How To Play The Game Of Life Sticker Board Game


The Game of Life Sticker Board Game is a fun and exciting family game that allows you to live out the ups and downs of life without actually experiencing them first hand. Players choose from a variety of career paths, collect paychecks and build their future dream home as they move around the board. The object of the game is to make more money than your opponents and strategically build your fortune for you to ultimately win.


Gameplay begins by setting up the game board, including placing all character figurines at the starting square. A designated 90-second timer is used while players roll the dice and move their pieces clockwise around the board. As they do this, they pick a job depicted on various squares, such as a rock star or teacher, earning salaries along the way. By negotiating salaries on career cards, prices are determined via an auction process between competitors.

Other activities create new opportunities for players throughout The Game of Life Sticker Board Game’s play sequence and include weddings, children arriving in forms of additional “babies,” college tuition fees that need to be paid by parents, winning lotteries with instant cash rewards, buying houses complete with furniture stickers to use within interior wallsets featuring cat images and sheep sounds motifs, plus many more events that will keep everyone engaged during each round. In addition to these staples mentioned here there are also bonus points given out at specific predefined locations on the board through special decals featuring funny animals wearing sunglasses or helmets that adds extra excitement into each session. The player making it to retirement first will be automatically declared as winner with others trying to catch up in subsequent rounds until they reach end point too or get eliminated due to bankruptcy first!

Unboxing & Setting Up The Game

If you are playing The Game of Life Sticker Board Game, you will need to first unbox the game and lay it out on a flat surface. You’ll need a large enough area to accommodate the game pieces such as dice, the Spielblock (score sheet for all players), the mothership (a sliding board with four magnetic strips where players place their tokens), and the sticker board itself which includes career cards, insurance cards, and savings cards. You will also need to provide some money for each player at least six dollars, as this is needed for each turn’s wages. In addition, for each player to start, you’ll need four small colored figures or “people” (one blue figure who will be referred to as Mr. Blue throughout the course of play); three green figures; two yellow figures; a car token; and a “child custody” card. Set up all these things accordingly on the table and make sure everyone has their own set of pieces before beginning the game!

Overview Of Game Play

The goal of the Game of Life Sticker Board Game is to be the first player to amass the greatest net worth while travelling around a board that represents your journey through life. As you move around the board, you will encounter different scenarios, relationships, and opportunities reflected in stickers which you will then place onto your “Life boards”. Each sticker comes with instructions on what choices you need to make and how it affects your progress – these are usually related to money, jobs, marriage and other life choices. Once all players have reached the finish line, their final wealth is totaled up and the wealthiest player wins.

Rules For Each Level of Play

Easy Level: To play the board game at the easy level, each player chooses a classic car color, then everyone places their classic car piece on the starting space of their chosen color. Players then spin the spinner and follow the instruction indicated for them (for instance: move forward two spaces). All players will continue taking turns and spinning until one player reaches “The End” at the end of the track. Whoever arrives first is declared the winner!

Intermediate Level: To play at this level, all players start with a classic car as mentioned above. However, within some spaces on the board there are life cards. When a player’s car lands on such a “Life Space” they must draw a card from either deck depending on what color circle they’ve landed in (red or blue). Each card has an instruction telling you to either pay or collect money, move ahead or backwards, or any other activity stated on it. The goal of this level is to be the player who accumulates greatest wealth when reaching “The End” appearing at the final spot of this level’s board.

Advanced Level: This level requires additional pieces (such as baby tokens) as well as money and career tiles from both decks. All players receive $10,000 to start and those aged 10+ can also choose two career tiles for themselves (you can replace these later during gameplay). Then gameplay follows much like that of the intermediate level; if a player lands on a life space they must draw from either deck determining what money-related activity should take place (including house buying and stock trading activities) as well as thinking strategically about how many babies they should have thus far in their own game journey. Upon reaching “The End” each players total net worth is calculated with whoever having largest value winning ” though special bonuses do apply depending on certain milestones met in-game prior!

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Strategies For Winning The Game

1. Read Through the Board and Rules Thoroughly: Before beginning to play, it is important to pay close attention to the board layout, rules, and game pieces. Familiarize yourself with any special cards which may appear throughout the game, as each one carries unique advantages and consequences that could add a new level of difficulty or complexity to your overall strategy.

2. Plan Your Routes Carefully: Think ahead when planning your routes and make sure you have accounted for each potential outcome depending on which direction you choose. Using careful visualization techniques to develop multiple strategies for different scenarios can help you identify the best routes in advance and give yourself an edge over other players.

3. Act Quickly To Avoid Traps: Sticking too long in one place can cause you to fall into traps set by other players so keep an eye out for danger signs indicating someone else has laid down an out-of-the-way trap card that they might want you to run into while trying to get away from them.

4. Utilize Community Cards To Your Advantage: Take advantage of community cards whenever possible as they often provide monetary bonuses or instructions that can be beneficial if used correctly. Because all community card offers apply to all players remember everyone will get the bonus so use yours wisely!

