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A Ouija board is an incredibly popular board game that has been played since ancient times. It was used as a way of divination and spiritual communication by cultures all around the world. It consists of a small flat surface with marked number 0-9, the letters A-Z, and the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’ inscribed on it. Players would then place their fingers lightly onto a triangular object called the planchette which is said to be guided by otherworldly spirits. In this way, players are able to communicate with anyone or anything not of this world. The purpose of using a Ouija board is often for entertainment but some also use it for guidance, comfort, healing, and connection with spirits.

History of Ouija Boards and Interesting Facts

The Ouija board is a mysterious game that’s been around for centuries. It replicates the movement of a planchette (depth indicator) over a written alphabet which can be used to ask questions and receive answers purportedly from an intelligent entity. The game gained popularity during the late 19th century when it was sold as a parlor game by toy companies in the United States and Europe.

The word “Ouija” is derived from the French and German words for “yes” and “yes-ja,” which converts to Ouija. The first known reference to a Ouija board appears in 1853, where a poem by Charles Safford refers to it as “The Dial of Fortune or Witch’s Oracle”.

There is some debate as to the origin of Ouija boards but they are generally believed to have arisen from spiritualist and mediumship practices, including those of various cultures such as Ancient Egypt, India, and China where instruments like planchettes were used for divination and communication with spirits. During the late 19th century, spiritualism began growing rapidly due to strong popular interest in communicating with the dead. As noted by prominent occultist Arthur Edward Waite, in January 1886 an article about speaking with ghosts through spirit boards was published in Harpers Weekly. Soon thereafter their popularity skyrocketed all over the world.

Many believe that using a Ouija board can open portalways between this world and another, allowing people to contact dead spirits or even demonic entities known as ‘demons’. This has caused many people ” particularly those of religious faiths ” to be wary of playing such games out of fear that it could result in something unwanted entering our world. Despite this, many people play ouija boards as merely a fun pasttime with no real intention beyond entertainment.

Preparing to Play the Game

To set up for playing the Ouija board game, it is important to create a safe and comfortable environment in order to open yourselves up to the unknown. Having just two players, preferably people familiar with each other, is helpful in reducing any nervousness that may arise while using the Ouija board. When it comes to the atmosphere, dim lighting secondary to candles or lamps helps with focusing and getting into a deep meditation”like state. It is also important to express an intention before beginning. This could be a question like “What can I know about my future?” or something along those lines so that you and your partner have an intention of what you would like to receive more clarity on when using the board. It will allow for a better connection between player and spirit world if there is intent behind what you are asking for from this experience.

Detailed Instructions for Playing the Game

The Ouija Board is a game that has been used for centuries in order to communicate with supernatural entities beyond the physical world. The game is also known as the talking board or spirit board, and is believed by many to be a useful tool for seeking answers to questions that may have a paranormal origin. If you are looking to learn how to play the Ouija Board, there are several steps you should take before starting:

1) Gather a group of participants. It’s best if everyone present has similar beliefs about the supernatural and can remain respectful of each other’s opinion while engaging in the activity.

2) Choose your space carefully. An environment free from disturbances should be chosen where all participants feel safe and relaxed as possible so that energies remain focused on the task at hand ” after all when playing with spirits, it is important that one takes caution and remains respectful of their presence. You do not want any sort of negative or chaotic energy infiltrating into the atmosphere.
Also, make sure your space is well-lit to ensure optimal focus and comfort during the activities.
3) Place the board and place your hands together lightly touching , over the heart-shaped pointer at its centre, ensuring everyone present has made contact with it.
4) Start by introducing yourself and explain why you have gathered here today, such as asking specific questions etc; be mindful not to invite any malicious energy into the space while being careful not to offend anyone who may be ‘listening’.
5) Ask your question then allow time for a response. Generally responses will come quickly or slowly depending on what type of spirit or force you are communicating with but either way remain patient until you get an answer – if after some time no response comes forward then politely state ‘Thank You’ and move on to another question or close out session for today.
6) After receiving your answer, move away from the board slowly allowing time for those who wish could talk more about what was just experienced before discontinuing use of Ouija Board for now ” Always remember that when using this ancient communication device one must always respect its power!

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Types of Ouija Boards and Variations

The classic Ouija board is the most well-known type of Ouija board. It consists of a flat wooden or plastic surface marked with all the letters of the alphabet, the numbers one to nine, and sometimes also “yes”, “no”, and auxiliary words like “hello” and “goodbye”. It also usually has a moving indicator (personally known as “the planchette”) in the manner of a triangular metal or wooden marker on wheels which serves to point out the letters or symbols on the board when participants ask questions. On occasion, a glass will be used instead of a metal or wooden marker for more dramatic effect.

Modern variations on the original classic Ouija board include those that feature unusual designs or ones designed to resemble other popular cultures such as zombie games or Harry Potter themes. These boards differ in overall construction, often being made of foam with graphics printed directly onto it, while they still retain markers similar to those found on classic ones. Some modern variations even feature multiple pointers/markers as well as options for customizable set ups which would allow players to select specific prompts and visuals to be included on their personalized boards during gameplay. Other modern Ouija boards may include electronic components for increased interactivity during game play such as sound effects and digital items like interactive voice response technology.

