Inca Gold Board Game

Introduction to Inca Gold Board Game

Inca Gold is a strategic, educational board game that transports players back to the time of the Incan Empire. Players explore ancient sites, battle against their enemies and collect pieces of gold in an effort to become the greatest ruler. It is a 2-5 player game suitable for ages 8 and up.

The Inca Gold board is made up of four sections that represent a section of Peru, with blue cards scattered across its landscape. The boards also contain boxes to store money and each player’s collected artifacts along with dice, score markers and tokens. An instruction booklet guides players through the rules, so game play can be quickly learned by anyone who picks it up!

Each game begins with each player choosing their avatar from those provided or creating their own custom character. Players then move their pieces around the board collecting treasure tokens representing various artifacts from Incan daily life such as masks, jewelry, hymosaics etc., which are placed in their “safes” on the gameboard. Additionally, they try to collect as many coins from opponents as possible by either exchanging or taking them through enemy territories.

At the end of each round whoever collects the most coins (which are referred to as “gold”) is declared the winner and advances into subsequent rounds until one final champion remains who has collected all his or her gold within the allotted amount of turns. Special artifacts give players certain bonuses during gameplay while some penalty squares might make it more challenging-the object being to travel around your section of Peru collecting resources while hindering your opponents’ progress. The last person remaining with resources at hand wins!

Additionally this game can be further enhanced with unique expansion packs on topics such as animal husbandry and pre-Columbian myths which add tons of extra fun elements into this already exciting adventure!

Source of Inspiration

The basic premise of Inca Gold Board Game is to explore and excavate ruins in search of legendary wealth. The game draws inspiration from the culture, myths, and legends of the ancient Incan people. Players have to make their way through perilous jungles and survive treacherous traps in order to reach their goal.

The deep connection between gameplay mechanics and their themes is what makes Inca Gold so special. Throughout their journey, players uncover powerful artifacts that provide tools they can use against all kinds of enemy forces trying to stop them, such as jaguars, snakes and other creatures associated with the mysterious world of the ancient Incas. These items also serve as a metaphor for reaching within ourselves and accessing our inner wisdom that can be used against our fears and doubts when facing challenging obstacles.

In addition to these components of the game, several traditional South American storytelling devices are used throughout Inca Gold to bring more depth to its narrative. For example, deities and characters like Alarna appear intermittently throughout play in order to provide complete immersion into the pan-American folklore culture represented by this board game. Similarly, players come across mysterious entities such as talking mountain spirits who aid them on their mission or hinder them depending on their actions within moments of choosing cards associated with their temple drawings which correspond to real-life South American stories from various indigenous cultures predating even before Spanish colonization took place over 500 years ago. All these elements bring a unique atmosphere that allow players to not only enjoy a thrilling adventure, but also gain deeper understanding about the history of native peoples across South America who still maintain a rich tradition alive despite outsiders’ attempts at erasing it through centuries of conflicts.

Components and Materials

Inca Gold board game includes seven wooden player pieces, a scoreboard, two dice, and a deck of 25 treasure cards. The wooden player pieces are taking the form of legendary Incan animals, each with its own special color: a jaguar (red), an armadillo (orange), a condor (yellow), an owl (green), a snake (blue), a llama (purple) and an alpaca (black). The scoreboard is used to keep track of each players’ points. The two dice are rolled by the players in order to move their pieces across the board. Finally, the deck of 25 treasure cards contains information about hidden temples or ancient ruins that contain valuable Incan artifacts which the players can collect for points. By collecting these cards and their corresponding artifacts, players can gain extra points which can ultimately make them win the game.


Inca Gold is a tactical board game for 2-4 players. The goal of the game is to collect the most gold and win the game. Each player begins their turn with five action points which they can spend on either moving across the board, searching for gold in different parts of the city, or gathering coal and bricks to trade in exchange for gold coins at special locations on the board. At any time during their turn, a player may choose to buy an item from one of the several different shops located throughout the game. These items can provide useful bonuses such as bonus action points or extra moves per turn.

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On each turn, players will start by rolling two dice and allocating their five action points accordingly. Most actions require two action points to complete, so players should plan wisely when deciding how they want to use them. Players will then begin moving around the board in whichever direction they choose, revealing tiles along their path as they go until either all of their action points are gone or they reach part of another section of the city (the sections being divided by mountains). Once a player reaches another section of the city, they have revealed every tile that lies within that area and if there is a golden nugget hiding within that area then they may attempt to dig it up. If successful then they will earn victory points equal to what’s written on that tile; victory points are how you win the game!

Depending on which type of victory point tiles a player finds—there are also silver coins which give one point each—they may also be awarded bonus action points for completing certain objectives throughout the course of each turn! Lastly, once all their moves have been completed a player will be presented with the chance to purchase items from shops in whatever part of town that currently occupy just before beginning their next turn (or passing play onto another player). After four turns have been completed each round ends and new rounds begin with placeholders replacing previously discovered tiles according to new random dice rolls; this leads into more opportunities for discovering coins and items for purchase as well as more chances for earning victory points and completing objectives! With plenty of strategy involved Inca Gold promises an enjoyable experience filled with excitement with every single play!

