwise gaining ground in the game without losing any turns – perfect for when things start getting heated!

6. Work together – and try not to wake up Daddy!: Remember that Don’t Wake Daddy requires good teamwork from all participants in order for everyone involved to have a chance at winning! This means talking out strategies and helping each other along over Daddy’s slumberful session as no one wants him grumpy after he wakes up…


Q: How long does Don’t Wake Daddy usually take to play?
A: The average game of Don’t Wake Daddy takes about 10-15 minutes. However, depending upon individual player speed or complexity of the chosen version, it can be stretched to an hour to complete a full round.

Q: Who is this game suitable for?
A: Don’t Wake Daddy is suitable for two to four players, ages 5 and up. It’s a great way to get kids interested in board games, as it requires no reading or math skills; all that’s needed is basic counting and a good memory. It can be played by parents and children together or by groups of friends of any age.

Q: What strategy should I use while playing Don’t Wake Daddy?
A: While playing Don’t Wake Daddy, players should wait their turn patiently and plan ahead by paying attention to each move they make. Players will want to try and remember which pieces have already been taken as well as how many spaces are between each token; this is especially important when making a move for the Winning Number 7 token. Additionally, players should consider taking back row tokens before front row tokens if possible in order to avoid blocking other players from getting their pieces across the board.


Don’t Wake Daddy is an entertaining board game for the whole family. Players take turns spinning a spinner, moving their pieces around the board and collecting items. In order to win the game, a player must acquire all of the items on the list without waking up Daddy before getting back to their starting point. If you play well, then you’ll be lucky enough not to wake Daddy up!

At the end of each round, players can score points based on how quickly they collected items around the board while staying away from Dad. If a player or team ends up with all of the necessary objects first and wakes up Dad last, they’ll be declared as winners! The game takes about 15-30 minutes depending on how fast players can take their turns.

To wrap up Don’t Wake Daddy, players should ensure that they remember all of their pieces when it’s time to move them; and avoid making too much noise which might wake Daddy up! It’s also important to remember that strategizing is key – one wrong move could mean forfeiting the game altogether. Finally, always be prepared for surprises – no two games will ever be quite the same!

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