Tips and Safety Guidelines


• Do make sure to choose a comfortable environment and dim lights or candles as you play.
• Do make sure everyone that is playing the game knows the rules in advance and remains calm at all times.
• Do remember to use an object like a penny or a marble placed on the board as your pointer.
• Do ask neutral questions such as “What is your name?”
• Do make sure everyone’s two fingers touch the planchette lightly.
• Do ask open-ended questions to get more detailed answers from spirits.

• Don’t ever play alone and anytime you feel uncomfortable take a break from the game or end it altogether.
• Don’t probe for answers that are too personal such as “What are my plans for tomorrow?” Instead, stick with topics related to the spirit’s existence and purpose of contacting you.
• Don’t encourage negative energy by asking about evil entities, death, etc. because this could bring negative energy into the space you are playing in.
• Don’t move the planchette too quickly if someone gets possessed by a spirit; they will be able to answer much faster than regular humans can be able to move it around so just stay aware of this possibility.
• Don’t allow alcohol or drugs as this could weaken your psychical and emotional boundaries which could lead to significant risks during Ouija board sessions.

Potential Outcomes and Warnings

The Ouija Board is a game that consists of a board with the alphabet, numbers 0-9 and the words “yes”, “no”, and “goodbye”. To play the game, gather at least 2 people to form a circle around the board. Place your index finger lightly on the planchette that comes with the Ouija Board. Ask a question out loud that can be answered by yes or no, and then wait for a response from the spirits. Through spiritual communication, it is believed that your subconscious will cause you to move the planchette according to what is communicated in response to your questions. However, as with any communication with supernatural beings, it is important to know possible outcomes before engaging in this type of activity.

Possible outcomes include answers to questions asked by participants, insight into someone’s life or future event, warnings about potential danger or harm that could come from people or other spirits, messages from deceased loved ones, vivid dreams and hallucinations pertaining to events or characters associated with the séance. It is also important to note that some paranormal experts have warned against using an Ouija Board as it can open portals between dimensions that may allow multiple entities through at once. If this happens during a séance , it can lead to mass hysteria among participants or worse physical damage due to unseen entities attacking them.

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In some cases, possessions of people’s minds and souls via negative entities may occur after playing the Ouija Board without protection. For this reason, one should always ensure they are in good energy before engaging in activities like this and engage in spiritual cleansing rituals afterwards if they wish to be sure they have not attracted any negative energy while playing – even if nothing happens during gameplay itself.

Cultural Beliefs about Ouija Boards and Their Uses

Ouija boards are often associated with many cultural beliefs and superstition. Many people view them as a tool for contacting spirits from beyond or as a vehicle of communication to ask questions about the unknown. Others see it as a medical device used to diagnose and treat illness, answer queries about the future, or even contact deceased relatives. Some believe that using Ouija boards can open up dark realms and invite the supernatural into their lives, while others use it merely for recreational activities such as playing games with other people. It is important to understand that the Ouija board harbors only potential power, so whether or not that potential power is used in a positive or negative way lies solely with the users.

Most important of all is an understanding of one’s purpose when engaging in Ouija board rituals ” be sure you know why you are doing this and what your intentions are beforehand to ensure safe results. Esoteric safety protocols such as cleansing yourself energetically before and after engaging in these activities can help further ensure nothing goes wrong during your sessions. People often work together in groups to ally any ill feelings during particular game night sessions because even if someone feels uncomfortable or apprehensive, fellow participants can provide additional energy and protection while they communicate with any spiritual contact they may make during the ritual. Do not succumb to fear ” rather focus on keeping a mindful state of mind throughout the entire process be sure to thank your spirit guides ahead of time for answering your questions if you plan on speaking with them through the Ouija board tonight.

Final Thoughts and Tips for Closing the Session

It is important to remember to close a session and thank the spirits for their time when using an Ouija board. At this point, it is important to draw back the planchette slowly from the Ouija board without letting it slip back abruptly. It is also recommended that the group repeats their intention three times – such as “We now close our session” – before taking their hands off of the planchette and putting away the board. To finish off, it is best to sprinkle salt into each corner of the room, open curtains and windows, turn on any lights that were turned off during the game and allow fresh air into the room so that any lingering negative energy can dissipate. Finally, all people involved in playing should take a minute or two to meditate, close their eyes and ground themselves by pushing energy down into their feet as if sending roots into the ground – to ensure all energy from their communication has been grounded before interaction with others outside of this spiritual context resumes.


Playing the Ouija Board game should always be done with respect and caution. Before playing, it’s important to create a safe and comfortable environment inviting respectful spirits only by placing a protection symbol on your board. To play, two people should sit comfortably facing each other, while resting their fingertips lightly on the planchette. Begin your session by asking simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, watching the planchette intently as it moves ” if the movement was slight then don’t assume that you know where it is going. Once conversations are underway try asking open-ended questions encouraging longer answers such as names and dates of birth. After surprising revelations have been made, thank the spirit for their time before closing your session respectfully in case any unwelcome entities arrive for contact. Do not be alarmed if this happens ” keep calm, thank them for coming and make sure to close your session quickly. Be sure to cleanse your board after each use in order to remove any left-over energy from sessions past, ensuring that every experience with the Ouija is unique and positive.

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