Strategy and Tips

Inca Gold is a classic board game of luck and strategy. To have the edge over your competitors, it’s important to be aware of which card is in play at all times. You should pay particular attention to the top three cards on each side of the board and their corresponding colors – red, yellow, and blue – as these may help you predict upcoming plays and make a decisive move when your turn comes up. Additionally, ensuring that your pieces are blocking key areas of the board so that your opponent cannot land on them is another effective way to gain an advantage. If possible, try to avoid giving your opponents too many end-game points by making sure no one else can make it into your last few spaces before you do – otherwise they may win just because of this. Lastly, stay mindful of how big or small your moves are throughout the game since decisions made early on can quickly dictate who will win in the long run. Following these strategies and tips should give you excellent chances at winning Inca Gold every time!

Themes & Mechanics

Inca Gold is an adventure-themed board game that revolve around the search for a legendary lost Inca city. Players take on the role of fortune seekers, competing to gain power, influence and wealth by exploring ruins, discovering buried treasures and making deals with other players.

The main mechanic of this game is resource management, as players must manage their resources—gold coins, action markers and dice—according to the roll of their dice in order to progress throughout the board. Players must work strategically to claim valuable rewards as they travel across the map while fighting off opponent’s looters or sabotaging their attempts.

By carefully managing resources and using luck of the dice roll to ensure victory, players are rewarded with lucrative discoveries in the form of gold coins, consort tiles or unique Inca treasures that can be used in future turns. The map also features various terrain types such as mountains and jungle which require corresponding action markers to proceed. This creates an even greater challenge as players must manage their resources accordingly while continuously trying to outsmart their opponents with crafty strategies.

Inca Gold offers an adventure based experience that requires tactical thinking as well as luck in order for players to secure a victory. With its resource management systems and challenging terrains which introduce additional complexity in terms of planning paths and obstacle avoidance; it creates a competitive yet enjoyable playing experience that captures elements from classic role-playing games with its archetypal characters and mysterious hidden secrets.

Social Interactions and Player Interaction

Inca Gold is a highly interactive game that encourages social and player interaction. The game relies heavily on strategy, with players needing to make decisions that can affect one another’s success or failure. Players must constantly communicate with one another and negotiate their way through difficult situations. This helps to foster meaningful conversations and relationships among the players.

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Additionally, Inca Gold also provides an interesting platform for creative competition. As the game progresses, players may need to trade items or resources in order to gain a strategic advantage over their rivals. This exchange of goods encourages bartering and compromise, providing a fun and stimulating backdrop for conversation and relationship-building between players.

As the game develops, players are also encouraged to cooperate with one another in order to complete tasks that require teamwork. Sharing supplies, giving advice, and pooling resources can often be crucial during gameplay of Inca Gold. This helps create an environment where each person is working towards a common goal, making the overall experience even more enjoyable.

Pros & Cons

1. Inca Gold offers a unique theme of exploring the ruins and treasures of the Ancient Incan Empire.
2. The game has a high replay value due to its basic rules, but with more options introduced in several expansions.
3. It has some fun mechanics, such as bidding for artifacts, thus providing lots of interaction between different players.
4. Since it’s suitable for both children and adults, it’s great for family nights or small get-togethers.
5. It’s an affordable and available game which can be found at most major retailers or online stores.

1. Some users report long playing times with quite lengthy setup and breakdown processes, making shorter games difficult to achieve due to the complexity of the rule set and sometimes obscure objectives during playtime which may confuse inexperienced players or lead to boredom in veterans alike.
2. Minor components like tokens or cards are easily damaged as they may bend if handled carelessly within storage boxes or while playing on poor surfaces like carpetsed coffee tables; they are also prone to loss due to their often small sizes and wide dispersal throughout each game round, although game expansions can potentially resolve this issue by bringing wider levels of enjoyment through varied playability with additional pieces (reprints included) for those interested into zooming more deeply into details on richer narratives & gameplay (purchasing required).

Expansion Packs

Inca Gold Board Game currently has three expansion packs available to enhance the original game. These expansions offer new challenges and adventures for players of all ages. The first, Hidden Temple, adds mysterious pathways and traps that require players to use their wits to progress through the temple’s confusing structure. Players must uncover routes leading them closer to the buried Inca riches. The second pack, Mummy’s Curse, introduces an ancient mummy from prehistory that has awakened from its crypt determined to protect its hidden treasure from thieving players. The third expansion, Grimpow’s Spellbook, brings magic into the game with a powerful wizard who casts spells upon unsuspecting adventurers in pursuit of Inca gold.

These expansions drastically change gameplay for seasoned veterans of Inca Gold. With each expansion comes four new scenarios played out on incredibly detailed boards. New characters with unique attributes and skills make up different teams that battle it out for advanced tools or arcane artifacts scattered throughout mysterious catacombs and tombs of knowledge unlocked only by working together as a team. Even more adventure awaits as players ascend dizzying climbable walls and slippery gulleys while dodging traps leading them ever closer to stacks of golden coins waiting at game’s end!


Inca Gold is a highly entertaining, fast-paced board game that is great for any age. The game is simple to understand and the instructions provided make set up quick and easy. It invites friendly competition between players as they battle their way to uncover the hidden source of Inca Gold! Players must strategize to outwit their opponents in order to accumulate wealth and build their city. Each round has unique objectives that add a unique twist each time.

Overall, Inca Gold is an incredibly fun board game with plenty of replay value. Whether you’re playing with family or friends, this game can provide hours of entertainment. The graphics are appealing and the strategy elements are varied enough that no two games will be quite alike! With its accessible rules and unpredictable nature, Inca Gold encourages creativity while also allowing players to test their strategic prowess. For even more excitement, try playing with different strategies or adding additional cards or components like booster packs. No matter your gaming style, Inca Gold definitely delivers an exciting experience with every playthrough!

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