5. Invest Wisely In Property Cards: Property cards are one of the most powerful tools at your disposal with each purchase potentially providing a huge advantage over other players in terms of bonus income as well as future deals involving rental property or real estate development opportunities. Be sure to buy only those property cards that provide a clear benefit over time instead of short-term options which will wear off quickly with no lasting impact on your financial bottom line later in the game

Managing Your Money

One of the most important aspects of playing The Game Of Life Sticker Board Game is keeping track of your in-game bank account. To do this, you should add up the salary on your Career and Family cards and subtract your house cost. This will be your starting bank balance. As you move along the board, you will collect money for events like getting a raise or having a child, and will lose money to pay taxes, college tuition, or an emergency hospital visit. After each turn, make sure to keep track of these changes in order to update your total balance accordingly.

If at any point during the game, you owe more money than what you have available in your bank account, that doesn’t necessarily mean game over! Some players prefer to just “run out” of their money and add up how much they are actually spending. However, if all players agree upon it, other rules can be established where debt is allowed through loans (effectively increasing your overall net worth). In The Game Of Life Sticker Board Game rules booklets, instructions and examples are provided on how to simulating borrowing/loaning/paying back borrowed amounts with interest rates attached.

Ending The Game

The Game of Life Sticker Board Game is won by the person who has collected the most points at the end. Points can be earned in several ways during the game and include money, tokens, stickers and achievements. Money can be obtained when players pass a certain space on the board or spin a wheel as part of events, while tokens are given to complete a career track requirement or perform other tasks determined by spinning a wheel. Players can use their money to purchase assets such as homes, cars and investments which will then give them more money back should they return to that square again. This is how they earn points. Similarly, players can collect stickers which give them additional bonuses that may result in extra money being added to their bank account. Lastly, some games have special award cards that can provide players with an immediate point bonus when completed. When all these elements have been tallied up at the end of the game, whoever has the highest number of points wins!

Tips For Getting Ready To Play Again

1. Check the game pieces and make sure they are in good condition before beginning a new game. This includes inspecting the game board, ensuring there is no damage to any of the pieces, and reorganizing them properly.

2. Review the rules for playing the game so that everyone can understand how to play it correctly.

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3. Consider dividing players into two different age groups or teams to create an even playing field.

4. Make sure you have available pens or markers to keep track of each player’s progress during the game.

5. Plan out steps ahead of time: plan which moves each player will make based on possible card draws or spin-offs from previous turns.

6. Have an easy way to display family members and cards on hand because some situations may require more than one person’s input for best outcome possible (for example, college education).

7. Keep a back-up bank with spare coins on hand just in case someone runs out of money during the game; this can be helpful if a player unexpectedly lands on a highly expensive space such as receiving an inheritance or winning prizes through other methods/gifts within Life Stickers Board Game’s rules set up by Hasbro Inc..


The Game of Life Sticker Board game is a classic game of chance and strategy. It’s a great way to spend some time with friends and family. There are many fun ideas that can make your playing experience even more memorable.

To set up the game, each player will need to count out six counters in the same colour. Take turns placing picking out a single sticker, or number token, from each bag shown on the board. Players can then choose to place their stickers on an empty space or an existing space that has matching numbers. This represents spaces they could move forward during their next turn”and can be used strategically in order to get closer to the victory at the end of the game.

Once everyone has collected their tokens and made their moves, it’s time to spin the wheel at the centre of the board. Depending on how you land on the wheel, you might move forward or backward around the board”some tiles may require spinning again for transitionary spaces! Make sure all players follow its directions when it changes hands each time so that there is no confusion as to who needs to move where and when.

You’ll also have choices along the way which will determine what kinds of bonuses you acquire throughout your play – whether it helps you gain more money or build more properties! However, don’t forget about taxes; if you land on one of those spots you’ll need pay up before continuing your journey around this exciting world!

When one person crosses off all their cards and counts up their points (gained throughout play) they win! Don’t worry though because losing doesn’t necessarily mean disappointment either – while someone wins at this point it doesn’t mean other players weren’t able to enjoy themselves along the way since there was so much involved throughout your journey across this colourful life-like world full of surprises!


At the conclusion of the Game of Life Sticker Board Game, there are a few steps to consider in order to maximize your enjoyment of the game and achieve its full benefits”learning about life, money management, big decisions, risk taking, and success.

One way to get the most out of this game is simply to have fun! As with any board game, playing in an easy-going atmosphere can make it extra enjoyable. Make sure that everyone has their chance to spin the wheel and move their icon around on the map”allowing all players an equal opportunity to win is fundamental to achieving an enjoyable experience. Take time to savor every part of what makes this game unique!

Another great way to enjoy the Game of Life Sticker Board Game is by staying involved and engaged throughout each player’s turn. During each players’ turns take thoughtful pauses when contemplating options with money or career choices since those are vital components for determining one’s fate that can set one up for success or stumble them into a financial temptation which may hamper their progress along their journey through life. These pauses can also create chances to reflect on how long term decisions may affect other players as well as oneself”a valuable lesson indeed inspiring friendly debate within competitive gameplay.

The beauty of The Game of Life Sticker Board Game lies in its ability to combine lifelong skills within recreational play! Enjoying this activity by giving off positive vibes should be at the heart of how you experience it. A lighthearted but competitive spirit paired with leisurely pauses between turns will make sure everyone is having a good time while learning what it takes to win The Game Of Life!

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